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Reading the Tea Leaves

CASSIDY CANCELS DINNER MEETING WITH D.C. LOBBYIST; CHIDES SANTOS IN EMAIL EXCHANGEBy Steven Tavares CITIZEN INSIDER No matter the amount of conflict resolution counseling San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos and Mayor-elect Stephen Cassidy partake, they will never be cordial. Ever…. Read More ›

Kids for Cassidy?

CASSIDY ACCUSED OF USING SCHOOL AS CAMPAIGN EVENT; FOLLOWS ALLEGED DISTRIBUTION OF LITERATURE AT SLHS, 2008 FPPC LETTER By Steven Tavares Stephen Cassidy Stephen Cassidy is using support from the San Leandro school district to flout election fair practice laws,… Read More ›

Kids in Political Play

MAYOR CALLS OUT OPPONENT FOR SENDING KIDS TO PRIVATE SCHOOL  SAN LEANDRO There is a treacherous line to navigate between malicious politicking and a cogent point when a politician’s family is involved. It gets even more iffy when it involves… Read More ›

The $1.6 Million Mistake

SUPE: ‘FOR WHATEVER REASONS, WHICH ARE SOMEWHAT UNEXPLAINABLE, WE SKIPPED THAT CELL’ By STEVEN TAVARESThe Citizen The San Leandro Unified School District shed light on the city’s worst kept secret Monday evening. Details of a $1.6 million accounting error were… Read More ›