Hayward School Board To Discuss School Safety In Wake Of Sandy Hook Shooting

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD |The Hayward School Board members will discuss public safety on school campuses at a later meeting after board members expressed concern about the Sandy Hook shooting last month. The board meeting on Wednesday night was the first time the new board was meeting after the departure of Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia.

Lisa Brunner was the first to express remorse for the 26 children and adults shot and killed in Newtown, Conn. and advocated for a zero tolerance policy to be implemented in the school district. Although she asked for it to be added to the agenda that could not be done at such short notice. “We hear you Ms. Brunner and I will refer it to staff,” said Board President William McGee.

The item concerning public safety will likely be up for discussion at the next board meeting. Zero tolerance though, according to board member Luis Reynoso, is already implemented in schools. If someone is found with a gun they are expelled so Brunner’s request for zero tolerance is vague, he said.

But Reynoso advocated for a position that has been a common point by the mainstream Republican Party concerning guns. He said armed guards may be important in dealing with potential threats. “We have a guard in this room right now but he’s not armed,” said Reynoso, while hypothetically stating a violent person could enact carnage at the meeting that may not be stopped because of a lack of armed guards. He also added that there are contracted security officers on campuses that are armed but that district should look if that is enough or if other measures need to be implemented to ensure safety.

McGee added that the public safety policies have not been changed in 1991 and that they are long overdue for review and adjustment. Board member, Annette Walker, also agreed for a review of public safety but strangely, board member John Taylor, an ex-cop, did not comment on public safety. Although Taylor did advocate often for public safety on campuses during his campaign for the school board.

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  1. By MW:

    While incidents such as Sandy Hook get a lot of publicity – AND IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT PRIMARILY BECAUSE THEY ARE SO RARE AND UNUSUAL, AND WHICH IS ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS THEY ARE SO SHOCKING, AND THEREFORE GET A LOT OF ATTENTION WHEN THEY DO HAPPEN – however actually the probability that the average person or student will be harmed by such an incident is so small, that frankly it is hardly even worth talking about nor worrying about.

    In other words until we have truly unlimited money, and can therefore absolutely do everything we would like to do, and including in regard to safety and preventing murders and premature deaths, we would be much better off putting our time and money into combatting other, and much more common, threats to public safety and health.

    For example, at least one hundred thousand people a year die due to infections they acquire while patients in hospitals, and including due to doctors and other staff not washing their hands, and including after using the restroom. In fact if I told you about some of the violations of basic sanitation I saw in hospitals, there would be rioting in the streets.

    Certainly at least tens of thousands of people, and more likely hundreds of thousands, die prematurely every year from such things as lung cancer, etc, that they got since they were years or decades earlier secretly exposed to such things as asbestos by building owners and managers who decided to cut corners on the cost of remodeling projects by not properly containing the asbestos and other toxic substances. And then if a whistleblower complained about it, the white collar criminal would hire the sleaziest lawyer or law firm he could find to harass, intimidate, threaten, and silence the whistleblower.

    In other words until he we have truly unlimited money, we should primarily concern ourselves with the major threats to public health and safety, and rather than worrying about the ones that are extremely unlikely to happen to the average person, school, or school child.


  2. My kids never felt their Hayward schools were really safe. I agreed with them. Kids scores are really low. No one is going to concentrate on learning when they are not feeling safe. Yes, this is VERY important. Look at the lowest performing schools. Are they in SAFE areas?


  3. By MW:

    In regard to the comment of 3:31PM, yes there are areas in Hayward that are far from safe, and I would assume that at least some of the schools in Hayward reflect that. However my point was that the probability of a student while in school being the victim of an incident of mass murder was extremely low.

    Many students, and while in school or going to school or going home from school, are, unfortunately, the victims of all sorts of violence, however very few are the victims of incidents of mass shootings. In fact, there have been perhaps only a dozen or two mass shootings in the last thirty, forty, or fifty years in the US.

    Now if you want to hire sufficient security guards to prevent certain students from: one. harming other students; and two, disrupting the teachers and the class so that more serious students can learn, and without constant interruptions, I would be inclined to agree with you. And also, and as part of that, you would not have to be so concerned about a Sandy Hook type gunman getting inside, but instead throwing out and expelling those particular “students” who are already inside but who have no interest in learning, and whose only real interest is being jerks and pests and disrupting the school, the teachers, and the more serious students.

    And your kids are in many times more danger of having their lives ruined by becoming drug addicts from associating with certain low lifes who should be expelled than they are from the extremely remote possibility of a Sandy Hook type gunman coming to their school and shooting the place up.

    In fact some years back when the liberals had firm control of NYC, approx two thousand people every year, and certainly many of them children, were murdered, but after a more conservative approach was tried in running the city, the number of murders dropped about 75% to approx five hundred per year. And of course most of those 2000 murders occurred one or two at a time, and often due to people who were drunk and/or on drugs or having a money dispute over a drug sale.

    And finally, I am sure many times more children are killed every year in car accidents by drivers who are drunk or on drugs than by Sandy Hook type mass shootings.

    In other words, and while I am all for safety and health, and especially for minors, however until we have unlimited money and resources available, we really have no choice but to concentrate on preventing only the most major and serious threats, and rather than worrying about things that really are of only minor significance.


  4. Kids on antidepressants are the shooters in the schools.Fluoride is the main ingredient in those drugs. Do some research. Now that we recycle toilet water and the water is radio active more students are committing suicide. We need school cameras working and lock down drills like the other cities are doing. The cops on Hayward's campuses have guns. When you drink recycled toilet water you also drink other people's medicines:more antidepressants and fluoridated toothpaste, dental gels, fluoridated mouthwash, and the 57 tons of fluorosilicic acid they had for fluoridation chemicals. 2016 we had 16 murders and in 2017 a Hayward high student was shoot in front of his house. They have changed the drug policies on foster care students, because of the over dosing of antidepressants. We live in crazy times and the people of Hayward need to rethink this.Fix the security equipment first at all the schools.


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