HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD |The Hayward School Board members will discuss public safety on school campuses at a later meeting after board members expressed concern about the Sandy Hook shooting last month. The board meeting on Wednesday night was the first time the new board was meeting after the departure of Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia.

Lisa Brunner was the first to express remorse for the 26 children and adults shot and killed in Newtown, Conn. and advocated for a zero tolerance policy to be implemented in the school district. Although she asked for it to be added to the agenda that could not be done at such short notice. “We hear you Ms. Brunner and I will refer it to staff,” said Board President William McGee.

The item concerning public safety will likely be up for discussion at the next board meeting. Zero tolerance though, according to board member Luis Reynoso, is already implemented in schools. If someone is found with a gun they are expelled so Brunner’s request for zero tolerance is vague, he said.

But Reynoso advocated for a position that has been a common point by the mainstream Republican Party concerning guns. He said armed guards may be important in dealing with potential threats. “We have a guard in this room right now but he’s not armed,” said Reynoso, while hypothetically stating a violent person could enact carnage at the meeting that may not be stopped because of a lack of armed guards. He also added that there are contracted security officers on campuses that are armed but that district should look if that is enough or if other measures need to be implemented to ensure safety.

McGee added that the public safety policies have not been changed in 1991 and that they are long overdue for review and adjustment. Board member, Annette Walker, also agreed for a review of public safety but strangely, board member John Taylor, an ex-cop, did not comment on public safety. Although Taylor did advocate often for public safety on campuses during his campaign for the school board.