Freshman Assemblyman Bill Quirk Still Learning the Ropes in Sacramento

ASSEMBLY | Assemblyman Bill Quirk has been relatively quiet in his first few months as a legislator, but in an interview last Sunday, he admits having some initial difficulties understanding how Sacramento works.

There had been some talk among Democratic insiders questioning whether Quirk had a post-election plan going forward. Quirk, a former two-term Hayward councilman, in all honesty, admits he is stilling learning the ropes. “I know a lot more about what goes on in Sacramento than most people,” Quirk said with reassurance. “But what you realize when you get up there is how little you know.”

Quirk doesn’t have any bills planned and has said that some things he wanted to do have already been done in the Legislature. He offered no specifics, nor was he able to even give a vague description of what a bill he would propose would look like. Quirk reiterated that only until he has a better grip of how things work in the Assembly will he then propose legislation.

“Before I make good law I just have to learn a lot more and the politics are important, knowing who to talk to, but also just the details. So I do have ideas but turns out a lot of other people have worked on them so I’m finding out what’s been done and there is just so much you don’t learn unless you are involved,” said Quirk.

Quirk’s expertise largely deals in energy and climate from his years spent working for NASA and at the Lawrence Livermore Lab. Quirk had contributed to the building of the very first global model of the atmosphere and at the Livermore Lab worked on the re-use of plutonium parts which Quirk says helped shut down the Rocky Flats nuclear facility. Quirk also worked on the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty signed in 1996.

Thus far Quirk has only landed one seat that tailors to his strengths on the Utilities and Commerce Committee and as far as his other committee assignments; public safety, agriculture, appropriations and rules committee, none seem to accentuate his expertise in energy.

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16 replies

  1. Hate to do it in rhyme, but Quirk is a jerk.


  2. Quirk is MANY things but JERK is not one of them.
    Non Political
    In over his head
    embarrassing to the Party
    Horrific Dresser
    Scary to young children and most seniors
    Bad Breath….these are all true but he is NOT a jerk.
    Dip shit…yeah…Jerk NO


  3. Quirk is a jerk and a goofy sob


  4. I don't think Quirk is any of those things, but god bless him, he sure is brutally honest about himself.


  5. Give the guy a chance, he is very smart. And he
    will show, why we elected him. He is studying,
    and is the Assemlyperson, we can be proud of,
    not ashamed of , like our last one.


  6. I am ashamed I voted for Bill Jerk Goofy Quirk


  7. Compound this with his choice of District Director over equally qualified and more experienced candidates and Quirky Quirk is having a horrible start to his term.


  8. We the electorate may have made a big mistake on this one. Anyone on board with recruiting Jennifer Ong to take another stab at him? She only lost by 900 votes. If not, can we please find another qualified candidate to take him on? I'm not sure any of us can take 12 years of this guy as our representative.


  9. QUIRK IS A JERK, and a political whore to boot!


  10. I'm sorry but the CA State Legislature is a SANDBOX. It doesn't take a rocket scientist (which everyone claimed Bill is…) to figure this out. Yet, even this rocket scientist doesn't have the acumen or the intellect to keep his bad behavior and poor decision making in check.

    The problem with Bill (and this is echoing an earlier reply on this post) is that he made some really poor decisions early on. People just rolled their eyes at the announcement of his Chief of Staff and his District Director given the choices he had. I talked to a couple of the folks that quirk approached for staff, and all of them declined or just talked to him out of professional courtesy. Most of them thought that Bill was going to be toast in a year and there was no way he could afford paying for an actual staff. Guess you get what you pay for.

    Just give it a year, I hear Ong is already gearing up but there's another name in the mix that should have run this last time.


  11. Ong should be hitting the books asap, talking to the people in Sacramento and plotting a comeback. She made some rookie mistakes in her campaign that she can easily correct. Hell, she lost by less than 1000 votes and she can dance to boot!. SHE HAS TO RUN AGAIN.


  12. Ok, you heard it here first. The seedlings of a recruitment effort to pull Ong back in. Let's get this thing moving forward.


  13. Ong won't stand a chance against this 3rd party candidate if it's who i think it is.


  14. What 3rd party candidate is thinking about running?
    Who are Quirk's Chief of Staff or Disrtict Director?


  15. Yes, in way over his head, but the same was true when he served on the city council. Other than ongoing support to build a new Library (still not done), didn't do much else. Look at how much Bonta has accomplished in the same amount of time in Sacramento.


  16. Ong was not a very strong candidate. Vague on the issues, spent a ton of money with no message, and really did not work that hard. Perhaps her strategy was that Quirk was so bad all she had to do was show up to win. Would be great have some new blood on this race in 2014.


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