Cassidy’s Transition Team Announced

Here are the members of San Leandro Mayor-elect Stephen Cassidy’s transition team. According to his web site, the group met Dec. 2 and plan two other meetings before his Dec. 20 swearing-in. Although the press release refers to over 30 participants, only 26 28 are listed. A vast majority of the committee draws influence from the San Leandro school district, which Cassidy was a part of from 2004-08. In contrast, the transition team for Oakland Mayor-elect Jean Quan consists of only 24 members for a city many times larger than San Leandro.

  • Hermy Almonte, San Leandro School District Trustee
  • Kinkini Banerjee, resident
  • Madeleine Budnick, resident
  • Faye Clements, San Leandro Education Foundation Director
  • Peggy Combs, San Leandro City Commissioners
  • Joan Dalpe, resident
  • Phil Daly, San Leandro City Commissioners
  • Kathe Frates, President of Political Action Committee for Excellence
  • Gordon Galvan, former San Leandro Council member
  • Leah Hall, resident
  • Louis Heystek, former San Leandro School District Trustee
  • Tim Holmes, San Leandro business owner
  • Dave Johnson, CEO, San Leandro Chamber of Commerce
  • Mike Katz, San Leandro School District Trustee
  • Benny Lee, Heron Bay Homeowners Association board member
  • Bob Leigh, Washington Manor Homeowners Association board member,
  • Patricia Minnis, resident
  • Wing Mok, San Leandro teacher
  • Mia Ousley, resident
  • Isobel Polvorosa, San Lorenzo School District Trustee
  • Gaye Quinn, San Leandro Chamber of Commerce Director
  • Scott Rennie, resident
  • Leroy Smith, Measure B co-chair
  • Cheryl White, resident
  • Dawn Valadez, San Leandro Education Foundation board member
  • Martin Vitz, former City Planner

UPDATE: Two names were left off the initial list: Johanne Dictor, former president of Estudillo Homeowners Association and Sara Nash, Estudillio Homeowners Association board member.