Splish Splash: Cassidy, Katz Take A Bath

This video posted on YouTube today shows former school trustee Stephen Cassidy and San Leandro School Board President Mike Katz donning campaign t-shirts at an event last Saturday organized by the Roosevelt Elementary PTA. The inclusion at the beginning of the video featuring the event flyer and advertising an opportunity to “dunk” politicians may be the crux of the problem for both and others. Cassidy is running for mayor this November. Katz is running for re-election. Not shown, but included on the flyer is Lance James, who is a candidate for the school board.

Opponents of Cassidy and Katz point to two regulations. Below is a PTA bylaw against partisanship:

All PTA bylaws, whether national, state, district/region, council, or local, require the association to be nonpartisan in that it cannot support or oppose a political candidate. However, PTAs may propose, support, or oppose legislation needed to achieve the objects, provided that those efforts do not exceed the limitations placed upon such organizations under the federal tax laws.

While a possible violation of the PTA bylaw is straightforward and could possibly bring the school principal or superintendent into the fray, the FPPC guideline under “Misuse of Public Resources” is open to legal interpretation

The Political Reform Act prohibits public financing of campaigns, except for elections in charter cities and counties. In addition, laws outside the Act prohibit the use of public resources, such as office equipment, staff time, etc., for campaign or personal purposes. Government Code Sec. 54964 prohibits an officer, employee or consultant of a local agency from expending or authorizing the expenditure of any local agency funds to support or oppose a ballot measure or a candidate.

It is believed at least one candidate has already explored a cursory inquiry into filing charges against Cassidy, Katz and the school district.

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  1. This looks fishy. I think Tim from Zocolo's even walks by the camera. Here's how I see it. These guys are amateurs and they screwed up because they don't know what they are doing.


  2. Cassidy should be disbarred.


  3. That wasn't Tim. That was his wife.


  4. Hey TS supporters, as the Wolf says in Pulp Fiction, don't go blanking each others blanks just yet. TS is going to lose! The FPPC isn't going to disqualify Cassidy.


  5. Oh look at Katz with that pony-tail. I was surprised there was any water left in the tank after he got dunked.


  6. I would have preferred to see Sara in a wet t shirt.

    FPPC doesnt disqualify candisates but there is a great chance he could be disbarred which would be sweet.

    New poll shows Santos with a big lead by the way


  7. Nice! Huey believes that if you dare question Santos' authority, you should be run into the ground and lose your livelihood as well. Sorry, but we live in a democracy, even if you and Tony Santos' don't think so. And yes, those city-backed polls will always show Tony in the lead. I think this election we're going to see a lot of races go against how the polls/pundits wanted us to vote…


  8. Santos y sus amigos = un grupo de putos.


  9. Maltester is dead you fools. This election is up in the air. Santos is dried bacalhao.


  10. Is Cassidy under investigation with the FPPC again?


    I heard through the grapevine a complaint was filed with the FPPC recently by angry parents.


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