School Board Appoints Carey New Trustee

By Steven Tavares

Very few seemed enthused to replace outgoing San Leandro School Trustee Lisa Hague during the campaign filing period forcing the board to appoint long-time resident Ron Carey to the seat beginning next year.

The board unanimously approved Carey’s appointment partly on the basis of his record of altrusim to local schools and his personal stake in the district’s success. “He has more of a clue with what’s going on,” said Trustee Pauline Cutter.

Carey, 46, was one of two applicants for the Area 6 seat, the other was San Leandro resident Gordon Emberton.. But, it was Carey who won over trustees with his years of involvement with local schools through volunteerism. Carey graduated from Pacific High School in 1982. His son recently graduated from San Leandro High School, while his daughter is a junior. “As a homeowner and parent, I have a vested interest in our school system,” said Carey, who also took umbrage at some who criticize the school district as underperforming. “A lot of people don’t think highly of our district and high school,” said Carey. “I would be working to change that.”

Hague said Tuesday night her time on the board was the “toughest and proudest things I’ve ever done.” She announced her intention not to run for re-election during the summer. A single candidate filed to run for the seat, forcing the school board to appoint a replacement. Attracting prospective members has proven to be a problem for the board. Hague, herself, was appointed to the seat. “I’m sad nobody would competitively run for this seat,” said Trustee Morgan Mack-Rose. “I’m sad people think it’s not worth it.” Trustee Diana Prola, who initially stated support for Emberton, but voted for Carey in the spirit of unanimity, said she was happy with the qualifications of the two candidates, but had doubts anyone would apply for the position.

The other candidate, Gordon Emberton, a 30-year union plumber, detailed he has suffered from dyslexia most of his life. His experience with helping children with disabilities would be beneficial to the board, he said. He said his background in buildings and plumbing would also give the board a better understanding of problems relating to aging schools. “San Leandro’s district is no different from any other district,” said Emberton. “Infrastructure is always a problem.” Emberton, 46, is a 11-year resident of San Leandro and has stepchildren and grandchildren in the school system. Emberton, though, said he has never attended a school board meeting, which may have hurt his cause among trustees.

Carey will be sworn-in next January along with the two winners of the November 2 election.

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2 replies

  1. I call bull#$%T! Nobody pulls out the papers and gets 20 neighbors to sign, but all of a sudden two guys jump out of the woodwork to be appointed??? HMMM Smells of rats. How come the eagle eye Tavares didn't mention that Hague wasn't going to run for election? No one in the newspapers covered it. Sounds like a white wash.


  2. How 'bout what happened in Hayward? Brown-wash when Jesus was appointed by the incompetent school board members there.


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