City Budgets Prepare For The Worst in 2010



BAD OMEN: A black cat strolls into a conference room at San Leandro City Hall in January as the finance director announces the city is in the red $7.3 million.

Alameda County Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker announces she will not run for re-election citing a desire to spend more time with her family.

Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi praises the historical significance of incoming Speaker John Perez who is gay without even using the word “gay.”

Nearly a month after the San Leandro school board votes to fire its superintendent, they finally announce the 4-3 decision, while naming Cindy Cathey interim superintendent. They will later make her permanent.

San Leandro City Council approves ranked-choice voting for the November general election. Councilmembers Joyce Starosciak and Bill Stephens vote no.

A invoice to the Eden Township Healthcare District’s from its public relation person, shows one of their directors may not have penned a much-derided letter to the community in objection to the board’s prevailing opinion. The name on the invoice? A Sutter Health employee.

The House Ethics Committee clears Rep. Pete Stark of any wrongdoing for allegations he received improper tax breaks from his Maryland home.

A neighborhood black cat in San Leandro strolls into a finance meeting where the projected deficit is announced to have risen to $7.3 million.

TnT Podcast co-host Nick Terry announces he will run against Hayashi for assembly. He quickly drops out.

Two public employee unions representing 350 city workers agree to a second year without pay increases and forfeit nearly 5 percent of their wages through furloughs. The one-year deal saves $1 million. Mayoral candidate Stephen Cassidy continues to say they have not given enough.

Lai-Bitker endorses Alameda City Councilwoman Lena Tam to replace her, angering Wilma Chan.

Hayward does not join Oakland in the bustling pot trade. The council bans dispensaries within city limits because of previous problems with crime and uncertainty over Prop. 19 and the existing prohibition by the federal government. The real culprit? The city police officers union.

Rumors of state Sen. Ellen Corbett’s interests in replacing Lai-Bitker for supervisor heats up.

It was fun while it lasted! Stark becomes chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee for one day before being replaced by Michigan Sen. Sander Levin.

San Leandro faces deep cuts to services as an additional $1.4 million needs to be trimmed.

Eden Township Board of Directors files a countersuit against Sutter Health alleging the central arguments for closing San Leandro Hospital is “void and unenforceable.” In the suit they allege three negotiating members of the 2008 agreement had financial conflict-of-interests. One, current Eden Hospital CEO George Bischalaney, also held the same position for the healthcare district.

Despite being urged by some of her constituents, Corbett says she will not run for supervisor and turns attention for re-election to the state Senate.

Eden Healthcare District Director Dr. Harry Dvorsky says he tried to change his majority vote in approving the countersuit against Sutter. He says Chair Carole Rogers did not listen to him, others see Sutter behind the reversal.

Rogers also calls for member Dr. Rajendra Ratnesar to step down for his involvement with Sutter. He votes against countersuit while also being named in the complaint.

Alameda Mayor Bev Johnson announces she is running for supervisor. During her announcement she thanks San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos for his endorsement. “What?!” says Santos. Johnson says it was a misunderstanding.

Stark tells colleagues in Congress he using a breathing tube to help him breath. The once-svelt lawmaker makes appearance on the House floor looking puffy and breathless.

A preview of what is to come: District 2 supervisor candidate Nadia Lockyer says her opponent Liz Figueroa fudges on her job description for the June primary. She is not an educator or job developer, they contend. Another candidate Kevin Dowling says Lockyer is not a “county manager.”


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