Papa Grizzly Tabs Cassidy


The lone conservative voice on the San Leandro City Council has endorsed Stephen Cassidy for mayor, according to the campaign. Councilman Bill Stephens, who is termed out this year, painted his choice is his typical tone of folksy statesmanship.

Bill Stephens

“Stephen Cassidy is the only candidate capable of taking on the needs of this city and seeing us through these tough times,” said Stephens. “Other candidates have had their chance and have not shown they can succeed. Stephen’s fiscal discipline, long term planning, and independence make him uniquely qualified to lead our city at this moment in history. We’re lucky to have this choice and we shouldn’t allow it to slip away, the consequences for our city would be dire.”

Stephens has spent the past eight years on the council without running a campaign. He ran unopposed twice and clearly lays claim to the moderate/conservative end of the council’s ideology. In the past year, though, Stephens has become quite detached from his position on the council. It has been typical for him to arrive late to meetings and look disinterested on dais, oftentimes reclining in his chair. He recently announced his retirement from the Fremont Unified School District and intends to put his San Leandro home on the market.


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9 replies

  1. It took him 8 years to grow some balls.


  2. This isnt a big surprise, Cassidy is the tea bagger candidate and Bill is an old tea bagger


  3. It's really ignorant to label Cassidy a “conservative” candidate or “Tea Party” when he's back by the extreme Left SLCAN. Don't you idiots follow anything? Oh no, you're libtards. Well, I can't wait until Pelosi and Obama have their @$$ handed to them on a Wal-Mart Platter on Tuesday. It will be the first step in the stopping of domestic Communism.


  4. SLCAN is all of Cassidy'd buddies, run by Marga Katz and Tim Holmes, if they didnt support Cassidy it would be a surprise,


  5. It is interesting though, SLCAN were ardent supporters of Santos, Prola and organized labor.


  6. and now they have been taken over by tea bagger Tim Holmes.


  7. I think Cassidy being a teabagger should be taken in jest. The guy is flaming liberal, but his views on pension reform is alarming. Doesn't he know this is a union town?

    The posters above is right. Stephens grew some balls, but he's a coward, too. Tell me he would have done this if he had four more years. Thank God Bill Stephens and his conservative values are taking a hike.


  8. Bill leaving the Council couldn't come any sooner. A waist of space.


  9. If you think Cassidy's views on pension reform are alarming, you're an @$$hole.


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