Campaign Manager Said Santos Didn’t Create Crime Problem

Under the file of be careful what you say on video in the age of YouTube, Stephen Cassidy’s campaign manager said, in a two-year old video, San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos did not create the city’s perceived crime problem nor does a mayor have little power to combat it.

The statement made by Tim Holmes came near the end of a quite memorable January 2008 meeting of homeowner association presidents on the topic of crime. Santos drew the ire of some local residents when he insinuated their fear was unwarranted according to crime statistics. Holmes, who owns a coffee shop in San Leandro and is a vocal critic of Santos and the city, is also Cassidy’s volunteer campaign manager and feared Rasputin.

“I want to make it very clear, Tony didn’t make this crime. Its been going on longer than he’s been mayor,” said Holmes. “He has little ability to affect it, in my opinion.”

The statement differs from today as Cassidy has attempted to focus on crime to connect the dots showing consistent failure at City Hall during Santos’ four years in office. The situation surrounding crime is nearly identical to the time of the video. Then as now, the San Leandro Police Department says crime is down at the same time perceptions of residents believe it is on the rise.

UPDATE: Oct. 27, 8:00 p.m. – Access to the video below was recently switched to private by the user. The video comes from the YouTube page of San Leandro Bytes, which is authored by School Board President Mike Katz, who is also part of the Stephen Cassidy for Mayor campaign.