Campaign Manager Said Santos Didn’t Create Crime Problem

Under the file of be careful what you say on video in the age of YouTube, Stephen Cassidy’s campaign manager said, in a two-year old video, San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos did not create the city’s perceived crime problem nor does a mayor have little power to combat it.

The statement made by Tim Holmes came near the end of a quite memorable January 2008 meeting of homeowner association presidents on the topic of crime. Santos drew the ire of some local residents when he insinuated their fear was unwarranted according to crime statistics. Holmes, who owns a coffee shop in San Leandro and is a vocal critic of Santos and the city, is also Cassidy’s volunteer campaign manager and feared Rasputin.

“I want to make it very clear, Tony didn’t make this crime. Its been going on longer than he’s been mayor,” said Holmes. “He has little ability to affect it, in my opinion.”

The statement differs from today as Cassidy has attempted to focus on crime to connect the dots showing consistent failure at City Hall during Santos’ four years in office. The situation surrounding crime is nearly identical to the time of the video. Then as now, the San Leandro Police Department says crime is down at the same time perceptions of residents believe it is on the rise.

UPDATE: Oct. 27, 8:00 p.m. – Access to the video below was recently switched to private by the user. The video comes from the YouTube page of San Leandro Bytes, which is authored by School Board President Mike Katz, who is also part of the Stephen Cassidy for Mayor campaign.


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  1. Tim and Stephen's statements ARE consistent -*Tony Santos* has little ability to affect the rate of crime in San Leandro. But a good mayor, as Mayor Cassidy will be, sure does.

    During the meeting at which this was taped, Santos did not understand that increasing crime in San Leandro was a problem worthy of being addressed – despite takeover robberies, the owner of the Englander being shot in the face point blank, and 4x repeated robberies of Hollywood Video. Standing in front of a brick mall with a hot mike and being jeered by the crowd, Santos looked like a failing stand-up comic getting heckled.

    Instead of listening to the town's concerns, and coming up with ways to create solutions, (including leveraging the city's own paid neighborhood watch resources on the police force), Santos just wanted to spout off statistics that San Leandro was safe and that crime was going down. He basically just wanted concerned citizens to shut up. He even verbally chastised a woman for complaining about BayFair's movie theater; afterwards City Manager Hollister stated that he wouldn't let his own teenage children go to the movie theater in San Leandro (presumably because it was unsafe).

    No city action or leadership came of this meeting except for private citizens forming anti-crime advocacy groups.

    One thing that Cassidy understands is that San Leandro's crime rate is affected by Oakland's and other surrounding towns – this is backed by the police department's own statistics about the town of residence for most of the perpetrators of San Leandro crimes. So the police departments need to work together. I had oft tried to point this out to Santos, in an email he once sent to me; he stated that criminals from Oakland “were Dellum's problem.”

    One thing about Cassidy – he knows how to lead. He's gotten more accomplished as a school board member and private citizen (while working full-time) than Santos has as mayor.



  2. Steve, if you wanted to take statements from years ago out of context and relate them to today, why didn't you go to the SLCAN archives and find where SLCAN endorsed Santos over Badger for Mayor in the 2006 election?

    Then you could write a misleading article stating that Tim Holmes, Cassidy's own campaign Manager, endorses Tony Santos for Mayor.

    That would be even funnier than the Jerry Brown ads about Whitman's “30 years ago…” comment.

    I would have thought a journalist with your intellect wouldn't have missed an opportunity that easy. Btw, if you're not finding enough dirt on Cassidy to write your attack ads (I mean “unbiased” blogs!)- you're just not digging deep enough.


  3. ” Then as now the police statistics say crime is down as the residents peception is that crime is increasing”

    I think the white folks up in Estudillo Estates are just uncomfortablw with San Leandro's changing diversity.

    They see people who dont look like them and assume they are criminals


  4. Hilarious! Good job Tavares! Not only did you get him saying crime is not Santos' fault but you also found 4 min. of video showing Tim Holmes wearing a c-ck ring on his earlobe. Bully for you! That twerp never knows when to be quiet.


  5. I was at meeting detailed above. I still have the notes. The context is the same. Cassidy has been pointing to various recent crimes as part of his strategy to show Santos' lack of leadership. This merely aims to show the strategy is merely political. It's not like he said he's a witch or anything. Besides, the video is not old and Cassidy was already talking up running for mayor.

    I would like to add to the fallacy that crimes are committed by people from outside of San Leandro. The line is employed everywhere and shouldn't be taken seriously. Oakland PD says the same thing about their city and Hayward says the same thing. Apparently, there is a mythical nearby land where are the criminals use a base to plan crimes and commit them in other cities.


  6. S & M Dudes for San Leandro,

    You must have a call smock. Stay away from Mr. Holmes ear!


  7. This guy gives me the creeps.


  8. That's not a cock ring, that's what his BF holds onto when shoving his head in his crotch. You people really are fucked, with the Libs as the Pitchers and the citizens as the unlubed catchers.
    The Guv


  9. Thanks for posting a private YouTube video that we can't watch.


  10. Check the update on the posting. Access to the video was blocked earlier this evening by Mike Katz's site San Leandro Bytes. Therefore, the words used against Cassidy's campaign manager never happened.


  11. Sounds like a vast right-wing conspiracy from all those tea partiers on the left.


  12. So, let's get this straight. This video is so damning that Katz has to pull off the Internet? I thought he was all about transparency. I guess it's embarrassing enough to have your own video used against you, but why make it worse and show you're scared.


  13. Because Katz is a greasy, pony tail wearing nut.


  14. Those losers behind SLCAN were all for Santos, kissing his butt. Now they're turning on him. That's why Santos ran Sara Mestas so dingbat women will split their vote between her and Joyce and he'll figures all the dumb portagees will blindly vote for him. “oh where is the Portuguese name? I only vote for Porutuguese regardless of brains”.


  15. The first poster makes no sense. Holmes said Santos as mayor has little power to stop crime. He didn't say another mayor would gain more power. It's inherent in the city's weak mayor model of governance. So, how is Cassidy going to be able to do anything? Through working across the aisle. I knew he is unable to do that and that's why I'm voting for Tony on Tuesday. He may not be flashy, but he's the only one that seems to be making any sense to me….and yes another portagee voting for another because of his last name.


  16. John, you let me down. I thought you were better than that.


  17. Portugees of a feather funk towns up together…


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