Despite Unwanted National Attention Stark Poised for Re-Election

The Golden Gate Minutemen will not grab the scalp of their enemy Rep. Pete Stark. The long-time congressman from the East Bay, though, may take a slight electoral hit by the constant attacks and viral videos put out by the group who favor draconian immigration reform.

The dip in support for Stark is, of course, relative. He should still receive close to three-fourths of the vote tonight, but the YouTube videos of recent town halls raised the ire of conservatives across the country. The attention given to Stark’s comments along with angry fervor among independents and conservatives may have led him to tell the Oakland Tribune that he felt the growing disenchantment would hurt him. Stark also told voters two months ago he might consider this his last run for Congress. He turns 79 this month and has been slowed by poor health over the past year.

Republican nominee Forest Baker and write-in candidate Chris Pareja face Stark today for the 13th District. Both challengers are underfunded and at times have tussled with each other. Pareja is backed by the local iteration of the Tea Party and has a video on the Minutemen’s home page.

Stark infamously asked the Minutemen’s Steve Kemp how many people had he killed today which signaled to the right, the representative had grown out-of-touch with Americans. While Glenn Beck and others roundly criticized Stark for his comments, residents in the East Bay were unmoved. One reason may come from the Minutemen’s web site which asks, along with a photo montage, “Which America do you want?” Check it out.


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  1. Anyone who was wondering about Baker or Pareja, just look at the Minuteman site kindly provided by All American Steve. Perfect place to study spelling and hate. If you really wondered where the Birchers, Klan and Idaho White People went, here they are. Mel


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