View From Democratic HQ in San Leandro

Democrats across the country may have took it on the chin Tuesday night, but California is staying sky blue. “The enthusiasm gap stopped at the border of California,” Alameda County Democratic Committee Chair Robin Torello told a group at its headquarters in San Leandro. The heavily Democratic East Bay is a large part of that bulwark against the Republicans takeover of the House….

Rep. Pete Stark with family in tow visited headquarters, but the likely 19-term congressman looked feeble. Choosing to sit while chatting with other politicos and supporters. San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos, Councilman Michael Gregory made appearances along with Alameda County Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker, and former San Leandro mayor Shelia Young. The pony-tailed San Leandro School Board President Mike Katz was there, but did not enter the room. Yes, he was wearing his now famous campaign t-shirt….

Santos appeared flustered by early returns showing Stephen Cassidy leading by just under 400 votes. He says he is still confident a late push by labor will pull him through. Others privately said the race will go to Cassidy. There were some grumbling the potential loss could be pinned on Councilwoman Joyce Starosciak. One told me she could not only loss this race for Santos, but her political career is in shambles. “She wants to run one day for the assembly,” they told me, “but she can’t even win a measly mayor’s race in San Leandro.” This race seems destined to go down to the wire…..

Young seemed dismissive of her current fourth place standing for the Oro Loma Sanitary District. She told me she isn’t worried about the four point gap she needs to make up to break into the top three. “I knew coming in that I was facing three people with 85 years of experience.” she said.