DON’T PLAYAH HATE: Willie Brown (second from left) with Bill Lockyer next him and fmr. gov. Pete Wilson.

Youth is an irresistible aphrodisiac for two local liberal giants who fear no amount of criticism for pulling the levers of power when it comes to helping women from their past and present.

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer was once (still is?) a noted Lothario in his day and former San Francisco mayor and lion of the Legislature Willie Brown maintains his stable of lovelies. Hooked by the seductive memory of a woman’s scent serendipitously wafting in the breeze, both Lockyer and Brown could be teaming up financially to help Willie’s one-time flame, San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, Both, according to the Chronicle, may fund a recount challenge in Harris’ close-fought attorney general race against Republican Steve Cooley.

Matier & Ross referred to Brown’s amorous history with Harris by describing them as “once an item,” but no longer attached. Brown is nearly 32 years older than Harris. Cooley’s electoral lead over Harris increased this weekend to over 22,000 votes. It’s a quick reversal from days after last Tuesday’s election when Harris led by 15,000 votes. Nevertheless, the spread is still too close to call and has the Harris campaign today giving the impression they would proceed with a legal argument questioning the security of remaining ballots. The meme, of course, laced within in the announcement Harris is sending staff to observe the last votes yet to be counted.

This all comes back to two heavyweight Bay Area politicos putting their private life ahead of the electorate’s best interests. Lockyer, 69, somewhat bruised his reputation in the East Bay by effectively buying his wife, Nadia Lockyer, a seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors for $2 million.  Nadia Lockyer is nearly 30 years Bill’s junior. Brown, who, a few months ago, mocked the nightlife and safety of Oakland’s burgeoning downtown fine-dining district, endorsed the future East Bay supervisor-elect Nadia Lockyer and Bill appears to be returning the favor by pledging campaign dollars not used to fund his wife’s run to help Harris’ recount expenses.

In the end, it is no different than two guy armed with a boat-load of money and connection sharing a bachelor pad with the understanding that if the porch light is on, then find somewhere else to go. With this news, it seems like it’s Willie’s night for romance. We all, it seems, are merely here for the ride.