A Summer of Discontent in Oakland

Haggerty Slams Quan | Another Schaaf, Parker Connection | Talking Sh*t at Oro Loma | Siegel SingsWhen A’s co-owner Lew Wolff arrived at the Aug. 6 Coliseum Joint Powers Authority meeting approving the team's lease extension, one of the first people he saw was Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan. Wolff then offered a hearty congratulatory embrace. … Continue reading A Summer of Discontent in Oakland

Love’s Got Everything To Do With It

LOCKYER MAY HELP FUND RECOUNT FOR WILLIE BROWN'S FORMER GIRLFRIEND AG CANDIDATE HARRIS  DON'T PLAYAH HATE: Willie Brown (second from left) with Bill Lockyer next him and fmr. gov. Pete Wilson.Youth is an irresistible aphrodisiac for two local liberal giants who fear no amount of criticism for pulling the levers of power when it comes to helping women from their past and present. State … Continue reading Love’s Got Everything To Do With It

Primary Questions

What's a seat on the Board of Supervisor's worth? Between $50k and $1 million? By Steven Tavares How will the race for the District 2 supervisor shakedown? It is unlikely any of the four candidates will avoid a November runoff. Can Nadia Lockyer's significant fund-raising advantage make her the top vote-getter? She will likely finish … Continue reading Primary Questions

Willie Brown Handicaps The Election Season

JERRY BROWN WILL WIN; DEMOCRATS WILL RETAIN CONGRESSBy STEVEN TAVARESThe CitizenSACRAMENTO Willie Brown sounds like a politician with no interest in ever running for election. In fact, he told members of the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco five times Tuesday evening he had no intention of running for office, although he said he might think … Continue reading Willie Brown Handicaps The Election Season