Steven Tavares

S.L.City Manager
Stephen Hollister resigns

As a wave of uncertainty continued to flow into San Leandro at rate unexpected only a month ago, Mayor Stephen Cassidy was sworn-in Monday night in council chambers. In past weeks, changes were already moving towards San Leandro. City Manager Stephen Hollister hired the city first female police chief in the city’s history along with a full-time finance director to lead the city’s budget woes back to respectability. New people in important position throughout the city structure are now the norm. Add another: Santos announced after closed session meetings, that Hollister had offered his resignation, ending June 30, 2011.

Councilmember Jim Prola and Michael Gregory and Santos would not discuss the events leading to the Hollister’s resignation. During the past few weeks, closed session agenda items contain performance reviews for Hollister’s work as city manager. From the timing of the resignation–just minutes before the next mayor is installed lead most to suggest Hollister’s support had greatly dwindled over the past year. His reputation for not being able to cozy himself up to small businesses and the Chamber of Commerce may lead to speculation the next city manager will possess a greater expertise on keeping existing commerce in San Leandro, while, more importantly, attracting the next big thing in small and large-sized corporations.

Hollister replaced long-tme City Manager John Jermanis, who was in the auduence Monday night, Many of Hollister’s detractors took umbrage over living in nearby Castro Valley and not San Leandro. Retiring Chief Ian Willis also took some of the same shots for living outside city limits.