Stephen Hollister

Mayor Charity

Brother, can you spare Mayor-elect Stephen Cassidy a dime? San Leandro’s new top man will not take a salary until June 2011, at the earliest. SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL WILL VOTE NEXT MONTH TO HAVE A MAYOR FOR FREEBy Steven… Read More ›

Show Me the Real Money

IS CUTTER LOSING THE MAYOR’S SUPPORT? CASSIDY, BROWN: LIKETHISBy Steven Tavares Is there a tangible difference between non-monetary contributions versus cold, hard cash? San Leandro mayoral candidate Stephen Cassidy says no. A press release Tuesday touted financial disclosures filings showing… Read More ›

Ice Cream Social(ism)

San Leandro mayoral candidate Sara Mestas speaks to her supporters Friday in front of Loard’s Ice Cream in The Greenhouse. She emphasized city government helping people is not “socialism” as some conservatives have intimated and criticized city employees making over… Read More ›

Pension Reform Gains Steam

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System decided Wednesday it is more prudent to pay now rather than later. The $600 million increase in contributions by the state to the hemorrhaging pension fund was approved yesterday after State Treasurer Bill Lockyer… Read More ›