Hayward Renews City Manager’s Contract

By Steven Tavares

Fran David replaced
Greg Jones in May 2010.

Hayward will extend the contract of current City Manager Fran David until 2012, pending approval by the City Councl Tuesday night. The renewal of David’s contract for another year is similar to the deal she signed in May 2010 after replacing Greg Jones as city manager and illustrates Hayward’s continuing economic difficulties.

David, who makes $200,500 annually will lose some perks, according to staff reports. Gone is a $500 monthly automobile allowance in addition to a $100 cellphone stipend. Notably, she also agrees to contribute up to the eight percent of her salary towards her pension. The previous contract called for the city to pay seven percent annually with David paying one percent to the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS).

The compromise may be viewed as a signal to city employees the pension situation is, according to some, untenable in this current economy featuring decreasing revenues and higher expenditures. David’s contract now runs until June 2012.

Neighboring San Leandro may be looking at the contract situation in Hayward as a template for its own search for a new city manager this spring. The City Council voted in December to not extend City Manager Stephen Hollister’s contract past June 2011. Hollister told the council Dec. 21 he would resign, but stay on for the duration of his contract.

Like many cities, San Leandro, led by its new mayor Stephen Cassidy, has championed pension reform to help balance rising deficits. Some are wondering whether San Leandro will be able to find suitable and qualified prospects for its city manager opening amid calls, among other things, for a candidate earn less and possibly pay more for their retirement.

Some observers also question whether the salary and benefits package will be sufficient to attract a qualified applicant willing to spend more than a few years at the helm of San Leandro’s city government. If David’s new contract is any indication, it may prove a similar package is enough to, at least, retain personnel for the job. David’s salary is roughly identical to that of Hollister in San Leandro and both were hired from within on an interim basis.

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17 replies

  1. Nice salary, if you can get it!


  2. that's one weird lookin dude


  3. Folks need to understand that you have to pay for good help. I hope San Leandro can hire someone who is willing to take a cut in pay and also willing to stick around for more than a couple of years. We'll see.


  4. John…

    So you're saying the highest paid state employee is well worth the money?

    Jeff Tedford – UC Berkeley

    I think someone just as qualified and equally as “good” would do the job for far less, especially in these “hard times.” So long as that person has an in.


  5. Tedford is the worst. He can't even beat USC!


  6. John, well said. It is up to San Leandro to decide whether it wants to be a real city.

    Nick, Tedford has beat Stanford more times consecutively than any other Cal coach. He has earned every penny he has been paid so far. Mel


  7. What I'm trying to say is that we don't want to be somebody's stepping stone to another job somewhere else later. This is not something we should be saving money on.


  8. Mel…get a pair of glasses and address your comment to Steven, not me.

    As for thinking he's earned that kind of salary only closes the case that you are certifiable.

    @John…sorta like our local career politicians? I stand by my statement…its an important job but pays far to much.


  9. BS Nick, I addressed my comments to you because I knew you did not know of Tedford's success. I had not read Steven's response when I typed mine. Neither of you are Old Blue, I am. So, remember you simpletons, no Bears care about USC. We do care about beating the Junior University. If Tedford loses another one, he is gone. But that is not too likely. Mel


  10. I know of Tedford well, you uppity crab.

    Enjoy being old and blue.

    Horrible grammar lately…you simpleton.


  11. I agree, this is not an area to scrimp on, it would be penny wise and pound foolish. A great City Manager can do wonders and San Leandro definitely needs wonders!!


  12. True, Tedford has Stanford's number in the past which we like. CSU East Bay only plays flag football. That being said, the Old Blues don't ask for much really. Other than beating Stanford, they want the Rose Bowl and they haven't really been close.

    Now, for the other matter. All you need to know about California's poor education system should look no further than a football coach being the highest paid person in the state govt.

    Locally, though, the head coach at San Leandro High can't beat a team outside the conference and he makes more than Cassidy.


  13. Hey all you dingbats. The City Manager oversees a couple hundred people. About as many employees as a Wal-Mart. There is no reason why a City Manager should be paid $200,000 a year. Companies with Vice-Presidents who have way more responsibility over 4 times the people don't get paid $200,000 a year.


  14. Mel knows to much and cares way to much about college sports.



  15. The City Manager has Lieutenants…shes not carrying all the weight.


  16. Nadia Lockyer is voice of District 2 of Alameda County.


  17. Nadia Lockyer a representative of Democratic Party and elected representative of people of District 2 of Alameda County.She will deliver as county supervisor. She has a very good working team.
    Khalid Rana


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