Top Candidate For San Leandro City Manager Declines Offer

By Steven Tavares
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San Leandro’s search for a city manager has become far more complicated in the past two weeks, according to a source familiar with the city council’s deliberations.

The council met in a special closed session meeting May 21 not to finalize an agreement to offer the position to the preferred candidate culled from over 30 applicants, but to formulate a new direction after first choice of the ad-hoc committee rebuffed its offer.

Although the council approved the candidate by a slim 4-3 margin, the unknown person declined the job in the absence of a unanimous vote. The three-person ad-hoc committee made up of Mayor Stephen Cassidy and Councilwomen Ursula Reed and Diana Souza are believed to have voted with the majority.

On to Plan B.

Most likely the council will move onto the next preferred candidate, but news of the split decision and the appearance of not being the initial choice could prove problematic for the potential new hire.

Current City Manager Stephen Hollister announced at the beginning of the year he would step down by the end of June. The abrupt announcement triggered an ambitious timetable for selecting a new city manager.

Whether the city manager’s job in San Leandro is a desirable landing spot for highly-qualified candidate has become questionable in the past few months. Calls for focusing the search on candidates willing to lay roots in San Leandro along with its relatively low salary among Bay Area cities have put more pressure on fielding acceptable candidates.

Alameda, for instance, filled its vacant city manager position in far less time and attracted more than double the number of applicants than San Leandro. It eventually hired John Russo, the former city attorney of Oakland.

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  3. Why do those people in the Broadmoor think everyone in San Leandro should be taxed to pay for their sewer? They bought an old house, now live with it.


  4. People in the broadmoor have shit leaking beneath the ground and everyone else is paying the price, BUT people in the broadmoore have had to be associated with the city that the manor is in where human shit floods the streets and one can buy a run down tract home for 200k or less. I say things are finally even


  5. Would some of you try posting an intelligent comment please.


  6. Yeah, those run down firetraps in the Broadmoor are so laughable no wonder insane people live there. “oh this was the 'Blackhawk' of the East Bay” Yeah, 90 years ago!!!! Now, it's just a collection of run down, old homes with weeds in the yards, termite damaged frames, broken sewers and insane people who don't bathe or shampoo trying to convince others that their flea bag flop house is “quaint”.


  7. Also, all you pot smoking losers in the Broadmoor, your neighborhood school; Washington has the lowest test scores in the entire SLUSD. While every single school in the Manor, SLZUSD and Madison in Bonaire has higher test scores. That just goes to show what type of crack pot lives in Broadmoor. Test scores are indicative of the IQ of the parents of the children more times than anything.


  8. I thought Roosevelt served most of Broadmoor and Estudillo? Washington is further towards downtown?


  9. You must live in the Broadmoor if you don't even know where the hell Washington School is located. It's right there on Dutton/Dowling/Breed. Roosevelt serves above Bancroft, Washington serves from Bancroft to San Leandro Blvd.

    Or I could give you the benefit of the doubt and just say you're thinking of McKinley on East. 14th St.


  10. Too me Broadmoor is from Bancroft to MacArthur and Dutton to Oakland border.


  11. OK, you missed the main section of Broadmoor, which runs from Durant along E. 14th. up Dutton and down Bancroft back to Durant. That was the original Broadmoor which was built in the teens and twenties. Those lots are much bigger than the ones you just described, which is also considered Broadmoor.


  12. The lots in the broadmoore can literly fit up to 3 poorly, boringly built manor tract homes on the properties with ease. Have fun living in your little rat maze of crap manor residents


  13. Real Intelligent posts–Get real and grow up.


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