San Leandro Is Sheepish On Redevelopment Grab

It is always interesting to watch the differences in local governments bodies when they discuss similar issues. The vague and dire future of redevelopment agencies across the state is a prime example and the difference in tone and candor between Fremont and San Leandro is telling (Hayward’s City Council has yet to meet this year).

The discussion in Fremont, although occurring less than two days after Gov. Brown’s announcement on “disestablishing” redevelopment agencies, was truthful, a bit edgy and determined in securing everything it can before July 1 or earlier, if emergency legislation is passed in Sacramento. Questions from the four councilmembers and city manager aimed to poke and prod every conceivable angle to save or complete some notable projects. There was no shame in game, as they say.

If a memo sent to the San Leandro city manager is any indication, the city’s redevelopment agency is far more careful, a bit indignant and somewhat embarrassed about the rush to secure contracts or obligations on four street improvement projects worth nearly $9 million. The San Leandro City Council unanimously approved an agreement on the projects Monday, 4-0. Three members were absent for the quickly arranged special meeting.

The memo sent by Community Development Director Luke Sims detailing the agency’s plan was concise and careful to point out the legality of the move. Nothing wrong with that, but when matched up against the more aggressive tenor in Fremont, it makes you wonder if San Leandro could use a dose of swagger and a pinch of confidence in its legislative business.



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  1. San Leandro's attempt to grab all of the Redevelopment Pork will not go down well when the taxpayers realize that all of the contracts are let out without real bids to those that enabled Cassidy's machine. This is a payola scam rivaling the foulest of Jack Maltesters. Mel


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