A Thin Line Between Council And Candidate

Last week, Councilwoman Joyce Starosciak held at fundraiser in San Leandro to help retire her debt from her unsuccessful campaign for mayor last year. Along with Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, who was one of the co-hosts for the party? None other than Mayor Stephen Cassidy. It is not know whether the man Starosciak said had a bad reputation in labor relations at the school district stiffed the working staff at Mon Café last Friday, but it gives a strong indication, some say, that Cassidy is having a hard time counting to four—meaning, nothing gets done at City Hall without four votes on the council. So far, he can count on council newbie Pauline Cutter and possibly Vice Mayor Ursula Reed, but the road to an elusive fourth vote on any issue could be treacherous and problematic in its complexity for Mr. 35 Percent.

BACK FROM THE WILDERNESS When Al Gore lost the bitter recount for president in 2000, he retreated from public life, grew a bushy beard, got fat and tidied up his PowerPoint presentation on global warming. Former San Leandro mayoral candidate Sara Mestas has done nothing of the sort since garnering over 5 percent of the vote last November. Instead, she has worked on her real estate business and been heard preaching the Word on Facebook. The rapper turned local activist, though, may be readying an encore performance next year for city council. Mestas lives in Washington Manor, which is represented by Starosiciak, who is termed-out in 2012. Mo Wiley, as Mestas calls her musical alter-ego has been hinting strongly she will join a still unformed group for District 4 that may include resident Benny Lee. In the meantime, get ready for a new campaign song from Mestas. What rhymes with Cassidy? Tragedy? Malady? Catastrophe? We’ll leave the composing to Mestas


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  1. Spoken about town is the fact that Mo is off to Vegas to make a buck and abandon SL to itself. She may well be right. Cassidy has a short fuse and a long memory. Sara has a lot of ground to make up since the election. She provided a lot of Tony's arm candy. Mel.


  2. Sooooo, Hayashi can attend this kind of crap but not stuff that REALLY matters?

    You folks are goofy if you accept this.

    This is the kind of stuff that gets Mary away from her friend, er, friends, in Sacramento. Sad.

    Wait, she makes an appearance at a Senior Health Forum that 49 people attend.


  3. Hayashi's good on many issues. Before coming to office she selflessly with no fanfare helped the United Farm Workers raise money for their youth education fund,something we as food eaters should be thankful for.
    Give Cassidy some slack. He showed good leadership at the joint meeting of the city council and school board.I'm sure you see eye to eye on numerous issues.
    We need to go after the Usury Gang who shake down San Leandro working poor for about $500,000 a F$#%$@ing month . That's based on 20 percent of the population having credit card debt problems and a third of those people having high interest rates because their kid broke his arm or the cars tranny went.



  4. Craig, where do you get such insane figures? 20 percent have bad credit because of life's problems? Hey moron, that's life. Get over it. People need to take care of their own lives and not cry for the government every time.


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