Supes: Who’s Your Daddy?

By Steven Tavares

Keith Carson to ACAP: “We’re not
the grandparents.”

There was a lot of talk about mommies, daddies, and grandparents Tuesday at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors meeting.

No fewer than three references were made invoking parental metaphors involving the growing flap with the Associated Community Action Program (ACAP), its terminated executive and the loan the supervisors gave the anti-poverty program yesterday to pay its employees. The image was so worn out that you expected Board President Nate Miley to stand and scream, “Yo mama!”

“We’re not the grandparents,” said Supervisor Keith Carson when explaining 12 other cities shared in the burden of funding ACAP. “We’re not even the mommy and the daddy. We’re just on the side.”

Later, Carson alluded to his modest roots when he criticized the ACAP Board of Directors, made up of elected officials from all over the county, who approved paying the former executive director of the program after her termination along with that of her husband before paying its 30 employees. “My mom and dad always said, when we’re running out of food, the kids are going to eat first,” he said. “I’m going to starve.”

Later, Supervisor Scott Haggerty threw his own personal experience into the discussion by likening the plight of the unpaid workers to that of children caught innocently between warring divorced parents. Haggerty, who was divorced and recently remarried often makes allusions to his ex-wife during board meetings. During a verbal spat with an older man in public comment last December, Haggerty laid into the man for failing to back his criticism of the supervisor with examples. After berating him, Haggerty said, “As my ex-wife says to me, ‘shame on you!’”

NOTES: The board announced David Mohammed was named Alameda County probation officer. He will lead a staff of over 800…When Carson individually called out the agenda numbers for a mass motion Tuesday the sheer amount of items was too much for Haggerty and Nadia Lockyer to handle. Four separate readings were needed to get everyone on the same page, then Lockyer said, “You didn’t say number 30.”…Carson read a proclamation for Black History Month. Miley noted Alameda County Tax Collector Donald White is the only African American in the position in California…Union members watching the protests in Wisconsin: don’t fret. Miley has your back. He said, “The activity that is going down in Madison—we would never go down that road trying to end collective bargaining and some of the egregious things that governor is proposing.”


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