By Steven Tavares

Alameda Mayor
Marie Gilmore

You never hear about inter-governmental agencies outside of councilmember’s brief descriptions of their duties at the end of council meetings. ACAP is no different in its relative anonymity in local governmet. Some appointments can be a lucrative endeavor, but some like the organization at the heart of burgeoning scandal of mismanagement has been plagued by chronic inattention by its members. In the recent past, quarterly sessions of the ACAP governing board have failed to reach a quorum of 7 of 13 members. Earlier this month, the board approved allowing members the option to attend via teleconferencing.

A request for an attendance log of meetings over the past two years is pending, but a review of the four special sessions held this month finds less than perfect attendance as the viability of the anti-poverty social program comes into serious doubt.

Only 4 of the 13 members have been present for all four meetings this month (Feb. 2, 10, 18, 23) scheduled since the termination of APAC’s executive director and discovery of its inability to meet payroll. The four include San Leandro Councilwoman Diana Souza, Hayward Councilman Francisco Zermeno and Livermore Councilman Jeff Williams and Newark Vice Mayor Ana Apodaca (once via phone).

A representative from Alameda listed as Mayor Marie Gilmore did not attend all four sessions, while Fremont Mayor Bob Wasserman was not present for the last three, but was represented Wednesday by Vice Mayor Suzanne Lee Chan. Another three have attended just half of the meetings this month, including Emeryville Mayor Nora Davis, Union City Vice Mayor Jim Navarro and a representative from Dublin.

Below is a list of current ACAP representatives, including 12 Alameda County cities and the board of supervisors:

Supervisor Nate Miley, Alameda County
Mayor Marie Gilmore, Alameda
Councilman Robert Lieber, Albany
Vice Mayor Kevin Hart, Dublin
Mayor Nora Davis, Emeryville
Mayor Bob Wasserman, Fremont
Vice Chair, Councilmember Francisco Zermeno, Hayward
Councilmember Jeff Williams, Livermore
Councilmember Ana Apodaca, Newark
Councilmember Jeff Wieler, Piedmont
Vice Mayor Cheryl Cook-Kallio, Pleasanton
Chair, Councilwoman Diana Souza, San Leandro
Vice Mayor Jim Navarro, Union City

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