Hayashi A No-Show At Preliminary Hearing For Felony Theft Charge; Excused For Next

Nov. 15, 2011 | Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi did not appear in court this morning for a preliminary hearing stemming from allegations she stole $2,450 worth of merchandise from a San Francisco Neiman Marcus.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Hayashi is also excused from appearing at her next scheduled hearing on Dec. 7.

The judge appeared ready to compel Hayashi to show up for her next court date, but according to the account, he mysteriously relented. “The judge appeared poised to do so, but after speaking privately with [San Francisco Deputy District Attorney Paul] Brennan and defense attorney Douglas Rappaport, he said Hayashi’s appearance next month would be waived as well.”

News of Hayashi skipping today’s hearing was met with derision. Known for being notoriously intolerable toward her Sacramento colleagues and own staff, the entire incident has been a delicious plate of humble pie enthusiastically used by opponents for comedy. Jon Fleischman, author of the well-read California conservative blog, Flash Report, poked fun at Hayashi in a series of tweets today:

  • “Word is that Asm. Hayashi is going to skip appearing at her felony prelim hearing, and let the lawyers handle.” 
  • “Which of course begs the question: what is the more important item on her calendar? (We assume she is not shopping…)”
  • “While it isn’t unusual for a charged suspect to skip their prelim hearing, you’d think the “innocent” Hayashi would go the extra mile…”
  • “The plan for “Hot Pants” Hayashi is clear – delay delay delay – until filing closes for State Senate”

Hayashi posted $15,000 bail last month and plead not guilty to felony grand theft charges. A surveillance camera at the Neiman Marcus store reportedly filmed Hayashi stashing away a pair of leather pants and two shirts into a bag. The two-term assemblywoman and possible state senate candidate in 2014 walked out of the store before being stopped by store security and was arrested. She has no priors.

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