Hayashi Shoplifiting Hearing Set For Tuesday

Nov. 14, 2011 | Alleged shoplifter Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi is scheduled to appear Tuesday before a judge in San Francisco. The two-term lawmaker was charged last month for attempting to steal three articles of clothing worth $2,450 from the Neiman Marcus at Union Square.

The district attorney is scheduled to offer the court its evidence regarding the surprising arrest Oct. 28 of the East Bay assemblywoman, who is termed out of office next year.

Reports show Hayashi was captured on surveillance video tape placing a pair of black leather pants and two shirts in a bag before walking out of the upscale department store just after midday. The SF Appeal reported employees noted Hayashi suspicious behavior before she entered a changing room with the suspeted stolen items.

Sam Singer, Hayashi’s recently hired spinmeister said the ordeal is a “misunderstanding.” But, many in her district are skeptical of how Hayashi’s team has explained the allegations. Hayashi has not made a public announcement. Singer says Hayashi will not resign.

Last week, the Sacramento trade paper, Capitol Weekly, reported the irony of Hayashi receiving $2,400 from the California Retailers Association Good Government Council. Hayashi also backed legislation last year that increased the minimum monetary amount for felony grand theft.

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  1. Haha I love it. This is almost as good as when extreme anti gay right wing republicans come out of the closet!


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