Bachmann Is So Wrong About Occupy’s Love For Obama

Dissatisfied Obama supporter Dec. 6
in Oakland.

DISPATCH FROM OCCUPYDec. 8, 2011 | Michele Bachmann is dead wrong on a lot of issues. Here’s another.

The Republican presidential candidate with lagging poll numbers Wednesday called the growing Occupy Wall Street movement “Obama’s re-election team.”
It’s doubtful Bachmann is able to visit Occupy encampments a regular basis. Who has time for revolution when you care for two dozen Foster children? But, if she threw on a pair of wool-lined Ugg’s and a stylish puffy vest from Old Navy, Bachmann would know a vast majority of the protesters are, at best, disillusioned by the past three years of the Obama presidency. Those doing somersaults in the park are not for his likely re-election next year, but for something else (The opening of a new Vegan bakery? A job with a suitable wage?).

At a small rally Tuesday to re-occupy a recently foreclosed duplex on 10th Street and Mandela Parkway in West Oakland, I saw sprinklings of signs with anything but positive messages for the president. One sign read featured Obama depicted in the famous Shepard Fairey motif, but looking vaguely like Moammar Khadafy. The tagline below: “$ellout: Commander-in-Chief of Privatization.”

An older gentleman who calls himself “Bumper Sticker Guy” traveled down from Occupy Marin. The North Bay chapter is fairly staid he said and a bit older than the group he saw in the East Bay.  Bumper Sticker Guy volunteered for the Obama campaign in 2008 and realizes the president has not delivered on many of his promises, but it’s up to people to push his hand, he said.

“His heart may be right, but we got to make him stick up for what he says he’s going to do because all the power is going to be on him the other way.”

“They’re starting to hear, but, goddamn, you have to bang their heads against a brick wall,” he added.

Bachmann’s comments to the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington included another zinger in which she said of the protesters. “They want other people to pay for their stuff, that doesn’t work in the United States of America.”

Her diatribe, though, plays perfectly to Republican primary voters and, of course, that’s her point. It may be red meat for them, but for the rest of us such a diet is a recipe for constipation.

One thought on “Bachmann Is So Wrong About Occupy’s Love For Obama

  1. Goddamn. The racists rich Repubs gave their message day one of our Prez. Inauguration: let him not succeed in anything so we can defeat him in 4 years. Let us deliver in his next 4 years with a party & independents to move the agenda of “change” forward. This is class warfare!


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