Images From OccupySF After Early Morning Raid By Police

SAN FRANCISCO | Dec. 7, 2011 | When I shot some of this video yesterday, I was struck by how absurd these police operations have become. Large groups of police chasing in formation after a rag-tag group of protesters. Nothing much happened until you see over two dozen San Francisco police officers move in to arrest a single guy sitting silently in the middle of the street. The young man’s dignity and civil disobedience, to me, seems to embodied this whole movement.

Below is the young man being arrested by police Dec. 7 on Market Street in San Francisco. The group of OccupySF protesters in the street blocking afternoon traffic had dwindled to about a dozen when police came marching down Market. The protesters began dispersing to the sidewalk except for this one protester who sat motionless in the middle of the street and without expression on a metal folding chair. It was almost like he was awaiting the warden to escort him to his execution. He calmly rose from the seat with the help of police, turned to listen to their instructions and climbed into a police van.

One Arrest, Two dozen San Francisco cops arrest one non-violent OccupySF protester Dec. 7, 2011 on Market St.

After the protesters sojourn around their former encampment at Justin Herman Plaza Dec. 7, now heavily guarded by San Francisco Police, two OccupySF protesters sat motionless in meditation in front of police in riot gear. As the late afternoon haze filtered down Market Street, you will notice the corporate logo of US Bank hovering above.


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3 replies

  1. Not Sure what the protest is about, unfortunately there is not a lot of Solidarity for standing in the middle of traffic.


  2. Ha! Yes. His comrades definitely ditched him for the sidewalk where it was safe.


  3. Great reporting Steve. Keep it up


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