Hayashi: ‘I Take Full Personal Responsibility For My Actions’

Jan. 9, 2012 | Sounding resolute, but magnanimous, Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi made her first public statement Monday regarding her guilty plea last week on a misdemenanor shoplifting charge.

“I accept responsibility and I offer apologies, not excuses,” Hayashi said in a written statement reported by the Sacramento Bee.

Although, Hayashi references her benign brain tumor in the statement, she includes no new information about her current health. She maintains the growth had a hand in allowing her to forget paying for $2,450 in clothing from Neiman Marcus last October.

“There were a number of personal factors that led to the situation where I made this absent-minded error,” said Hayashi. “My medical condition may have complicated the situation, however, I want to be clear that I take full personal responsibility for my actions.”

News of Hayashi’s guilty plea coupled with the revelation she has been serving in the assembly with a brain tumor has done little to quell harsh comments from her constituents and calls for her to resign.

“The simple fact is I unintentionally walked out of a store with items I had not paid for. Of course, I intended to purchase what I had, but I didn’t. Losing track of how fast you are driving is no excuse for speeding. And losing track of clothing I was purchasing is no excuse for walking out of a store without paying.”

Hayashi has a year remaining in her termed-out assembly seat in the 18th District.