Which Oakland Officials Will Anonymous Embarrass This Time?

Jan. 9, 2012 | The hacktivist group Anonymous has been noticeably quiet lately. Not since a succession of protests last summer against BART’s decision to shut off cellphone service to stymie demonstrators has the group aimed their sights on local public official like they threatened this weekend.

The group posted an online warning to Oakland public officials announcing the actions of the city government and police department in regards to the Occupy Oakland movement has “gained their attention.”

The East Bay Express reported Monday one official has already being targeted. The personal information of City Administrator Deanna Santana was posted on the Website pastebin.com.

The YouTube video is composed similarly to others targeted in the past by the group including their headless suit logo and a disembodied electronic voice dispensing demands and threats.

“We have seen your actions on the protesters of Oakland and find it absolutely appalling. We have no ultimatums to give or demands to make. We are way past that stage now. We have changed course and Oakland, we are headed your way. You will all regret the day you decided to use force to subdue the protesters’ freedom of speech and right to assemble. This is a right given to us by our creator and you have no right to subdue it. Our actions will be swift and without regret. Oakland, you should have expected us.”

Anonymous has famously targeted the Church of Scientology, countries using censorship to quell its masses, aided in various instances with Arab Spring protesters and interjected itself in other opportunities of civil disobedience where it believed oppression exists.

In the Bay Area, the most infamous attack by Anonymous included a personal attack on belittled BART spokesman Linton Johnson. After repeated misstatements and passionate defenses of BART’s decision to shut down cell services to hamper demonstrators at the Civic Center station, the group released incriminating photo of him to the public.

One photo featured Johnson’s, well, johnson, while others showed pic of the former television reporter in a skimpy sailor suit and party girl accessories.

Might Anonymous be preparing us for equally shocking photos and evidence of embarrassing impropriety by officials in Oakland? We’ll see…

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