Young Still Leads Fundraising, But Support Dwindled Significantly After Allegations

Feb. 1, 2012 | Joel Young’s legal troubles over the past year have not totally held back his campaign for the 18th assembly district, but domestic violence allegations made by a former girlfriend appears to have plugged the flow of cash to his campaign since last November.

Despite the charges last year that Young struck his then-girlfriend in the face one early morning last March after she found him in bed with another woman, his campaign still leads his three opponents for the open assembly seat with over $171,000 cash on hand, according to fundraising reports released Tuesday.

Inside the numbers, though, reveals Young’s fourth quarter fundraising dollars dried up considerably during the past three months. His $46,970 in donations was the lowest among the four candidate for the seat representing Oakland, Alameda and San Leandro.

While Young’s formidable cash on hand leads the other candidates, it is inflated with few expenditures, for instance, to campaign handlers and consultants. Young also gave himself a $7,500 loan last month.

The news of Young’s legal troubles, according to fundraising reports, may have helped the campaign of Alameda Vice Mayor Rob Bonta. His $162,000 in fundraising during the last quarter of 2011 represented nearly half of the total received by all four candidates combined.

Excluding nearly $45,000 in consultant and fundraising fees, Bonta maintains over $132,000 in the bank for the beginning of the stretch run to the June primary, according to the reports.

Peralta Community College Trustee Abel Guillen may also be a benefactor of Young’s image problems. His campaign war chest, loaded with a large number of small donations and buoyed by significant endorsements from labor unions, most notably, this week from the powerhouse California Nurses Association, attracted over $66,000 in fundraising during the last three months.

The figure is second to Bonta. Guillen has just over $107,000 in cash on hand, according to reports, not including $13,650 in loans to his campaign.

Former Oakland Port Commissioner Kathy Neal reported nearly $31,000 in cash on hand. Her upstart campaign netted a tad over $47,000 in the last quarter of 2011–narrowing edging Young for third during the same period.

THE HAUL (cash on hand ending 12/31/11)
Neal……………….$ 30,946

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  1. I hope you post a story soon that looks at the candidates' merits and experience, not just fundraising. Fundraising is important, and it looks like three of the four are serious contenders in that department, but it doesn't matter to voters.

    When you look at their records, their experience, what these four have accomplished in public office and professionally, I think Abel Guillen comes out ahead. He's raised billions of dollars for schools statewide, worked in Sacramento, and done a lot to get the Peralta Colleges back on track during a difficult time for the district. Hopefully he has enough money to get that message out to voters.


  2. Of Bonta, Guillen, and Young, who moves forward to the General? It would be interesting to get an article on how endorsements are going to work with the new open primary.


  3. I believe Bonta and Guillen win in June and Bonta wins in November. Neal has no elected experience and therefor no credibility with voters. Young is gonna get creamed with negative mailers over his legal troubles. I'm not even sure Guillen lives in the district. Redistricting Partners shows him living on the other side of MacArthur in Skinner's district. Bonta as a Yale lawyer with 8 yrs on the Alameda Healthcare Board and 2 on Alameda City Council is the only legitimate contender.


  4. Guillen recently moved from his old home in North Oakland to another spot in Oakland that is well within the new 18th district lines. I'd prefer his Masters in Public Policy from UC Berkeley, five successful years on the Peralta CCD, career in public education finance, and policy experience in Sacramento to Bonta's short time on the Alameda City Council (he was sworn in just over a year ago) and the healthcare board.


  5. the alameda healthcare system is a corrupt branch of alameda that accepts filthy dirty handouts from “not- for profit” billionaire corporations. I would not trust anyone who has served in that department


  6. Bummer that he didn't move before November. That's the constitutional deadline for residency in the district if you want to run. Pretty sloppy.


  7. Call me naive, but I do believe the deadline to file for the office hasmay'nt even passed. Maybe you should move onto actual issues and not harp on residency. Same old story every campaign cycle. It's a nonstory,


  8. You are all crazy. Joel Young is the only candidate who can make California move forward.

    Bonta and Guillen have no real background in getting anything meaningful done. I will point that under Guillen's leadership the Peralta District was almost placed on receivership. So much for his financial experience. The bus passes that he talks about getting for the students are paid by all of the students and yet only 3 percent of them use them. Cost to the students about $28 more for something they do not use.

    Bonta has done nothing except wake up in the morning and put a suit and he is ready for action. There is nothing that he has done for Alameda under his leadership. He is part of the Don Perata machine. He is a sell out. He sold to them because under Cowan and Perata there is the development and expansion of a golf course under consideration in Alameda.

    So, leaves Joel Young. If he was really a women beater and a cheater he would not have so many of our leaders endorsing him. Check out his website His endorsements include; Desley Brooks, Sheila Jordan, Jim Prola and Dan Rush amoung some of the leaders we respect.


  9. Poster above is clearly trolling. There's no way anyone can support young in a non joking/ non sarcastic way. Haha


  10. Joel Young is clearly the best candidate.


  11. young is a joke and a serious liability for our district


  12. The voters clearly want a candidate who can come out swinging. Someone who clearly knows who the opposition is and how to take them out. Joel Young shows that he knows best and deserves the support of all good misogynists.


  13. The voters clearly want a candidate who can come out swinging. Someone who clearly knows who the opposition is and how to take them out. Joel Young shows that he knows best and deserves the support of all good misogynists.


  14. The voters clearly want a candidate who can come out swinging. Someone who clearly knows who the opposition is and how to take them out. Joel Young shows that he knows best and deserves the support of all good misogynists.


  15. What is a misogynist? And I agree. Young knows how to come out swinging specially if you are a female.


  16. What exactly has Young done as an elected official at AC Transit? Can anyone point to his leadership one or two issues on that board? Come to think of it, what about Bonta?


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