Guiilen’s Week Of Big Endorsements Raises His Standing In Tight Assembly Race

Feb. 4, 2012 | Two of the state’s most powerful labor unions this week backed Abel Guillen for the hotly-contested 18th assembly district.

The back-to-back endorsements from the California Nurses Association and California Teachers Association has put renewed focus on the Peralta Community College trustee after also reporting positive fundraising totals during the last quarter of last year.

The backing of two of the most aggressive labor groups in California is a definite shot in the arm for Guillen’s campaign. In addition to campaign mailers and materials, each union has a large and willing army of members ready to hit the streets for desired candidates and causes.

Guillen reported over $107,000 in cash on hand putting him between $25,000 behind Alameda Vice Mayor Rob Bonta and trailing AC Transit Boardmember Joel Young by $64,000. One East Bay political consultant told The Citizen, Guillen’s endorsements put him at nearly equal financial footing with his opponents for the time being.

The California Nurses Association’s (CNA) strength has been evident in the Bay Area over the past few years in repeated labor battles against Sutter Health on both sides of the Bay. In some ways, the continuing story at San Leandro Hospital regarding its possible closing by Sutter, has been facilitated by the group to the degree that many believe the facility would have been shuttered two years ago without their assistance.

“Yeah, they don’t play around,” said Guillen of CNA’s ability to drum up support for issues.

While the nod from CNA was somewhat a surprise since it is Bonta who has a background with hospital issues as a former board member of the Alameda Healthcare District, the endorsement from the California Teachers Association (CTA) dovetails more closely with Guillen’s work at the local community college district. Guillen has held the elected seat since 2006.

“As our public schools face greater challenges, we need leaders in the legislature who are proven problem solvers, can bring people together, and are committed to strengthening our schools,” said Dean Vogel, president of CTA.

The California Federation of Teachers also endorsed Guillen Jan. 30.

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6 replies

  1. Guess this means the CTA will have another “rubber stamp” legislator. So much for real education reform or the ability of districts to unload under-performing teachers.

    The march for more charter schools will continue unless real change is created.
    Heck, even some groups of teachers are starting their own charter schools.
    Look at the decline in enrollment in Oakland.
    From 55,000 down to about 36,000 now.


  2. Abel Guillen believes education is the foundation and that responsible teachers and parents are both critical for our childrens success as adults. He is even-keeled and will always be a fair and focused on the good of the whole community.


  3. I agree, he's been a very thoughtful leader in the community and as an elected official. I have the utmost confidence he'll make the right decisions in the State Legislature, just like he's shown on the Peralta Board. Abel has the leadership and experiences we need in Sacramento. He has never shied away from tough decisions and has the backbone to advocate for our issues.


  4. You're right! That's why he was the only Trustee who wanted the Peralta Parcel tax on the November ballot instead of June– because he didn't want to ask the voters for money and a promotion at the same time. Then he wouldn't have to shy away from questions about the district's financial health or his purported accomplishments.


  5. June election will have less voters … doesn't it make sense to have such an important decision in the November election which coincides with the Presidential election (i.e. higher turnout).


  6. Another possible politician being bought. Impossible for him to serve the people when he has big union controlling the strings. If elected, hold him to his word! (which wont be done, just thought I'd try)


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