Union City’s Valle Is Front Runner To Replace Lockyer


April 20, 2012 | Nadia Lockyer’s empty District 2 supervisorial seat was still warm Friday before a growing contingent of opportunistic local officials have already shown interest in being her successor, including another equally embattled East Bay politician whose interest may surprise you.

According to county sources, former Union City councilman Richard Valle is the early front runner to replace Lockyer on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. One source says Valle’s candidacy is backed by labor, which in the union-heavy East Bay, could be a deciding factor. Valle is currently campaigning this year for mayor of Union City. Valle is also believed to be the handpicked choice of both Nadia and Bill Lockyer. His campaign web site features photos of both Lockyers.

Other notable names have also surfaced. Some have made their interest in the job known directly, said the source, while others have inquired through surrogates. Among the growing list include, first-term Hayward Councilman Mark Salinas, Newark councilwoman Ana Apodaca and former East Bay assemblyman Alberto Torrico.

State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett’s name is also being mentioned again for the post. Last month, she told supporters she would not mount a challenge for Rep. Pete Stark’s seat, but more than hinted at running for congress in 2014. A major stumbling block for Corbett’s candidacy is she does not live within the district’s boundaries and would have to move before running for re-election in November.

A sixth possibility for the appointment will defy all human sense of credulity, but Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi’s name is reportedly on the short list to replace Lockyer.

It was Hayashi’s infamous arrest and conviction for misdemeanor grand theft at a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco last October that in many ways touched off the most bizarre and scandalous six months in East Bay political history. She punctuated her fall from grace last January by pleading guilty to the charge and then telling reporters a benign brain tumor, in effect, made her do it.

Before Hayashi’s embarrassing escapade with the law, her political future always featured a problematic two-year window between her termed-out assembly seat ending this year and an opportunity to run for Corbett’s termed out state senate seat in 2014.

East Bay observers outside of the board of supervisors are repeatedly mentioning the name of current Union City Mayor Mark Green as the most qualified person for the job, but Green is currently running for the Assembly in the 20th District. Impracticality aside, some believe Green’s extensive experience as a leader on various Bay Area regional boards, may cause a rift by overlapping with some of the supervisor’s own expertise on some specific issues.

If the board’s desire is to choose a qualified, but less experienced colleague to replace Lockyer, the thinking goes, either Valle, Apodaca or Salinas are the most likely choices. The Board of Supervisors have 60 days to replace Lockyer. The appointee would then run in a special election this November to finish the remainder of Lockyer’s term in 2014.

Note: Apodaca is a current member of the Newark City Council. It was reported previously she was a former council member.

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  1. If Valle is the handpicked candidate of the Lockyers, then the Board should do the opposite. Bill's decision-making has to be questioned now: spent 1.5 Mil on the most expensive race for Sup, touted his wife as best candidate (even kept up that contention recently despite all his wifey's mistakes),and kept Nadia in office for this long when a lot of people were saying it was better for her to resign and focus on her health.

    Hope the Board of Supes show some backbone and break free from all Lockyer influence!


  2. I have to believe the supes are done with anything having to do with the lockyers. I'm not really sure who the logical choice would be at this point, but for sure not Hayashi. The supes already have a controlling Asian women on the board.


  3. To all those that read Tavares work, you must admit he saw this coming before Lockyer was elected. Steve has investigative skill and insight. He deserves respect and hopefully he will continue to aggressively investigate ALCO Politics.


  4. An open comment to all Alameda County taxpayers/voters, now is your opportunity to take the future of Alameda County BOS into your hands and make a difference.

    Tell the four remaining Supervisors it is time for a CHANGE, and that your are DONE with the Lockyer Era of influence and control. Tell them to do the right thing for the people of ALCO.

    A simple email to each Supervisor Via their County website page is all that is needed. It will take you less then 2 minutes to write and push the send button. It is quicker and easier then actually voting and you can be assured they actually see your comments/vote.


  5. By MW:

    I want Mary Hayashi to get the position, since I think she would fit in fine and extremely smoothly in that her “standards” and level of “honesty” seems to be extremely similar with that of the present batch of elected officials Alameda County government already is infested with.


  6. Valle is just more of the same old thing. We just keep recycling the same politicians over and over and they have nothing new to offer, which is why we got what we got. Time for some new blood.

    Steve, it might be a great thing to invite your readers to “nominate” folks that they know who are talented and motivated. Then maybe put together a petition to the BOS to consider the EB Citizen nominees. As another reader noted, it really is time to push for change and Valle is not change.


  7. Keep up the good reporting Steve. Yes we need to have fresh blood. No recycling please.


  8. Hayashi and Torrico. You gotta be kidding me! Who floated those names? At least, Valle, Apodaca, and Salinas have integrity. Hayashi is a convicted crook and Torrico a self-admitted lobbyist who is cashing out on his public service. Torrico also used to misappropriate funds from his non-profit for his wife's shopping sprees. This county needs to say absolutely not to the Hayashi/Torrico hacks. Let's get someone of integrity in there.

    I agree. Tavares always has a great lead and insight.


  9. Valle has attached himself to a lot of the politicians he thought would get him places. So far that strategy hasn't paid off. In fact, when he ran for Supervisor, Gail Steele beat him despite Valle outraising her.

    He's tried to run for state Assembly, Supervisor, and now currently running for Mayor. Clearly he's wants higher office. You have to wonder if he's too close to the Lockyers and other big name politicos around here.

    If Nadia and Bill want him as the appointee, that shows a big red flag! Their judgment lately is awfu. District 2 deserves better!

    District 2 will need a Supervisor who isn't affliated with the Lockyers! Someone to rebuild trust. Not a Lockyer minion. Or even the Sacramento type like Hayashi or Torrico


  10. I agree. This should not be a seat for washed up politicians like Hayashi and Torrico who care about their own career more than serving constituents. We can do better.


  11. missing name: Kevin Dowling. Green is best qualified, but maybe he would collide with other Board members. However, Mark has worked with all of them on various boards/commissions/committees and i believe he gets along well with all of them.

    Tony Santos


  12. How about Anne Culver from City of Hayward. Very sharp lady. Cool person. Everyone else mentioned so far is just part of the ship of fools that got us here.


  13. Given the revelations in today's Mercury News, I would question anything that is put forward by Nadia and/or Bill. If Valle is the chosen one, then I would have serious concerns over their reasoning.

    While Valle is a good guy, he's also seemingly always trying to seek higher office. He was gearing up to run for Assembly but was outflanked by Torrico, ran against the now ready-for-sainthood Gail Steele, and now running for Mayor. But as soon as he sees this opportunity he's gonna throw his name in.

    District 2 deserves a person who is free from the Lockyer influence! And sounds like Valle is their choice.


  14. Mark Green is far and away the most experienced, and the best choice of those mentioned here. And so what if he might class with the other four Supervisors sometimes. That's a good thing. ALCO does not a new Supervisor that is just a rubber stamp for the others.
    The Republicans are far out numbered by the Democrats in Alameda County – And the Democratic Party in this district have an established pecking order of who gets to be the heir apparent to political seats. If a candidate is not in the “inner circle” they will get very little funding or support by the party – regardless of their qualifications. Does that make the Demo “anointed ones” the best candidate for our district? Of course not. But this is the system that has been established over time – and this system picks who gets the funding – and ultimately the election. Don't believe it? Well just look at what just happened last year. Nadia Lockyer gets 1.5 million dollars and gets elected against a much more qualified and experienced Liz Figueroa – not in the Demo's inner circle. Is Nadia Lockyer to blame? Well she can only vote for herself once, but she received
    over 37,000 votes from the rest of us. So we all need to start taking responsibility for who we elect, start educating ourselves on how this system works, and stop blaming everyone else for our lack of
    effort in getting good candidates to run for office.


  15. Mark Green is the best candidate for the position. Valle is nothing more than a puppet and an opportunist. To even consider him based on the Lockyer's recommendation is ludicrous. Mary Hayashi? Are you kidding; she needs to finish her assembly term and be done. The other so called “front runners” simply lack experience. The current Board of Superviors need to get over their insecurities and do what's best for Alameda County. Mark Green is the best choice and they ALL know it.


  16. No justifications at all for your badmouthing of Valle, not one policy issue. There are plenty of supporters of Richard in this Supervisor District; Bill is only one of them.

    A strong majority of voters in this District are members of the Democratic Party. In his move out of the Democratic Party, Mayor Green became less representative of the District.


  17. I realize that Bill is only one of them. I don't dislike Richard, but I stand by what I said. I've seen enough, and I am tired of “politics as usual.” Somebody needs to stand up and say enough is enough. We have a failed/failing system in California, from local to state politics. Change is needed.


  18. Yes, but what kind of change? It is conservative governing “principles” which wrecked our economy and is making it difficult to respond to the increasing needs of California citizens, schools and businesses.


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