Nadia Lockyer Quits

April 20, 2012 | Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer announced her resignation from the Board of Supervisors in a letter friday to constituents. Her resignation after just over a year in office ends one of the most scandalous periods ever in recent local government history.

Lockyer’s departure hopefully ends a spate of bizarre explanations and embarrassing public actions that began in Februrary with a 911 call to Newark Police which broke news of her substance abuse problem and illicit affair with a man she met previous in rehab.

Lockyer’s fate may have been sealed last week when she sent an email to a reporter from the San Jose Mercury News alleging her husband Bill Lockyer supplied her drugs and insinuated a desire to commit suicide. She later denied the assertion and claimed her ex-boyfriend Steve Chikhani, who is currently in rehab, had hacked her phone and sent the message.

The explanation rang on deaf ears. In the past week numerous editorial boards in the Bay Area called for her resignation. Even though, pressure was mounting on Lockyer to quit, county sources told The Citizen as of last Wednesday, none of her colleagues on the board of supervisors had spoken with her in hopes of having her to quit.

In hindsight, there may have been clues to her sudden resignation during last Tuesday’s board of supervisors meeting. Following approval of a joint powers agreement that will give short-term help to keeping St. Rose Hospital in Hayward afloat, Lockyer read a long and heartfelt statement in thanking the board and county staff for their efforts.

Saving St. Rose from bankruptcy had been a pet issue for Lockyer and possibly her only notable effort as a supervisor, but her mood was neither upbeat or congratulatory, but more somber in tone and may have served as her de-facto farewell address.

The role of replacing Lockyer now rests with the remaining four supervisors who have 60 days to appoint a successor. Once chosen, the newest supervisor would then face re-election for the remaining two and a half years of Lockyer’s term this November.

14 thoughts on “Nadia Lockyer Quits

  1. MW,

    If you want to out bad lawyers you know, do so here. As long as you have the facts to back it up, you are in the clear. Perhaps you will provide info that leads to an investigative report or story.

    Good luck.


  2. By MW:

    To 7:05AM and 7:47AM.

    Having been a whistleblower, I have talked to various lawyers. And most of the lawyers I talked to went on the assumption that most of the other lawyers they would have to deal with would be total sleazeballs, and who would therefore try to pull anything they thought they could get away with.

    And for instance some years ago I owned a small piece of property that I decided to rent out. So a person who applied to rent it was a lawyer, and who I will refer to as Mr. A. Having decided that I would rent it to Mr. A, I typed up a rental contract and then showed it to another lawyer, and who I will refer to as Mr. B, for him to check it, and possibly finetune it, before presenting it to Mr. A for his signature.

    However Mr. B, in other words a lawyer himself, felt I should think long and hard before agreeing to rent to a lawyer, since, and as he himself told me, a high percentage of lawyers are extremely sleazy.

    In fact about ten years ago or so a major home builder decided it did not want to sell any houses in a particular development to lawyers, since it said that lawyers aro so nasty and obnoxious, etc, and even the lawyers that home builder hired to defend its position agreed that a high percentage of lawyers are nasty jerks.

    However one of the unmentionables that even lawyers do not normally talk about with the media and the general public is that lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug addiction, and including to heroin and cocaine, of any major profession.


  3. Yes, MW is entertaining…though perhaps a little therapy to address his anger would allow him to focus a bit more on the facts.

    Attorney's are a fact of life and a career just like any other…most of the bad ones ultimately do themselves in of their own accord…as has Nadia Lockyer. You can rest assured The Cal Bar is investigating Nadia…Steve Chikham's attorney has surely reported Nadia to the Bar and the State AG's office to address the Santa Clara Jail visits. I expect Nadia will lose her Law Lic. in California.

    MW, if you want to help assure Nadia doesn't practice law again, gather all your closes friends, gather relevant articles on Nadia and submit those articles with separate request from each of your friends to the Cal Bar to have Nadia investigated…power in numbers.


  4. Boy, MW really hates attorneys. His bizarre rants are amusing, for sure.

    Hey, did law students kidnap the Lindburgh baby? Lawyers the real molestora of all those children in the Catholic Church? Attorneys the creators of all worldwide famine and genocide? Oh, and don't forget the druggy drugs they all take!!!


  5. Pleeeeeaaaaase, she didn't do a damn thing but vote yes for the St. Rose JPA. She was in rehab while others were picking up the slack for her district.

    I'm happy Nadia chose to resign, but I'm not sure it's going to take her out of the spotlight. As Steve knows, there is A LOT more to this story.


  6. By MW:

    This one is so pertinent that I am extremely ashamed of myself for forgetting to put it in the above entry. Some years ago we had that character, and if I remember correctly his last name was “Lindh,” who was generally referred to as “The Marin Taliban.”

    Well, the father of “The Marin Taliban” was a guy by the name of Frank Lindh, and who was one of the Bay area's biggest, most prominent, and most politically connected lawyers.

    And since I am back, let me recount two more items.

    Back when Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown Massacre fame, was still in the Bay area, Willie Brown and George Moscone, in other words two extremely prominent Bay area lawyers, constantly reassured people who had doubts about Jim Jones that Jim Jones was wonderful and to be completely trusted.

    And then one day I read about the suicide of the son of Robert Shapiro, in other words the guy who was part of O.J. Simpson's Dream Team. So the instant I saw that the person who committed suicide was the child of a lawyer, I said to myself that almost certainly drugs were involved. So I then read the rest of the article, and yes, Shapiro's son had had a history of drug addiction AND IN FACT HE WAS ALSO SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING ENROLLING IN LAW SCHOOL.

    So being a lawyer, it is not at all surprising that Nadia Lockyer had an extremely serious problem with drugs. In other words being a lawyer, the only unusual thing about Nadia's extreme drug addiction was that it became public rather than staying a secret forever. And if Matier & Ross had not decided to blow the whistle on her, it is quite likely that Nadia, and even though she has an extreme history of drug addiction, would have eventually moved up to the state legislature, and then maybe gone on to still higher places, and such as for instance state attorney general and/or governor, since I am sure that none of the politicians and lawyers who knew she had an extreme case of drug addiction would have ever said a word and warned the public and the media that the only positions she was actually qualified for were circus clown and crackpot.


  7. By MW:

    1. In regard to the comment of 9:08PM who said it does not matter who comes in to replace Nadia since “it (in other words politics and politicians) is just a slimy pool of corruption,” you should be ashamed of yourself for uttering such thoughts. In other words, you should never even think to yourself, let alone publicly voice to other people, derogatory opinions about the sleazeballs, liars, parasites, and crooks, er, excuse me, I mean wonderful public servants, who we are so lucky to have running our lives.

    2. Of all the people who over the years have served in the US Congress and/or the California legislature, a good question is whether there has ever been anyone who had a more extreme case of drug addiction than John Burton, a guy who in addition to being a politician and an elected official, was and is an extremely politically connected lawyer. (NOTE: After some years of admitted drug addiction, Burton supposedly was cured of his drug addiction.)

    And now of course we have had Nadia, and who is also a lawyer, and who is almost certainly the alltime leader among Alameda County politicians in the categories of insanity, stupidity, erraticness, and severity of drug addiction.

    So if we want government to stay as screwed up as possible, then keep on electing members of the legal profession – in other words members of that extremely sleazy mafia which is head and shoulders “above” all other major professions in having skyhigh rates of alcoholism, drug addiction, delusions of grandeur, domestic violence, and overall insanity – to public office.

    Do you think it is just a coincidence that Robert Noel and Marjorie Knoller, in other words the owners of the two dogs that ripped Diane Whipple to shreds, were lawyers!!! I don't. In fact, I think it is very likely that being lawyers, in other words members of the profession that has drastically higher rates of alcoholism and drug addiction than any other major profession, that the apartment of Noel and Knoller was full of drugs, that the dogs got into the drugs, and that's why the two dogs got into such an extreme and crazed rage, and therefore ripped Diane Whipple to shreads.

    And I could give plenty of other examples of the “standards” of lawyers. In fact to give just one more, remember when Carole Migden engaged in one of the most extreme examples of erratic driving of all time.

    Well, the person who was Carole Migden's roommate and lover was one of San Francisco's most promiment lawyers, and the rates of drug addiction among SF lawyers is even much higher than that of lawyers as a whole. So was Migden's roommate and lover, and who was a SF lawyer, a drug addict, and if so did she and Migden share drugs, and was that why MIgden engaged in one of the worst examples of driving of all time!!! Very likely.


  8. It does not matter who comes in for Nadia's seat whether is Mark Green or Bill Quirk or Mark Salinas or any other democrat…it is a just a slimy pool of corruption and incompetence.


  9. 7:39 pm sounds personal to me. Therefore, your opinion carries light weight.

    I wish Nadia the best of luck.


  10. Please, PLEASE! Do NOT even consider putting Ana Apodaca in such a crucial position. She is far too immature and destructive.


  11. Ny: MW

    If we beg her to reconsider, I wonder if she would then decide to stay. In other words, and even though Alameda County has a population of approx 1.5M people, the greater Bay area somewhere between five and ten million, and the entire state of California approx 40M people, I still would not have high hopes, and even if we were to not merely search locally but even the entire state of California, that we could ever find anybody nearly as sensible, level headed, and sober as Nadia.

    The way it works with the University of California is that if a superstar professor receives a firm job offer at much higher pay from another college or university, then UC is allowed to exceed its normal salary limits for the position so as to offer Mr. Superstar Professor much higher pay in the hope that he will decide to stay.

    Perhaps Alameda County could do the same with Nadia Lockyer, since I couldn't imagine our County government having any chance whatsoever of continuing to function if we were to lose her great talent, wisdom, sobriety, and, of course, also wonderful and consistent attendance record.

    While the present salary for members of of the AC Board of Supervisors is set at approx 143K per year, however I think we should make a special exception for Nadia and offer her one million dollars, and if she still doesn't agree to come back even for one million dollars per year, then we should keep on raising the offer, and regardless of high we have to go, until she finally agrees to continue serving her district and also the entire county as a member of the Board.

    And finally, if she is no longer a member of the AC Board of Supervisors, that considerably raises the probability she will eventually spend little or no time in our county, and maybe even move out of the Bay area entirely, and which would considerably hurt the businesses of any local people involved in selling illegal drugs. And certainiy we would not want to risk doing anything that might hurt the local business climate.

    Nadia, please reconsider and decide to stay, we badly need you.


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