April 20, 2012 | Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer announced her resignation from the Board of Supervisors in a letter friday to constituents. Her resignation after just over a year in office ends one of the most scandalous periods ever in recent local government history.

Lockyer’s departure hopefully ends a spate of bizarre explanations and embarrassing public actions that began in Februrary with a 911 call to Newark Police which broke news of her substance abuse problem and illicit affair with a man she met previous in rehab.

Lockyer’s fate may have been sealed last week when she sent an email to a reporter from the San Jose Mercury News alleging her husband Bill Lockyer supplied her drugs and insinuated a desire to commit suicide. She later denied the assertion and claimed her ex-boyfriend Steve Chikhani, who is currently in rehab, had hacked her phone and sent the message.

The explanation rang on deaf ears. In the past week numerous editorial boards in the Bay Area called for her resignation. Even though, pressure was mounting on Lockyer to quit, county sources told The Citizen as of last Wednesday, none of her colleagues on the board of supervisors had spoken with her in hopes of having her to quit.

In hindsight, there may have been clues to her sudden resignation during last Tuesday’s board of supervisors meeting. Following approval of a joint powers agreement that will give short-term help to keeping St. Rose Hospital in Hayward afloat, Lockyer read a long and heartfelt statement in thanking the board and county staff for their efforts.

Saving St. Rose from bankruptcy had been a pet issue for Lockyer and possibly her only notable effort as a supervisor, but her mood was neither upbeat or congratulatory, but more somber in tone and may have served as her de-facto farewell address.

The role of replacing Lockyer now rests with the remaining four supervisors who have 60 days to appoint a successor. Once chosen, the newest supervisor would then face re-election for the remaining two and a half years of Lockyer’s term this November.