Interim St. Rose CEO Says He Would Welcome Being Part Of Eden Township

April 23, 2012 | Despite the approval last week of a joint powers agreement by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and nearby Washington Township Health Care Distict hoping to stave off bankruptcy at St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, the struggling facility is still flirting with another local health care district.

During a meeting of the Eden Township Healthcare District Board of Directors, the interim CEO of St. Rose Mac Nakayama told the body the facility would welcome an invitation to their health care district over interest from Washington Township. St. Rose Hospital is a private facility located within the boundaries of the Eden Township District.

“The hospital would certainly welcome becoming part of the Eden Township Healthcare Distict, rather than a district that we are not physically located in,” Nakayama told the board April 18. Nakayama replaced Michael Mahoney, who resigned last month.

In February it appeared St. Rose’s savior would come in the form of a merger with the Eden Township District and San Leandro Hospital. Mahoney appeared before San Leandro residents Feb. 8 detailing the proposal, but the plan suddenly lost steam. The Eden Township board revealed last Wednesday it had planned to vote on acquire St. Rose in February, but tabled the item at the request of executive staff at Washington Township.

The reason for the change is still unclear, but a plan for a joint powers agreement between St. Rose, Washington Township and the county soon emerged. The Eden Township was initially asked to participate, said District CEO Dev Mahadevan, but declined because it did not possess $1 million in unrestricted funds to add to the pot. Budget uncertainty from the then-pending lawsuit with Sutter Health, also played heavily in their district’s thinking, said Mahadevan.

With the intent of the county seemingly on the side of bringing St. Rose back to health by way of the Washington Township District, it brings new questions over the Eden Township’s proposal to place a parcel tax on the November ballot to aid St. Rose. Mahadevan the District has already had initial discussions with noted East Bay political consultant Larry Tramutola, whose firm specializes in the ballot measures.

Colin Coffey, the District’s general counsel questioned whether a parcel tax is in its best interest any longer. “The narrow focus of that JPA would not accommodate your efforts and expenditures today to see if a parcel tax within this district to support St. Rose is viable because obviously the scenario of acquisition or management through a JPA with Washington precludes the parcel tax supporting St. Rose.”

District board member Les Friedman also questioned whether a parcel tax is prudent for the district after the approval of the joint powers agreement. “Somehow we’re involved in looking for solutions, but we’re not at the table participating in those solutions,” said Friedman. He also speculated that the eventually end game to Washington Township’s association with St. Rose will entail the redrawing of district lines to separate Hayward from the Eden Township’s jurisdiction.

Some in the community are also beginning to question whether Washington Township’s relatively low level of financial commitment is commensurate with the amount of power it now wields within the joint powers board. The Washington Township will hold six of the nine seats on the JPA. Its extensive clout comes from just $2 million in funding pledged last month to St. Rose. The Eden Township will hold just one voting member. It nominated Friedman last Wedesday after another instance of potential conflicts of interest reared its head.

Dr. Ronald Hull, who replaced former Dr. Vin Sawhney on the board, said he could not accept appointment to the JPA’s board because he owns a financial stake in a doctor’s group associated with St. Rose. Sawhney resigned from the post because of a spate of potential conflicts of interest. He plans to run again for the seat this November.

7 thoughts on “Interim St. Rose CEO Says He Would Welcome Being Part Of Eden Township

  1. Papa John you can always go back to the air force and save lives there. You are the idiot.

    all of you call tony names cause he was right. Yes he was right.

    He's been telling us this all along. You all didn't listen.

    You threaten him. Shame on you all.


  2. I think the natural fit for st rose is with Eden, however they have NO resources or ability to go in and turn the hospital around and then sustain it. Washington on the other hand has a lot of resources. There were a few elected officials and unions who told Eden several years ago to not sell out to Sutter, but they did. Now they are a district without a hospital.

    Remember, the interim CEO at st rose works for the county since they pay his salary. The county just spent 6 months negotiating a JPA deal with Washington, I seriously doubt the board of supervisors would all of the sudden turn it over to Eden. Sorry, not going to happen.


  3. Tony Santos, Loser!!! While people you vowed to serve were packed in the hall during important meetings, you were partying in Europe spending our hard-earned money, you should be ashamed of yourself!!! How disgusting a loser like you can be? You don't belong here. I'm sure the money Sutter gave you was already spent in hell! One of these days, you will be pronounced… yes, dead because you are very sick!


  4. Tony Santos you will never be involved in politics again. Do you not see that this personal vendetta to say I told you so to the Eden township makes you look like a villain from a corny kids movie. You've got to know that your mouth on this issue has ruined your entire career. you've saved us the trouble of having to vote no for you in any election because you won't even considered a viable candidate anymore. Your just a has been, idiot, nobody, etc.

    See ya later faggot haha


  5. Would you just look who is calling people stooges, the biggest stooge of all time and biggest saddest loser of all time the once mayor of a great town, who has wanted nothing but bad to happen here in San Leandro and the immediate communitiy, old and I mean OLD TONY SANTOS, what a complete loser, why dont you just shrivel up and blow away. You made a mess of San Leandro with your idiotic ways and now you would like to see everyone and everything just go to Hell but it wont you old crony so just pack your bags we dont need anymore of your name calling and stupid ideas, you gutless wonder, when I had asked for your assistance with keeping SLH open if your demented mind can remember you said it wasnt a city issue, what a waste of good air space, why dont you just go away and make this a better community. John Kalafatich ( PAPA JOHN )


  6. you know what? if all this were not serious, I would be laughing. for heavens sake, get real folks, which is what I have said for three years now-fact is eden township hospital district may end up with out a hospital, then what? sutter is now owner and so far ,sutter has said nothing about what it is going to do with the hospital. my hope is it will go back to the august 2009 agreement and allow ACMC to operate the hospital. might be best option, but until sutter tells all of us its intentions. not much anyone can do. all the fault of carole rogers and her two stooges. they owe us big time-did majority of board breech its fidiciuary responsibilty in pursusing law suit? think about this one-wait till sutter submits its bill to the district, then see what happens. Tony Santos


  7. The eden township needs to make a move in a big way. Sutter is in the middle of trying to pound them into bankruptcy and they dont have a leg to stand on


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