April 23, 2012 | Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer admitted her husband Bill Lockyer, the state’s treasurer and former attorney general, supplied her with drugs, according to an interview she gave this weekend to the San Jose Mercury News.

The final unraveling of Nadia Lockyer’s public and precipitous fall from grace may have started two weeks ago when she sent an email to the newspaper charging her husband with buying narcotics for earlier in the relationship. The Lockyers were married in 2003 and have an 8-year-old child. She later said the email, which also contained a reference easily construed as a suicide note, was not sent by her, but by her ex-boyfriend, who she claimed hacked into her phone and sent the offending message.

“It did come from me and I made the mistake of regretting sending it,” Lockyer admitted to the Mercury News. “I ask the public not to hold anything against my husband for actions that happened a long time ago.” The paper said Bill Lockyer’s office denies the claim, which could be as explosive as anything his wife has endured over the past two months.

In 1998, Bill Lockyer prodigious power at the state legislative level finally translated to statewide office when he was elected attorney general–the state’s top law enforcement official. His two terms as attorney general garnered Lockyer some of the increased political power and law enforcement connections, some have claimed he has abused throughout his wife’s affair with 35-year-old Steve Chikhani.

A source who has spoken extensively with Chikhani during his recent time in rehab and counts him as a friend, says the Hayward Police have been summoned to the Lockyer’s home many more times than the single official disturbance last fall that was reported in the Mercury News. Up to five visits, they say, have not been documented by police officers in Hayward.

During the 2010 campaign for supervisor, one of Nadia Lockyer’s opponents repeatedly claimed knowledge of a DUI charged to her in Union City, but could never find documentation for the stop and maintains police illegally expunged it from its records at the behest of her husband. Nadia Lockyer admitted in her interview this weekend that she met Chikhani in rehab just after the 2010 June primary for supervisor, which she easily won.

The bizarre half-truths made by Bill Lockyer reported in local newspapers along with his attempts at spinning his wife’s growing political scandal away from enveloping his own have only raised questions of whether he has used his power to cover his own demons and place severe recriminations on his wife’s former lover. The revelation that the state’s former top cop may have purchased illegal narcotics for his wife only raises the perception of a cover-up to higher levels.

In a recording obtained by The Citizen, not fully reported by either the San Francisco Chronicle or San Jose Mercury News, Nadia Lockyer is clearly heard telling her paramour in painfully hushed tones, “Bill wants to nail you.”