Nadia Lockyer Confirms Former Top Cop Bill Lockyer Supplied Her With Drugs

April 23, 2012 | Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer admitted her husband Bill Lockyer, the state’s treasurer and former attorney general, supplied her with drugs, according to an interview she gave this weekend to the San Jose Mercury News.

The final unraveling of Nadia Lockyer’s public and precipitous fall from grace may have started two weeks ago when she sent an email to the newspaper charging her husband with buying narcotics for earlier in the relationship. The Lockyers were married in 2003 and have an 8-year-old child. She later said the email, which also contained a reference easily construed as a suicide note, was not sent by her, but by her ex-boyfriend, who she claimed hacked into her phone and sent the offending message.

“It did come from me and I made the mistake of regretting sending it,” Lockyer admitted to the Mercury News. “I ask the public not to hold anything against my husband for actions that happened a long time ago.” The paper said Bill Lockyer’s office denies the claim, which could be as explosive as anything his wife has endured over the past two months.

In 1998, Bill Lockyer prodigious power at the state legislative level finally translated to statewide office when he was elected attorney general–the state’s top law enforcement official. His two terms as attorney general garnered Lockyer some of the increased political power and law enforcement connections, some have claimed he has abused throughout his wife’s affair with 35-year-old Steve Chikhani.

A source who has spoken extensively with Chikhani during his recent time in rehab and counts him as a friend, says the Hayward Police have been summoned to the Lockyer’s home many more times than the single official disturbance last fall that was reported in the Mercury News. Up to five visits, they say, have not been documented by police officers in Hayward.

During the 2010 campaign for supervisor, one of Nadia Lockyer’s opponents repeatedly claimed knowledge of a DUI charged to her in Union City, but could never find documentation for the stop and maintains police illegally expunged it from its records at the behest of her husband. Nadia Lockyer admitted in her interview this weekend that she met Chikhani in rehab just after the 2010 June primary for supervisor, which she easily won.

The bizarre half-truths made by Bill Lockyer reported in local newspapers along with his attempts at spinning his wife’s growing political scandal away from enveloping his own have only raised questions of whether he has used his power to cover his own demons and place severe recriminations on his wife’s former lover. The revelation that the state’s former top cop may have purchased illegal narcotics for his wife only raises the perception of a cover-up to higher levels.

In a recording obtained by The Citizen, not fully reported by either the San Francisco Chronicle or San Jose Mercury News, Nadia Lockyer is clearly heard telling her paramour in painfully hushed tones, “Bill wants to nail you.”

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  1. By MW:

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves for even thinking that there is any possibility whatsoever that either of the Lockyers could have been involved in any way with illegal drugs and/or coverups.

    In other words, the Lockyers are both California lawyers licensed by the California State Bar (and which is sometimes referred to as the CSB), and the CSB, and which is a totally corrupt organization of professional pathological liars and sleazy backroom fixers, and with a secret system of two sets of books, and which includes its selling pardons and coverups for lightly disguised bribes that it pretends are fees for courses, insists that it holds its lawyer members to the very highest standards. So obviously there is no way on earth that the Lockyers could continue to retain their law licenses unless they continued to meet the very highest standards.

    In other words I am absolutely sure, or at least one tenth of one percent sure, that the CSB would not want to risk a situation in which clients and former clients would be at risk of having their money embezzled by lawyers on heroin, cocaine, and meth who needed to steal money so as to get the funds to feed their drug habits.

    NOTE: Lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse, and also of domestic violence, of any major profession. However the totally corrupt CSB, and including through its secret system of two sets of books and its selling of pardons and coverups for lightly disguised bribes, does it utmost to keep the general public from finding out the truth about that sleazy mafia of alcoholics, drug addicts, embezzlers, leeches, pathological liars, parasites, bloodsuckers, and arrangers of illegal backroom fixes in exchange for under the table bribes that likes to refer to itself as the “legal profession.”

    And if you think I am exaggerating in my description of the sleaziness of the so called “legal profession,” just read the New York Times article concerning the lawyers who worked for Walmart's division in Mexico, and whose main job was to arrange illegal backroom fixes in exchange for under the table bribes.

    However what sleazy lawyers do in Mexico is not even a drop in the bucket compared to what sleazy lawyers do in such places as San Francisco, and where lawyers even arrange, and through the payment of under the the table bribes, to have multi million dollar arson fires declared to have resulted from bad luck rather than arson.

    For instance I used to work at a major SF building that was a politically protected cener for Mafia money laumdering, trafficking in undocumented aliens, and conglomeration of asbestos violations. So I complained about the fact that its asbestos violations were a health threat to the tenants. (The building's primary owner, and who was sometimes referred to as Larry “The Liar” Lawrence, was a close friend of Willie Brown, Dianne Feinstein, and also Bill Lockyer.)

    So as a result of my complaints, CAL OSHA got deeply involved in an investigation of the building's asbestos violations. However before CAL OSHA could do a followup and more thorough investigation, the building suddenly want up in flames, and even at 3AM in the morning, in other words the standard time for professionally arranged mafia arson fires in office buildings.

    And of course the city of SF, and which has its local government almost totally controlled by under the table bribes, and with many of those bribes being transferred by crooked lawyers to City Hall, the local judges, Police Dept, and Fire Dept, etc, declared the fire to have been caused by bad luck rather than arson.


  2. She's an idiot. Why does she keep airing out her dirty laundry in public. What does she gain from doing so?


  3. Fuck you Steven. Now your the comment deletion nazi???


  4. By MW:

    To 6:57PM,

    By asserting she is an idiot, you are guilty of defamation against idiots.

    In other words, her level of mental functioning is many major levels below not merely idiot but even extreme idiot.

    In fact rather than paying her or someone similar to her 143K to be on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, instead we could have gone into virtually any fast food restaurant that pays many of its employees only minimum wage, and such as for instance McDonalds, determined which of those particular employees at minimum wage were also high school dropouts, then put the names of all such employees in a hat, and pulled a name at random out of the hat. We then could have offered our high school dropout minimum wage employee whose name was pulled out of the hat twenty cents above mimumum wage to resign his fast food restaurant job and to instead become a member of the AC Board of Supervisors, and then been more than ninety percent certain he would be much more intelligent, much more sensible, and a much higher quality member of the AC Board of Supervisors than Nadia Lockyer.

    And as to what she “gains” by airing her dirty laundry in public, she is most likely still on drugs, and regardless of any protestations and insistence that supposedly she has been clean for over two months now. Related to that, if you ever tried to reason with a person who was extremely drunk or on drugs, you would discover that it is impossible.

    In other words, people who are on drugs and/or extremely drunk usually have a level of mental functioning that would make it seem their IQ is even far below that of their shoe size. So if Nadia Lockyer is still on drugs, and she probably is, then you would probably have far more success even trying to reason with your cat or dog than you would with Nadia Lockyer.


  5. Wrap it up!!!! why do you have to write a fucking essay everytime you post. Pick a point. Make it. Get the fuck out.


  6. She will get peace of mind. Guilt is very heavy on the heart. It is good for her health to let the world know truth.


  7. i think this is a disgrace. she should say what she needs to say and be done with it and go away. take care of your child because her and her husband are only hurting him. was it necessary to put his photo in the paper or show family photos too.


  8. Great article, Steve.

    Politicians who abuse their positions by using their connections to cover up their illegal activities or to harrass and/or seek vengeance on their employees as well as regular citizens should be subject to immediate dismissal from office without the opportunity to run for office again. If their abuse of power has caused significant hardship or financial loss to their victim, they should be charged as criminals, subject to large fines equal to three times the loss, and significant jail time. Their cover up techniques inhibit the activities of a free government, which should allow for citizens to reveal illegal activities or misconduct by public officials without fear of retaliation.

    This includes the District Attorney who creates false evidence, coerces false statements from witnesses, and charges people for crimes they did not commit at the behest of other public official cronies.

    This all happens much more than you think. It is tyranny and unconstitutional. It has just come to the time where it now must be regulated by laws that better govern the acceptable conduct for public officials because they have lost, as a group, their moral compass. The penalties must be strong and must also apply to those who know about the abuse and do not say anything or do anything to stop it. These folks need a much shorter leash.

    If Bill Lockyer's WIFE is saying that he supplied her with illegal drugs while he was a public officer, the state Attorney General needs to step in and he needs to be removed from office right now.


  9. By MW:

    In regard to 8:37AM.

    For instance I used to have a co-worker who told me had previously owned a store in Alameda County. During the time he owned the store he had sometimes been the victim of armed robberies. (I got the impression it had been a fairly small store, so that therefore in addition to being the owner he himself had also often worked the counter and the cash register.)

    So sometimes the police would eventually catch whichever person they suspected had committed the latest robbery. However sometimes the trial would not be scheduled for awhile until after the robbery had been committed.

    That former store owner told me in such instances in each case one or another of the attorneys in the Alameda County DA's office would call him in shortly before the scheduled trial to rehearse, coordinate, and choreograph testimony – AND THEN AT THE END OF EACH OF THOSE BLATANTLY AND FLAGRANTLY ILLEGAL REHEARSING, COORDINATING, AND CHOREOGRAPHING SESSIONS, WHICHEVER ATTORNEY THAT PARTICULAR DAY WAS WORKING AS THE FIXER, ARRANGER, AND CHOREOGRAPHER WOULD WARN HIM TO NEVER ADMIT THAT SUCH A SESSION HAD EVER TAKEN PLACE.

    And I am sure that if any private citizen had ever decided to blow the whistle on those illegal choreographing sessions, then the sleazy professional pathological liars and common criminals with law licenses in the Alameda County DA's office would have closed ranks, insisted that such things never happened, and even though they happened almost every single time, and then they would have charged the whistleblower with perjury and tried to throw him in prison for having committed a “crime” even many times worse than murder, in other words telling the truth.

    NOTE: I used to work for Alameda County government, and the longer I worked there the more obvious it became to me that to most of the higher ranking and more powerful people in AC govt, and including the lawyers in its DA's office and County Counsel's office, the very ultimate and worst “crime” on earth was for someone to tell the truth.

    So therefore any time one of the lower ranking employees decided to blow the whistle by mentioning that this or that higher ranking manager was obviously acting illegally, and such as for instance awarding contracts based on which contractors were providing him with under the table bribes, then the lawyers from the DA's office and/or County Counsel's office would go thru their little charades of pretending to “investigate,” and then would always, and regardlesss of how overwhelming the evidence, insist that it was all the whistleblower's imagination, and that Mr. Big Shot Manager was as honest and reputable as could be.


  10. MW,

    Personally I believe the Lockyer scandal is way beyond whisterblower status.

    If Kamala Harris has any thoughts of career advancement, she will investigate the Lockyer's by the book. Anything less will open her entire office up to a messy federal investigation.

    The allegations, statements, conflicting story's and spin smell of serious trouble.


  11. There are a number of agencies and individuals who may have been affected by their decisions or inactions while trying to respond to the Lockyers.

    After all is said and done, i wonder if Bill regrets attending that Tri-City Dem fundraiser with Nadia, just days after Nadia had made more revelations?

    That photo op with Bill & Nadia joining the other elected in the “thumbs up” just might have been the final tipping point.


  12. By MW:

    So if Bill Lockyer has been doing drugs and/or supplying drugs to other people during the years he has been an elected official, then it would be extremely interesting to find out all of those who have been his closest friends and associates over the last few decades and who he regularly socialized with and regularly attended parties with, etc.

    For instance back when he and Johan Klehs were both in the state legislature, they were extremely close friends, and in fact Lockyer served as Klehs' mentor, teacher, guide, and basically like an older brother. For years they even shared an apartment in Sacramento.

    And perhaps in many ways he was not Nadia's husband so much as he was her guide, mentor, teacher, coach, big brother, and, of course, sponsor. If so, he should have selected a much more intelligent and much better balanced student to be the coach and teacher of, since a team made up of characters similar to Nadia would be sure to end up deep in last place, and no matter how hard the head coach worked to have a successful team.

    In fact, a tean made up of characters similar to Nadia might not succeed in winning even one game per season, and also might lose virtually every game by a score of about 100 to zero.


  13. By MW:

    Bill and Nadia should move to San Francisco, in other words to the world's largest and craziest insane asylum, and, then open up a San Francisco law firm. They could name their firm “Lockyer and Lockyer, Attorneys and Specialists at Breaking, Laughing At, and Spitting on the Law.”

    In fact SF is such an extreme insane asylum, that therefore Nadia's behavior even when she was on one of her drug binges would not seem particuarly out of the ordinary there.



  1. Nadia Lockyer, in disturbing social media post, accuses Bill Lockyer of rape

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