Graphic Nadia Lockyer Sex Tapes Posted Online


May 11, 2012 | The year of sex, drugs and shoplifting in East Bay politics just got even more titillating Friday night after sex videos of former Alameda County supervisor Nadia Lockyer were posting online.

Both short videos uploaded to YouTube Friday evening are believed to have been posted by Lockyer’s former boyfriend Steve Chikhani. He alluded to the videos in an article Friday in the San Jose Mercury News after Lockyer sought a restraining order against him.

One video, sarcastically titled, “Nadia Lockyer trying to get my vote,” shows the disgraced former county supervisors sashaying into the room in a black lingerie, garter and stockings. She then begins removing some clothing. The video is shot from the point of view of Chikhani, whose voice is heard on the video.

The second, far more explicit video, shows Lockyer masturbating on a bed in front of Chikhani, whose voice is heard, but face is not seen. Again, a humorous line is attached in the video’s description saying, “Here’s the former Alameda County Supervisor giving herself a little tax relief.”

It is not known when the video was shot or whether it is the offending clips reportedly sent earlier this year to State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, Nadia’s husband.

NOTE: Both videos were taken down by YouTube over the weekend.

63 thoughts on “Graphic Nadia Lockyer Sex Tapes Posted Online

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  2. She thinks she looks what? and what do others think? and her name justifies her actions………………get a life L.


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  6. The original videos have been pulled from the internet and will most likely never be seen or heard from again.


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  8. I wanted to comment, I saw the original videos, before they got pulled from YouTube. I wished so much I'd had a video grabbing program, not that they were erotic, they were gross if you ask me, something so obviously unhealthy about her, but I wanted to make sure they were not taken down before it was proved. And not to embarrass her for being sexual, for the impairment it showed. Sad \\\ok what's happened now — NOTHING. Lockyer is still in power, and despite him being a very powerful official in the most prominent state — it's all been dropped. All the major papers really never covered it much.
    I think the BF did have something bigger, but got paid off for it.
    And say what you will about Bill, he sure knows how to make deals — the Gov of South Carolina has an affair and the whole world hears about it. This was a lot bigger and it never got big press, then was dropped entirely.


  9. BOTTOM LINE IS Bill's NOT GETTING HER DONE…Bill when you get over your divorce start dating Gal's your own age. Poor Nadia just wanted some PASSION!


  10. Nadia Lockyer was victimized by Steve Chikhan- as were several other woman in the bay area. Mr. Chikhani sent her 100s of automated mtms a minute (a federal crime) in order to know her exact location beginning as far back as October of 2011, as which time she did attempt to end the relationship with Chikhani but he attempted suicide 3 times during which she responded believing she was saving his life. Only later did she learn she was defrauded, manipulated, in a large scheme to blackmail and make money off Nadia's pics as Steve knew Nadia found her brother after he attempted suicide.


  11. By MW:

    I am sure that at least some of the readers of the East Bay Citizen have seen articles in other Bay area newspapers that have appeared in the last day or so, and such as the SF Chronicle, announcing that Bill and Nadia Lockyer, and who had previously looked like they were going to divorce, now have instead decided to attempt a reconciliation.

    Many of the readers' comments, and especially in the Chronicle, accompanying those articles were extremely insulting toward Bill Lockyer, and including along the lines of such things as: one, no fool like an old fool; and two, if he was smart he would take the financial hit now, and in other words cut his losses now, and rather than dragging it out, and therefore eventually taking a much bigger hit in the future.

    However Bill Lockyer was a close friend and associate of M.L. “Larry The Liar” Lawrence, and some of the people who knew Lawrence best commented about him, and both while he was still alive and also shortly after he died, that they knew of no one who was as “talented” as Lawrence at taking a bad situation and then making it worse. (In other words, the first rule of holes is when in one to stop digging, and as such characters as John Edwards, Richard Nixon, and Mike Nifong learned the hard way.)

    So perhaps Bill Lockyer is now trying to emulate his friend Larry “The Liar” Lawrence. For example, when Lawrence and his partners and associates got themselves in a jam in regard to a building they had been operating in San Francisco as a politically protected center for Mafia money laundering, trafficking in undocumented aliens, and conglomeration of asbestos violations, rather than intelligently handling the situation (and originally they probably could have handled it with a only a relatively small financial hit, since originally they could have pretended that only the building's management company was involved), but instead they just kept on digging themselves into bigger and bigger holes, and finally it therefore ended up costing them at least hundreds of millions of dollars.

    But then, and on the other hand, there is also the possibility that Nadia might know at least some of the sleazy details concerning the relationship BIll Lockyer had with M.L. “Larry The Liar” Lawrence, in other words the organized crime kingpin who provided so much in election campaign contributions and huge under the table bribes to the politicians, that therefore such people as Willie Brown, John Burton, Dianne Feinstein, and Bill Lockyer pretended Lawrence was a legitimate businessman.

    Since if the details of the sleazy relationship Bill Lockyer and various other politicians had with organized crime kingpin M.L. “Larry The Liar” Lawrence ever became public, it would not only blow the roofs off San Francisco City Hall and the State Capitol Building in Sacramento, but it would also cause a lot of California's most “respectable” politicians to be unmasked as the total phonies they were and are, and also be sent to prison.


  12. And the article and pictures are newsworthy because? She is no longer representing district 2. She is going through a divorce. She is no longer accountable to any of us.

    You've accomplished embarrassing her. Move on..


  13. It's amazing how free people are with opinions when they can hide behind the title “Anonymous”. I hope and pray none of you fall from grace and have your fall published for your friends, children, mothers, fathers, and the rest of the world to see. Yes, this story is interesting however; one half of this story is no longer a public officer. One half of this story is a mother who quit her job to focus on her sobriety, her child, and her future. She is a person who made a mistake and lied about it. We've all lied at one time or another.

    The pictures published on this website are very grainy and appear suspiciously altered. It's in poor taste and probably illegal to post them under the guise they are Nadia. This girl has been victimized enough by addicts, her husband, and the press. I truly feel it's commendable for a person to admit her faults, quit her job willingly, and focus on her health and her child. I know a lot of people like Mirkarimi who are found guilty of a crime yet refuse to do the right thing. He would rather admit to his crime, then deny it, then force tax payers to pay for his court costs.

    Yeah, Nadia may have lied about things which embarrassed her, but she never lied when she said she would do what’s right for Alameda County and her child.

    I praise Nadia for standing up and admitting she needed help. I bet she would have stood up a long time ago had her Bill Lockyer allowed it.

    BTW- How does a multi-millionaire politician have the stones to request SUPPORT from his unemployed wife who is in treatment??? Maybe he is the one who really needs a 12 step program.

    Good luck Nadia. If I were you I'd hire someone to sue this crappy WordPress excuse for news!


  14. By MW:

    Over the years the USA has had many third parties, and including a few that were started and operated by extremely prominent people who had previously been major and central parts of the mainstream political establishment.

    Perhaps the largest and best example of such was the Progressive Party, and which was better known as the Bull Moose Party, and which had Teddy Roosevelt as its head and standard bearer when he decided, and after having already served as US president, to run again for president.

    Concerning said phenomena of major, powerful, and mainstream politicians now and then organizing a third party, I suggest that some of the Bay Area's biggest and most prominent mainstream politicians, and including Nadia and Bill Lockyer, organize the Clowns and Circuses Party. The Bay area, in other words INSANITY CENTRAL, would be the perfect spot to be the national headquarters for such a political party.


  15. I have a funny feeling we will see the videos again when Nadia opens her mouth and says a bunch of horrible lies about Chikhani. It's apparent she's lying about what she claims because if she was such a victim of his so called abuse why didn't she just leave. So far everything she has said about Chikhani has proven to be lies. That means there's no blackmail scheme. If there was, he would not be talking to reporters. Is it but a coincidence that the day she runs to the press with her crap the videos are posted. I think within hours they went up. I have a hunch not only will everyone see the videos again, but we will get to see a whole lot more… If Nadia makes more false claims that is. The balls in her court, you could say!


  16. 2:16…Lockyer pulled a Nixon, Clinton was actually impeached and he lied, to the nation and USED his wife to cover up his lie, aftering lying to her. They are both sick people.

    Bill C. absued his power, Bill L's wife did too.

    No way is that Bill Lockyer filming, and no way is that a hotel room. This is not the first sexy time party for these two!


  17. Watched these clips over the weekend. Are you sure it's Chikhani shooting the video and not Bill Lockyer. The voice sounds like that of Bill Lockyer.


  18. hey 2:16pm,

    you forgot to mention they attempted to impeach that President even after he admitted what he did was wrong…that does NOT bode well for Billy Boy and his wife. Oh & btw…this time there are tapes, text messages, emails and photo's (though no dress or cigar)…I don't recall seeing any of that during the impeachment process.

    And one more biggeee…Clinton didn't spend $1.7 mil of campaign contributions on Monica or Hillary…under false pretenses…or do I recall Hillary being an addict making sex tapes with a convicted felon?

    Personally, what Clinton did was just child's play compared to the Lockyer's.

    I'm rather confident the Lockyer scandal is not going away anytime soon.


  19. First a sex video, then a reality show. If they can make one about Gene Simmons, they can make one about Bill and Nadia Lockyer.


  20. This reminds me the President who told the nation and his wife that he did not have an affair with an intern and then WHAM, he admits he had an affair, but it was wrong. People will forget about this and we should…its pointless now. She was an ineffective Supervisor and her husband is an ineffective public employee moocher (and there are many).


  21. By MW:

    Actually, it would have been much better if the tapes had been made, AND ALSO BEEN RELEASED, previous to the election.

    More specifically, most of the candidates for public office generally refuse to talk about anything of substance concerning the important issues, and instead give us mostly lies and garbage, and also deceit and deceptions, and rather than telling us what we really need to know concerning what tbey truly and honestly intend to do if elected.

    And still furthermore if one candidate for the office being contested has a huge amount more money for the election campaign than his or her opponents, that candidate usually wins, and regardless of qualifications. So let's stop pretending our elections are based on qualifications and are really anything more than show business and a beauty contest, and therefore in the future all candidates should be required to dance in the nude, and we can than elect to public office whichever candidate we think has the best body and/or is the best dancer.

    Some of the advantages of the system I am proposing include that:

    ONE, we would not need to have long election campaigns lasting for months, but instead could just base it on one nude dance by each candidate in a large public place, and such as for instance the Oakland Coliseum, and with TV broadcasts being made on all the major channels to those who cannot actually make it to the baseball park at the time of the performance, and also tapes being sold to those who instead want to watch it later at home at their leisure;

    TWO, charging let's say twenty five dollars per person for admission to watch the dancers, er, excuse me, I mean the candidates, and also selling tapes of the performances, would raise enough money that it would lessen the need to increase taxes;

    and THREE, since as a general rule people in their twenties, thirties, and forties tend to be somewhat more physically attractive and agile than people who are considerably older, we would not need to constantly debate issues related to term limits, since this system of electing to public office the best and most attractive nude dancers would increase the percentage of new and younger candidates who would win elections, and also lessen the percentage of older office holders who have been there virtually forever, and such as for instance Pete Stark, who have continued to win elections and get to stay on way past the time they should have retired.

    A parting thought: The Bay area would be the perfect place to start and institute this system of having all actors and actresses, er, excuse me, I mean candidates, running for public office dance in the nude, since for at least twenty years I have been convinced that the most talented and extreme phonies, er, excuse me, I mean actors and actresses, are not working in Southern California studios, and such as in Hollywood and the Los Angeles area, but instead are San Francisco area politicians.


  22. Chikhani is no doubt a troubled person as well…though you must admit…he had much less to lose and a whole lot more to gain from his relationship with Nadia, then Nadia did…and despite his whining…which is surly part of his plan…he was smart enough to protect the tapes and make timely comments…such as…”there is a way bigger story then the sex tapes”…he now has everyone hooked…the media is just waiting for his next move. If he is doing all this without public relations advise…he's sharper then we have given him credit.

    NOT to bad for a meth addict…the drugs don't appear to have screwed his thinking up as bad as it did Nadia's.


  23. It's important to look at what this whole situation signifies to the community. This situation and the Hiyashi situation are both indicators of a serious and growing problem with our leadership in Alameda County. These are not isolated incidents. There are others. Many, many others. That is why it is so important for people who live in Alameda County to step it up and get busy cleaning house. We need to set an agenda of priorities for our leadership to take care of such as bringing in jobs, housing, tourism, education, and other key problems so that Alameda County citizens in general have a better quality of life. Not just the privileged one. We need to evaluate the politicians constantly during their terms with balance, wisdom, and fairness to determine whether they have been effective on meeting our objectives or have merely occupied space on our dime. If they cannot build it, we need to kick them out. We need to hold their feet to the fire demanding performance and only reelect those who are truly working for the people of Alameda County and making life here better, not more bizarre.

    It is important for everyone in Alameda County to vet this newest supervisorial appointment. All five supervisors make decisions that affect all of Alameda County, not just their district. If the current BOS members appoint someone questionable, we need to speak up loudly and stop letting the vetting process consist of choosing cronies or storing up favors. It empowers politicians to abuse their positions and to under perform. However, this means that more people are going to have to step up and throw their hat in the ring to run for office. People from all kinds of backgrounds, not just folks who have been hanging around the scene for a while. And when they have the courage to step up, we need to support them. It's a big undertaking to choose to ride the lightening that is politics.

    Some folks who are currently in office have been there way too long. One key example is the Alameda County Auditor/Controller. Pat O'Connell was elected in 1984 and has not been challenged since. That's almost 30 years in a key governmental position without any opposition. There should be at least three choices for each office for every election. Make these people work for their positions.

    Public officials are people too with everyday problems that complicate their lives. It's not about the problems, but how they choose to deal with them. Mary Hiyashi's situation points to a serious personal problem. She should have resigned. She didn't. Now she is ineffective and we are still paying her salary until she terms out. What is that? We must send a message to politicians who show such deplorable ethics and demand that they get out immediately so work can get done. We need to set the bar. We have to stop putting the onus on the media to create our opinions for us. As has been ably noted in this forum, the media often gets it wrong. Big media no longer even bothers to research. Nadia Locker's admission that her husband, Bill Lockyer, got her into drugs while he was a sitting public official needs to be investigated transparently. Not behind closed doors where deals can be made and the matter closed without us knowing what went on. This is how we will get a government in California and Alameda County that we can be proud of.


  24. Chikhani whines that his life has been ruined by this scandal, a scandal he has done everything possible to create and blow up. He says this at the same time that he releases these tapes with his snotty comments. How honorable of him.

    Nadia's judgement was horrible, and her addiction needs treatment without the pressure of being an elected official; I'm glad she resigned.

    But, Chikhani, a victim? Nah, he's just an asshole.


  25. A suggestion to Mr. Chikhani, per his request of the BANG reporter (See Merc Story from 5/11/12) on where he could sell his tapes…google porn video producers and have your attorney contact them!

    I'm rather confident your money troubles will be over very quickly!!


  26. to 12:27am

    OMG…another Lockyer crony speaks…”a victim too”…of what, her own stupidity? Nadia is an educated woman with a Law Degree. She has NO excuse for her actions. Nadia knows right from wrong!!

    The real victims of this scandal are her son and the People of ALCO.

    As far as blackmail, Chikhani has an attorney. Surly his attorney gave the Lockyer's the opportunity to purchase the rights to the tapes. For one reason or another, the Lockyer's have refused. That's NOT blackmail…that's a business proposal that the Lockyer's felt was not worth the investment.

    And to all that read these post regularly, the following is to:


    As to your dislike of attorney's in the political arena due to their sleazy ways. It would be safe to say Lockyer's have been dealt a large dose of Karma from a wide array of attorney's…from Chikhani's attorney to Karma Harris and the AG's office's decision not to press charges.

    Perhaps there is a little justice in the system.


  27. Wow…so……Tavares how do we get those videos. Youtube already has stopped one of them.


  28. Please someone have some sympathy for Nadia? She is a victim too. Obviously this dude did not get his blackmail payment.


  29. By MW:

    In regard to the opinions of 7:35PM and 7:47PM above.

    No, there is no possibility whatsoever that Nadia was smuggling drugs into the prison, since: one, she is a lawyer and, as we all know, lawyers are very honest and highly reputable people; two, the totally corrupt California State Bar, in other words the extremely sleazy agency of pathological liars and backroom fixers that pretends to regulate California's lawyers, insists that it holds lawyers to the very highest standards; and three, Nadia Lockyer has also personally proven herself to be a person of consistency and integrity, and not a nitwit whose ideas, opinions, thoughts, and loyalties totally change every five minutes.


  30. Hey Tavares,

    Anybody in the media looking at the possibility Nadia was taking drugs “into” Santa Clara Jail?

    Could be a home-run for you. A story such as that would surely make national headline news.


  31. The fact Bill Lockyer and all his cronies were so active in trying to cover-up and spin Ms. Lockyer's activities so she could remain on the BOS, is what is truly frightening!!

    Nadia's judgement and mental health were clearly very troubled…

    I might suggest the judgement of Bill Lockyer and his cronies are just as equally troubled!!

    And who knows, though Nadia's credibility is questionable at best…perhaps her allegations regarding Bill supplying her drugs may have some truth to them.

    Desperate Meth addicts, and addicts in general are always quick to through their supplier under the bus when they can't get their fix.

    Read The BANG story yesterday. It would seem to support just that…Nadia's supply was cut-off while Chikham was in jail…so Nadia went to Chikham's supplier. Nadia didn't need Chikham…so she through him under the bus.

    Personally, the more I hear from Chikham, the more his story makes complete sense…if sense can actually be made of meth/drug addicts.


    To me, that would be a 'way bigger story” then the sex tapes!!


  32. Alameda County leaders are an embarrassment to our County! How much worser can it get?Just vote them all out!


  33. By MW:

    Every single time that something came out on Nadia Lockyer which was so extremely crazy that I assumed she could never top it, a short time later something else would come out which was even far crazier.

    So can she soon come up with something even far crazier than this. Based on her recent record, only a total fool would bet against her.

    In fact of the at least hundreds of thousands of people who have served as high ranking government officials since the United States came about over two hundred years ago, a good question is whether any major city or county of significant size has ever had a high ranking government official who could top Nadia Lockyer for idiocy. That therefore makes me as a resident of Alameda County extremely proud, and just as it would if a resident of Alameda County won an Olympic gold medal in swimming, track & field, or gymnastics.

    However what is really scary is that for awhile Bill Lockyer was giving extremely serious consideration to making an all out effort to win the governorship. And if Bill Lockyer had become California governor, the probability is better than one in ten that eventually he would have become the president of the United States.

    Just think of all of the ways that organized crime, various special interests, and certain foreign countries could have used extortion and/or blackmail against him by dropping hints that if they did not get what they wanted from him, they might cause certain embarrassing information to be disseminated and/or become public concerning the fact that his wife was one of the alltime idiots, nitwits, and mental retards, and in fact also an idiot, nitwit, and mental retard who also had a major problem with drug addiction.

    In other words, she, and also Bill Lockyer as her spouse, would have represented a beyond monstrous national security risk.


  34. she was on the board of supervisor for alameda county? lol ….kind of scary u got leaders like her as board of supervisor for your county….just clean out the entire board of supervisors for this county and start fresh….its a joke


  35. By MW:

    As a result of these tapes being released, she should move to the world's largest and craziest insane asylum, in other words The Sovereign State of the People's Republic of San Francisco. and in fact open up a law firm there and/or run for a major post there, and such as for instance mayor or that city's Board of Supervisors.

    Or better yet, these tapes being released would now seem to give her the perfect background, image, and stature to be SF's DA or sheriff.

    More specifically, since SF is even a lot crazier than Alameda County, so it would seem to me that she is now extremely well qualified for just about any major post in the insane asylum of SF, and in which in a normal city you would want a person who has proven to be sensible, consistent, and level headed.

    After all, the Bay area, and especially SF, made a hero out out of Jim “The Absolute Scumbag” Jones, so why can we not also make a hero out of Nadia “The Total Idiot and Complete Clown” Lockyer.

    Or maybe we could even put her back on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors if this time Bill Lockyer spends five million dollars in the next election, and instead of the “only” two million dollars he spent last time, to “prove” that she is the “best candidate” and the “most qualified” person for the position.


  36. Does she use a TOWEL to get off? Not sure who to insult, the dude filming or her husband…clearly she needed it.

    Shes obviously stoned out of her mind!


  37. Nice! Been waiting for these to surface. If this dude has more videos he should hold then until Nadia's idiot husband starts his new bid for office.


  38. The Dems are having a big walk in Hayward today. Instead of big motivational speeches, they should just play these videos!


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