Outside Groups Have Spent Over $172,000 Recently To Get Ong In The Top Two

May 28, 2012 | While independent expenditure committees throw loads of vitriol against Joel Young in the nearby 18th Assembly District, others hoping to shape the race in the 20th District are sending lucrative love letters to Dr. Jennifer Ong in the form of hefty spending for her candidacy.

Three special interests groups with ties to health care and specifically, optometric political actions committees, have spent over $172,000 in recent weeks to support Ong’s hard, late push to snag a spot in the November general election against the likely winner, Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk.

Whether it’s being used to buy pot holders or potted plants, on her own, Ong has spent $228,835 of her own campaign fundraising since the beginning of the year, according to the state secretary of state. The total represents one of he largest campaign expenditures of any race in the state. Just under half of the total alone has been spent in the past two months.

Ong, an optometrist who owns a practice in Alameda, has been the benefactor of some of the same doctor’s groups who once backed Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, herself, a former nurse and health care advocate. In fact, before Hayashi switched from making laws to breaking them, the belief in the newly-drawn 20th Assembly District, was the eventually termed out Hayashi would have put considerable backing behind Ong’s candidacy. Despite Hayashi now being political kryptonite, groups with uber-long names have picked up the slack.

Doctors of Optometry for Better Health Care, sponsored by the California Optometric Association PAC have spent $79,423 in support of Ong. Californians Allied for Patient Protection Independent Expenditure Account spent $71,225 on her behalf and a group called, Cooperative of American Physicians spent $21,619. By a rule of thumb, a standard-sized mailer typically costs around $20,000 and explains why Ong’s campaign is making sure you know about her mother selling hot dogs at the Oakland Coliseum and why your hot pot of baked beans this Memorial weekend is sitting atop an Ong for Assembly pot holder.

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  1. Yep, I knew it, all that Ong money from same contributors of Hayashi. It proves all my suspicions now that we know where it comes from. No wonder Jennifer Ong's literature flips flops from previous stands on anything. Just like Hayashi. These losers do anything for votes. Lie, cheat, steal.

    Ong = Hayashi

    Here we go again more unqualified candidates to Sacramento.


  2. I don't think it's fair to lump Jennifer Ong with Mary Hayashi. You'll never confuse the two, but they do come from a health care background and doctors have money.


  3. The IEs for Ong have produced the worst campaign mail I have ever seen. But repetition does work in politics. Ong's own mail has been terrible too- one highlighted my kids- but I don't have any!


  4. Not to confuse incompetence in Jennifer Ong and MAry Hayashi? Let's see.

    Ong = Hayashi = Asian
    Ong = Hayashi = worked in healthcare
    Ong = Hayashi = same political donors
    Ong = Hayashi = change issue positions on demand

    And, lastly Ong bribes for votes while Hayashi shoplifts from voters.

    So, what is the difference between Jennifer Ong and Mary Hayashi? None, since both are just as unscrupulous and dumb.


  5. I've been so offended by the Ong mailers. Hot pads from her mother?? Seriously?? Will she be spending our tax dollars so frivolously?

    Not to mention that they were only sent to women. I seem to remember Mary Hayashi sent out the same hot pad to help her husband get elected.

    Surprised that no one has mentioned the “can't speak English” mailer that was sent to hispanic households.

    I sure hope people are smart enough to vote based on facts and don't reward candidates for this kind of antics.


  6. May 29th, 11:30 AM…

    How about you tell us exactly what the “can't speak English” mailer said.
    And how do you know it only went to Hispanic households?


  7. “Health care groups”. Let's be clear. The independent expenditures being so sweet to Ong are about protecting insurance company's and physicians's (that's MD) from higher insurance rates and awrds when they make mistakes which injure and kill patients. Period. that and scope of practice. They don't actually like optometrists, chiropractors, nurse practioners, podiatrists, etc..
    These same groups play very nasty and you are likely to see it post June when instead of being “in support of Ong” they will be “oppose Bill Quirk”. Your premiums will continue to go up, but if your MD or hospital makes a mistake, you're stuck with a pain & suffering awards cap that was instituted when Jerry Brown was Governor that fisrt time. That's fair…


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