Pre-Primary Fundraising Totals Show Local Candidates On Spending Sprees

Abel Guillen has spent $221,000 in
AD18 this year, but only $46,000 left.

May 28, 2012 | With pre-primary campaign fundraising totals finalized last week, the local numbers show a definitive and expected trend. After spending months amassing large war chests, candidates in all local races are spending at a brisk pace.

CONGRESS 15 In the 15th congressional District, Rep. Pete Stark heads into the June 5 primary maintaining a huge advantage in cash in hand over whomever his general election opponent turns out to be. While Stark and Eric Swalwell both raised around $50,000 in the period between April 1 and May 16, Stark outspent his upstart Democratic challenger, $125,585 to $97,013.

Of particular worry for Swalwell is his paltry $51,177 in remaining cash. If Swalwell snags a place in the top two, his chances for a major upset in November may rest on how close he can get to Stark on June 5. Stark currently has nine times as much fundraising to draw upon than Swalwell going forward. Swalwell needs something akin to a shocker on primary night to begin cajoling big money Democrats to start placing bets with him and not Stark. In addition, he also must stave off the inclination many big-money donors might have about giving to Ro Khanna and Ellen Corbett, two potential candidates eyeing the seat in 2014.

SWALWELL..$54,879..$ 97,013..$ 51,177
PAREJA….$ 4,341..$  3,807..$    598

Rep. Barbara Lee

CONGRESS 13 Rep. Barbara Lee’s re-election campaign in the 13th congressional district, which now welcomes San Leandro under her representation, looks quite a bit like the group of tomato cans Stark once faced in seemingly every race since 1980. In fact, challenger Justin Jelincic faced Stark in the 2010 Democratic primary and was easily defeated.

Lee spent nearly as much as the $54,399 she raised since April 1 and sits with $103,096 cash in hand. The only news here is her campaign war chest could use some replenishment, the same way your reliable automobile needs a standard oil change once in a while.

LEE…….$54,399..$ 43,005..$103,096
JELINCIC..$    25..$    333..$    201

ASSEMBLY 18 The campaign in the 18th Assembly District is one of the most competitive three-person races in the state and the high level of campaign fundraising from all its candidates continues to be consistent. At each marker, Rob Bonta has led the pack. With a week to go, Alameda’s vice mayor leads in contributions since March 17 with $84,835 and cash in hand with $143,620. If Bonta wins the June primary, as many believe, his sizable war chest gives him a distinct early advantage, especially if his opponent is Abel Guillen.

The Peralth Community College trustee spent $177,516 over the past two months–easily the highest outlay in the group. If Guillen’s heavy spending should pay off in edging out Joel Young for second place, he will initially pay the price by trailing Bonta by over $100,000. Guillen’s considerable union support should ultimately even the playing field by November. However, Bonta also has significant union support to draw upon.

GUILLEN…$72,904..$177,516..$221,655..$ 46,732
WEBER………….NO REPORT………………..

Bill Quirk

ASSEMBLY 20 Like Guillen in the 18th Assembly District, Dr. Jennifer Ong is putting the pedal to the metal now in hopes of finishing second to Bill Quirk in the June primary. To accomplish that, Ong has spent $228,835 this year alone, along with another $172,000 in independent expenditures in the past month. If she succeeds, her cash in hand will have taken a huge hit with Quirk sitting on almost five times more money than Ong’s $21,044.

Independent Mark Green, who is also in the running for an appointment to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, brought in $29,466 over the past two months–his best haul to date, but his viability, should he advance to the general election, would be even more doubtful than Ong. Green has just $8,323 in cash going forward and as a former Democrat no definitive funding source to draw from.

ONG……$ 41,431..$109,813..$228,835..$ 21,044
GREEN….$ 29,446..$ 38,940..$ 62,654..$  8,323

STATE SENATE 9 After Assemblyman Sandre Swanson backed down from thoughts of challenging State Sen. Loni Hancock, the race in the 9th senate district and fundraising became nothing more than window-dressing. Hancock’s tidy $236,162 war chest gives her some nice options after she is termed out in 2016. In the meantime, like Rep. Barbara Lee, Hancock will inherit San Leandro.

HANCOCK..$ 30,090..$ 50,307..$120,352..$236,162

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1 reply

  1. Wow, Young better spend every cent on the $110,000 he has on hand.
    He is about to be jettisoned out of the race.

    I actually hope he survives because it now appears that the power/pressure groups are plowing all their resources into pushing Guillen into the November race.

    That he is getting all that cash from the hidden groups is sending me a signal that his vote will be a rubber stamp for those groups.
    The CNA has turned into a bunch of thugs.
    Protecting their members $130,000 annual pay while undercutting the economic prospects of other lower paid, lesser skilled, unprotected workers.
    They care about themselves, not the average working persons who is having his economic life devastated.

    Sometime ask their PIO about what they think about the plight of a carpenter for example.
    Its almost embrassing what their answer is.
    Their members are “special”… Everyone else is fodder.

    Besides, their picking out of the one lady who died during the last strike, “killed by a replacement” nurse ignores the fact that, according to valid accepted data, on average, about 30 people die “EACH DAY” in California hospitals due to mistake.
    So they blast the airwaves saying that the one woman who died was all the fault of a “traveling nurse” (replacement) during their strike.

    If anyone doubts my statement of 30 patients dying each day due to hospital mistakes, I'd be happy to support it with widely accepted facts.

    CNA has become a political bully not unlike the bullies that terrorize children in schools.
    I won't vote for Guillen because they appear to be plowing all their money behind him.

    I'm open to contrary views of who is supplying all his outside funds that are sending out the hit mailers.


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