Board Of Supervisors Interview District 2 Candidates As Steele Withdraws Name

May 29, 2012 | And then there were four candidates remaining to replace former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer after her predecessor Gail Steele withdrew her name for consideration, according to County Administrator Susan Muranishi.

No reason was given, but comments made by some board members in the past week more than hinted they may be more inclined to appoint a successor who could compete in the November election and specifically against the potential candidacy of Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi.

Union City Mayor Mark Green, Former Union City Councilman Richard Valle, Newark Councilwoman Ana Apodaca and community organizer Sheryl Grant each faced roughly 45 minutes of questions from the remaining supervisors involving their top priorities and the future of the county’s quickly dwindling number of sports franchises. The appointment, scheduled to be made June 5, will last just five months and run concurrently with a November general election campaign to serve the remaining two years of Lockyer’s first four-year term. Lockyer resigned April 20 amid a growing drug and sex scandal.

Green, who is also a candidate next week for the Assembly’s 20th District, was his typical avuncular self, joking about drafting Kobe Bryant after ping pong balls in a hopper gave him the right to be interviewed first. When Supervisor Nate Miley pointedly ask Green if he is “office shopping” by applying for the appointment while running in a tight race for the assembly, he said no. “My office in Union City has a better view.”

Green’s familiarity with running for the seat ( he lost the June primary to Lockyer in 2010) and working on a regional and county level with the four supervisor is a strength. In fact, Green’s credentials as the head of several regional boards make him the most qualified person for the seat, yet his dalliances with both high-profile public offices may make it difficult for the board to appoint him, especially with indications they seek someone viable in November. “You put us in a dilemma,” Miley said.

Green said, if he advances to the general election in his assembly race next week, he will run for that office and not county supervisor. That scenario would bring the board’s discussion over a November race without an incumbent full circle, Green said. In the meantime, he told the board he would focus on the county’s bulging $88 million funding gap, bringing a much-lauded experimental firehouse health care clinic to Union City and would continue to campaign for the county’s transportation tax measure, tentatively referred to as Measure B3.

Richard Valle, Green’s long-time colleague on the Union City City Council made his first appearance before the board with a compelling and cerebral case for his appointment. In just three-and-a half minutes, Valle described a quixotic rise as a boy from a segregated school in Texas to traveling to California, serving in the Vietnam War and helping found Tri-Ced, the state’s largest non-profit community recycling center.

Without mentioning the Warriors, who announced their intention to build an arena across the bay, Valle said his first priority would be keeping the Raiders and Athletics in Oakland. “There is a sense of pride when you have those types of franchises,” said Valle, but when asked by Supervisor Wilma Chan if he would advocate using public money to build new facilities, he said no. Valle said he also focus on county health care services. However, Chan ask him about his eight years on the St. Rose Hospital Board of Directors. During the time, the Hayward private hospital fell on hard times and was recently propped up by the county. “I take full responsibility for the current situation at St. Rose,” he said, but offered, the same scenario is occurring to hospitals everywhere.

Valle’s support in District 2, which includes Hayward, Union City, Newark and half of Fremont, was evident Tuesday afternoon. A vast majority of the public speakers lauded Valle for his work in the community. Many of the same people spoke three weeks ago in favor of an open interview process while advocating for the appointment of a Latino.

Apodaca, the only candidate to have received a unanimous vote last week among the supervisors, also received support among public speakers. Moving forward with the St. Rose joint powers agreement with the Washington Health Care District, readying the county for realignment and dealing with budget cuts would be her top priorities, Apodaca said. She believes many in the county feel she is a known quality they can work with, while also raising a common complaint among residents in south county. “Newark and Fremont often feel disengaged from the county,” she said. “We have two supervisors and we only go to one.” She added the late Fremont Mayor Bob Wasserman often referred to her as the city’s sixth council member because of her close to ties to Fremont from nearby Newark.

As a noted Raiders fan, Apodaca said she would attempt to keep the county’s sports teams in the area, but realizes they are no different than any other businesses. “I’m out there with the fans and have a great time,” Apodaca said. “At the same time, it’s a business and you understand they want nicer places to play.”

The fourth candidate, community organizer Sheryl Grant, was at times out of her league with the other far more experience public servants. However, she was the only person to touch upon the turmoil that has followed the Lockyer scandal in District 2 “It’s really important that we rebuild the faith in the district,” Grant said. As opposed to the other applicants, Grant was far less specific on many issues. For her top priorities, she offered a catchphrase of “restore, rebuild, recognize.”

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  1. I am very proud of Cheryl Grant, who is stepping forward at this time where the satisfaction with current elected officials in Alameda County in very low. She offers something new and refreshing, not the same old tried and failed strategies. We need to start supporting those new names who have the heart to serve and can bring an enthusiasm which drives their willingness to serve the community. They will bring the focus back to really doing the work instead of just becoming a political official for the perceived “power”.


  2. She did well. However, the District needs an experienced and accomplished leader. My vote is for Mark Green, hands down.


  3. I'm glad to hear Gail is staying home to tend to her menagerie of animals. She's already did her work for the county and it did it well.


  4. Several articles in various outlets bring up the point about the spector of Mary Hayashi running in November.
    I'm wondering, other then the reports of her asking about being appointed now, is there any other actual indication she is planning on running Supervisor in November.

    Anything she has said to anyone about doing so?
    Anyone know what the filing date is for that office?

    Also, given that Nate Miley and others seem to fear her entry, what is the actual fact about whether she can or can't use more than $20,000 of her $550,000 war chest to run for that office?

    If she can only use $20K, then she'd have to raise a huge amount of money at a time her name is still fresh from a felony arrest, not to mention being on 3 years probation.


  5. Hayashi has been making the rounds about running for supervisor, even past making the initial calls the day Lockyer resigned. She'll be there unless security nabs her for pilfering a new Coach purse between now and Labor Day.

    Here's an article I wrote Nov. 2, 2010 about Haggerty's campaign finance ordinance:

    It would suggest Hayashi would have to find a loophole in the ordinance or rely on many of the independent expenditure committees each plunking down $20,000 for Jennifer Ong.

    In my story, though, I also mention the ordinance not only stops one person transferring $1.8 million to another candidate, but also makes it almost impossible to unseat one of the entrenched supervisors.

    I'll be taking a closer look at the ordinance after the primary.


  6. Hayashi has big money donors in Sacramento that she would tap into. She could probably raised 1/4 of million easy by November. Plus she would play the Bill Lockyer playbook and pressure the local donors (Dems, labor, etc.) not to donate to her opponent and not to endorse them. She would in all likelihood get the Democratic Party endorsement because most of the Central Committee members think she's the best. Just look at how they rolled over for Nadia despite having two long term harding working local Dems (Dowling & Figueroa).

    Hayashi is a formidable opponent. I hope no one thinks otherwise. Yes using her mugshot would be damning but opponents would have to raise the money for the mailings.

    ABH people! Anybody but Hayashi!


  7. Difficult to believe Hayashi would be foolish enough to seek Dist 2…she would be opening herself up to a media and public fact finding review that would last the entire campaign…something she has avoided to this point due to her current lame duck status.

    There is surely more in Hayashi's closet to see.

    I also don't see labor or the dem party rolling over for her…or even coming close to endorsing her…that would expose them to questions that they simply do not want to address.


  8. If she is foolish enough to shoplift $2000 pair of leather pants …


  9. The key about the November vote for District 2 is that I assume the winner only needs a plurality, not a majority.

    If Hayashi faced one quality candidate she could easily be beaten.
    However if she can get the union leaders and industry types to “quietly” via one channel or another, feed her $300,000 or more, then with a slate of 4 candidates she might win with 33% or so of the votes.

    She seems to have no shame and the local political leaders, who behind her back can't stand her, have never come forward to even suggest she isn't suitable for office.
    Name me a local office holder who has said anything negative about her.
    I mean, can you imagine what Corbett really thinks about her, yet I've see photos of them together in the last few months.

    As to her intentions, go to and scroll down to the bottom

    Her MLK message on January 16th, only 10 days after she was sentenced for her crime.

    “As we begin 2012, I look forward to continuing to work with you to make our country and our state a better place to live.”

    BTW, someone mentioned she was going to hold a fundraiser for Speaker Perez at her Hayward house.
    Does anyone have any more information about that event.
    Time, date, who is invited?


  10. too early to say but very doubtful that the Democratic Party would endorse Mary. I can put money on that one.


  11. June 21st 5:30-7 be there or be square aka Mary's shit list! I dunno who's invited i got it forwarded to me


  12. 12:43 p.m. I choose to remain anonymous but how can we bet? History says the Dem Party will support the bigwig. Where's the party been while all these transgressions going on? Silence is golden as they say.


  13. Yes. The soiree is at Mary's house in Stonebrae, not Palomares Hills. The home I wrote about in the Express is back on the market. The invite says to RSVP with Chris Parman. He is over 40, but looks 35.


  14. The June 21 fundraiser is not directly for Hayashi. It's in honor of Speaker John Perez.


  15. Hey, what is happening with all the posts on this topic?
    It seems that the right hand section is being cut off.

    For example Steve, on the 1:14 PM post it reads

    The home I wro…..
    Chris Parman. He is ove…

    So, the “soiree” is her current residence.
    Which as I Google to see, it says
    “Stonebrae private gated golf community “

    Is that so, “gated”? How very grand for the people's representative. I think every Assembly member and Senator should live behind gates.

    By the way, since her arrest in October, over 7 months ago, has she once appeared in public in a forum where the average citizen could freely ask their Assembly-person even one question?
    Yes I know she appeared at the Senior Scam event held in the CV library, but after doing the brief intro, she slipped out the back, as according to her people, she had to rush back to Sacramento.

    With regard to the above post that says,
    “June 21st 5:30-7 be there or be square aka Mary's shit list!”

    Given what has happened, does this woman still have enough clout that ANYONE would be concerned about being on her “shit list”?
    Seems quite the oppsite should be the case, with her being on everyone elses “shit list”.

    Whats up with Alameda County Democratic insiders, when in private conversations they mostly say they can't stand Mary and yet “mums the word” when it comes to even hinting publicly that Mary is a total embarassment to the people of the district.

    Kind of like “The emperor's new clothes” where everyone sees her morally naked, but can't bring themselves to say it publicly.

    At least the Emperor didn't shoplift his garments.

    June, July, August, September, October, Only 5 months until the November election.

    When will the Registar of Voters begin accepting filing papers.

    What are the odds she'll do so?
    90% plus?


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