An Internecine Fight Among East Bay Conservatives Over GOP Endorsing Outsiders

May 31, 2012 | Luis Reynoso, the lone GOP candidate in the race for the 20th Assembly District says the Republican Party should not endorse candidates outside of the party, even in races where none exist, like in the local 15th congressional race. “It’s a dangerous precedent,” said Reynoso. “What’s the point of running as a Republican?”

The Hayward school district board member took exception to GOP party faithful in Contra Costa and Alameda County giving support to conservative-leaning independent Chris Pareja in his congressional district against Democrats Rep. Pete Stark and Dublin Councilman Eric Swalwell. Pareja appears on the June ballot as “no party preference.”

Reynoso and his campaign manager, former Assemblywoman Audie Bock, tried to block the Alameda County GOP from giving Pareja a letter of support, said Pareja, who was later told Reynoso had previously shown interest in also entering the congressional race.

“I didn’t know until recently that he was told not to run against Pete because he wouldn’t be able to raise enough money to run a credible campaign,” said Pareja. “Personally, I don’t think someone who can be dissuaded by one person or a small group has the confidence or leadership skills required to represent people anyway.”

In an interview last week, Reynoso said Pareja’s Tea Party-inspired stance on immigration is a non-starter for Republicans hoping to win office in a blue district like those in the Bay Area. “I’m not going to support that,” Reynoso said, who was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and came to Bay Area as an 11-year-old. “This nation was founded by immigrants. We can’t take [Chris’] approach. That’s punitive.”

Instead, Reynoso advocates for a clear path to citizenship and working with host countries to facilitate a flow of workers and commerce. “They come here for jobs, not to break laws,” he said.

MORE IEC MONEY FLOWS TO ONG Dr. Jennifer Ong has already benefited from over $172,000 in independent expenditure committee money through Memorial Day. On Tuesday, came another $48,783 from two of the three groups that previous spent money in support of her campaign for the 20th Assembly District. The total now stands at nearly $230,000. She could buy an entire nursery for that kind of cash.

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4 replies

  1. Reynoso + Bock = worst campaign team of all time!! So Bock has gone from a Green party member to running a GOP for Congress. I guess a neo-nazi candidate is next for Audie. She could work fro Don Grundman who is running again for Senate.


  2. It's not often that you get to see two conservatives talk shit to each in public.


  3. I am glad that some Republicans are fighting the Tea Party Mentality. Though Reynoso's efforts are admirable I think the Tea Party will eventually destroy the Republican party with their strange extremism on social issues. Luis Reynoso is definitely a Republican Party loyalist by following orders of his party to not run for Pete Stark's seat. Shame we do not have the same party loyalty for candidates in the Democrat Party for it is incomprehensible why Bill Quirk as the endorsed democratic candidate has to run against other democratic candidates like Ong and Cheema.


  4. The California Republican Party has become a husk of a party apparatus. That they were unable to recruit a candidate against Stark this cycle is astonishing, but unsurprising. That they compound their abject failures by endorsing a non-Republican is awfully hilarious. Way to build the Party bench, guys.

    Recall, in 2010 Lou Filipovich was the GOP candidate for two different offices simultaneously, including State Senate (!). Imagine old Lou fundraising for his race(s). “If you want proof that all that I say is true, I have it all in a 150-page document that I would be happy to supply…”.


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