Bonta Also Using Connections To Reap Benefits From Outside Donors

May 31, 2012 | Alameda Vice Mayor Rob Bonta may be well on his way to winning the California primary in the 18th Assembly District, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t laying the early groundwork for the November general election, against either Abel Guillen or Joel Young.

Bonta’s has been on the receiving end of $34,392 in independent expenditures from a group calling itself, the Golden State Leadership Fund PAC. The connection between the two is likely Bonta’s campaign consultant, Duffy & Capitolo, which has been a donor to the PAC in the past.

QUAN’S ENDORSEMENT Abel Guillen greatest accomplishment thus far has been his ability to gain the trust and support of many in Oakland’s progressive community. Its genesis goes back to last fall as brave and idealistic Occupy Oakland protesters converged of Frank Ogawa Plaza and stared down the Oakland PD, Guillen pushed the Peralta Community College District to study moving its assets out of big banks to smaller community institutions.

It must have been a bit disconcerting then, for those supporters to learn Wednesday that Guillen had received the endorsement of the archenemy of their movement, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan. This is what makes politics so interesting. Maybe the sliver of Asian Americans supporting Quan that Guillen may attract pushes him into the top two. Conversely, it could also push disillusioned young Occupy voters to say, forget it, I have a some Swiss chard to harvest Tuesday at my community garden.

MORE ATTACKS ON JOEL YOUNG After California Alliance, the consumer attorney and conservationists group that has levied a barrage of harsh attacks on Joel Young in the past few weeks, paid for $24,000 in polling, it may have shown his campaign is not yet entirely done, although, likely on life support. Another expenditure followed, raising the total to over $89,000 from a single special interest group in opposition to his campaign.

Some have questioned who is behind the special interest group and which of Young’s opponents they seek to aid. Another clue emerged this week. The California Federation of Teachers contributed $25,000 to California Alliance earlier this month, which was reported May 24. The teachers’ union is one of Guillen’s biggest supporters.

Nevertheless, the latest negative mailer (shown here) is yet another example of the vitriol Young’s antics on both a personal and public level, have done to torpedo his campaign. It doesn’t get more harsh than this mailer, outside of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove-type mudslinging.

One thought on “Bonta Also Using Connections To Reap Benefits From Outside Donors

  1. Monday, June 4th,

    Final mail box delivery of campaign materials.
    I love this stuff. What it is trying to convey.

    #1 arrived before mailman… dropped in box
    For Young, small mailer (not mailed), with the identical themes … AC Transit, BART, build cars here, jobs jobs jobs. (perhaps he has run out of funds to post the items)

    #2 Mailer from the “calif alliance”
    Hit piece on Young. (I'm starting to feel sorry for him)
    Included the following quotes
    “Young has violent temper and engages in unethical behavior” “extensive bruising of his ex-girlfriend's face”

    OH MY! Like this is about #5 of the same theme.
    All from that same hidden group.

    #3.. From Bonta, this last mailer almost placing him in the fields picking produce in the central valley…

    I'm probably going to vote for Bonta because I don't like the other two, but all his mailers are wearing thin, almost relentless. He seems to be hanging his entire campaign on how ethnic he is. Well over ninety percent of all the photos in this and past mailers are men, women, and children “of color”…
    Oh yeah, plus a 3 white firemen. (they support him)

    I'm starting to feel like I don't belong in his district anymore.
    Seems unless you are a fireman, policeman or a teacher, you don't count unless you are a person “of color”.

    Perhaps I'm getting overly sensitive, but isn't there a single child in school who is, dare I say it, not “of color”.
    I know its not politically correct to even ask such questions, but all three candidates seem to be doing back-flips to show their caring for diversity, except they almost entirely leave out one group. (unless you are police or fire)

    Gosh, Bonta, Guillen, and Young.

    Guillen has been quiet in terms of mailers.
    I wonder why? Out of money? Decided my area isn't worth mailing to my area.

    Guillen is out.
    So its Bonta or Young.
    Bonta, married, stable, played soccer in college.

    Sounds more like he would hold similar values.
    I mean, we've got to decide based on something, right? And we get nothing on the issues in the mailers.
    So its probably Bonta. I just wish he'd include someone who looks like me in one of his mailers.


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