NADIA LOCKYER | Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer’s court date seeking a restraining order against her former lover Steve Chikhani came and went a second time last week. No future court date has been scheduled.

Chikhani told The Citizen this week he has yet to be served with court papers concerning Lockyer’s allegations that he repeatedly contacted her home and her young son. Lockyer also alleged associates of Chikhani, one named “Tiny,” had previously threatened her. The past hearing was scheduled for June 14 after being rescheduled last month.

In an email, Chikhani said he is in the dark pertaining to the Lockyer’s latest legal moves. However, he received an unidentified phone call from a person he later discerned was an investigator for the Lockyers. “He said Nadia was suppose to give him ideas of where I hang out, where I shop, what stores I like, friends, locations and bars I go to, but she couldn’t give clear answers and seemed to be hesitant or not helpful,” Chikhani said of the phone conversation.

In the meantime, Chikhani says he wants to be left alone and endeavors to have nothing to do with the Lockyers.