Hayashi Is Asking Local Officials To Endorse Her Likely Run For County Supervisor


ELECTION ‘12//ALCO SUPERVISOR | Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi is not only testing the waters for a run for Alameda County supervisor, but the licentious legislator is already calling local public officials around Hayward asking for their endorsements.

According to two well-connected Hayward politicos who have spoken with the unknown officials on Hayashi’s phone list, her interest in supervisor far more along than previously known. Another source, confirmed Hayashi have been making the rounds in search of support from multiple well-known officials. Her desire to be District 2 supervisor is “serious,” they said.

Hayashi’s accelerated interest, at this time, in running for the last two years of former Supervisor Nadia Lockyer’s first term is no surprise. Even though, Lockyer’s replacement, Richard Valle, was only appointed to the board last week, most observers believe the time is now for potential candidates to show their cards in this unusual and truncated special election season.

“I guess I can let the cat out of the bag,” Valle said last Tuesday, “Mary is running for supervisor.” He later said his information came from “a very good source that I trust.” Valle, who is also running for re-election in the fall says, if Hayashi were to defeat him, it is his understanding she will serve only two years and then run for state Sen. Ellen Corbett’s termed out seat in 2014.

Hayashi’s office did not respond for comment and has not spoken to the press or constituents since her Oct. 25, 2011 felony arrest for shoplifting $2,450 in clothing from Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. She eventually plead no contest to misdemeanor grand theft.

Outside of Valle and Hayashi, there is very little speculation over any other potential candidates in the Hayward, Union City, Newark area. One name that repeatedly comes up is Union City Mayor Mark Green, who has not yet made a determination about his political future. You might remember, Green suffered a double whammy on June 5 when he lost out for the appointment to the Board of Supervisor in the afternoon and suffered an electoral loss in his race for the 20th Assembly District seat later the same night. Green finished third to Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk and Jennifer Ong.

It is not known whether Green’s appetite for losing is still strong, however, most believe his entrance into a race for supervisor featuring Valle and Hayashi would be a death knell for Valle’s chances. Both hail from Union City and regardless of Green’s recent futility, he has shown a consistent ability to draw around 20 percent of the vote in each race. Said one East Bay insider: “If Mark gets in the race, Mary wins.”

32 thoughts on “Hayashi Is Asking Local Officials To Endorse Her Likely Run For County Supervisor

  1. This women has some serious issues…

    A Pet Health and Safety Clinic??…I wonder if she will allow questions from Pet Owners…or just the pets themselves.

    I have a question, “If my Pet has a Brain Tumor, should I avoid leaving him unattended in Pet Smart?”


  2. Only 14 shopping days until the filing opens for the District 2 Supervisors seat.

    July 16 through August 10th, for Mary to reveal her cards.

    Question is who else will be throwing their hat in?
    Valle, Hayashi, and who? Green?

    It has been 281 days since Mary Hayashi's felony grand theft arrest for shoplifting.

    In 281 days, she has not given one interview to the press. She has not held one town-hall meeting where a member of the public could ask one question.
    By the opening of filing, July 16th, Mary Hayashi will have gone through 600 days of her current term of office.
    This means that her 281 days of silence equals 47% of her time in office, thus far during this term.

    Imagine, a public representative, who refuses to face her public or the press for 47% of her term thus far.
    Further, imagine after doing that intensive “hiding” from the public, she then intends to ask that same public to give her their vote for an entirely new office.

    Your “representative” Mary Haysashi.

    On probation, on the ballot, one would guess at some point, she'll actually have to speak to the public, and to the press.

    Talking points, talking points, talking points.
    I'm sure precise, carefully tailored talking points are being crafted.


  3. Castro Valley residents and voters in AC District 2 need to tell this carpetbagger no way! She should NEVER AGAIN hold public office! Perhaps she and her carpetbagger husband can go elsewhere and try their ruse on those unsuspecting saps!


  4. By MW:

    If Hayashi wants to be on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, then she should try to obtain endorsements from the same type of characters who endorsed Nadia “The Extreme Drug Addict” Lockyer in her successful bid for a seat on the Board of Supervisors, in other words characters such as and similar to Bill Lockyer, Willie Brown, and Jerry Brown.

    Since the just previously named three characters definitely “knew” that Nadia Lockyer was extremely and highly qualified, therefore I am sure they could use the same type of “thinking” and “reasoning” to “prove” that Mary Hayashi is also extremely well qualified and definitely far and away the best candidate.


  5. Well, she certainly has the money. (Though it apparently can't be used “directly” in a bid for Supervisor) But she could channel heaps into other campaigns with the wink-wink, that everyone would then place a nearly equal amount into her Supervisor campaign account.

    As of her last filing January 31, she had the following in her two active accounts.

    #1.. HAYASHI DEMOCRAT FOR ASSEMBLY 2010, MARY (ID# 1313555) $545,069

    #2. HAYASHI FOR SENATE 2014, MARY (ID# 1336374)

    combined total funds as of January 31st= $827,626

    A article about Mary's future prospects said the following about her accounts for the period ending January 31, 2012
    “Added to that, Hayashi – sniffing out the seat recently vacated by controversial Alameda County Supervisor Nadia, was able to raise $31,850 out of $337,269 for a state senate run in the two months after the Oct. 28 alleged shoplifting. Her July 31 filing will reveal more as to whether the incident hurt her chances of running…”

    So Mary continued to raise money in the 2 months after her felony arrest and before finally taking a plea deal.

    In 5 weeks we'll be seeing how much she may have continued to raise. However, by then, she may have alread filed for Supervisor as the registar of voters will be allowing filing in mid July.

    Still pumping out the press releases as of today, Tuesday, June 26th.
    Check out the photo used.. Does she look like she is intending on laying low for 2 or more years?



  6. Thank you for the kind words above. To the commenter above, I really don't know exactly who Hayashi has spoken to about endorsements or whether they were impressed. Many have told me about her trolling recently. But,the best I got was this: “It's definitely people you know,” meaning, I suppose, she started at the top of the local East Bay food chain.

    I sure, at this point, that you will see her name on the November ballot.


  7. Way to go, 9:15 pm.
    Well thought out, and good points.
    We do need to get people engaged. And we need to start reaching out to the elected officials that you mentioned above, to make sure that they realize that we NOTICE their frequent appearances with Hayashi, and that there will be consequences if they choose to endorse her.


  8. It would be useful for both Mr. Tavares and the person who posted at 3:25 PM to give the rest of us a clearer picture of who Mary is talking to these days.

    Is she calling members of the central committees, city council persons, mayors, legislators, unions officers, public employee unions? What types?

    It might be good for anyone reading here to give a call to those types of contacts to “ahead of time” voice their disgust at the prospect of Mary running for a new office while still on 3 years probabtion.
    We often talk about the ignorant public, the silly voters who are uninvolved.
    But what about you? Have you taken the time to call some of these Alameda County people and organizations?

    The names of organizations have been posted here.
    Those who have been attending fundraisers at Mary's home.
    Those who have been appearing arm in arm with Mary at recent functions.

    You want a list? Will you contact them?
    Or just sit back and let her tell everyone that the public doesn't care.

    First, go to http://www.maryhayashi.com
    Her unofficial website. Look at the photos in the “events” link.
    Look at all her pals, arm in arm, smiles all around, all since her January sentencing.

    Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs Assoc. President
    Rep Pete Stark
    Ellen Corbett (warm arm around Mary)
    Fremont City council members
    Police Chief of Hayward.
    Darrell Steinberg (State Senate)
    Rep Mike Honda (singing karaoke with Mary)
    Rob Bonta (arm in arm, all smiles)

    The list is endless, go look. Call those folks..
    Tell them you find the thought of Mary running very disturbing.
    Or say nothing and just keep beefing here.

    Check out who was at Mary's house last Thursday.
    Hayward Firefighters Local 1909
    Assemblymember Fiona Ma
    Assemblymember Warren Furutani
    Assemblymember Nora Campos
    City Councilmember Sue Chan
    Vice Mayor Rob Bonta
    Kathy and Norm Wat
    California Dental Association
    UFCW Local 5
    CWA Local 9412

    Call them, tell them what you think, or allow them to think the public is too stupid to care.

    Mary probably actually believes everyone is willing to forgive her.
    Others may think she is right and hedge their bets, concerned that Mary may actually win and they'll have to deal with her.
    It is amazing that a women, arrested for a felony, and on probation for her crime, could intimidate these folks.

    It has been a solid 8 months since her arrest and the wimpy political types that pass for leaders in Alameda County have been so cautious that they can't even bring themselves to say anything bad about a office holder who gets in her car, drives to San Francisco, bag in hand, steals $2,500 worth of merchandise, caught on video, and then is arrested for felony grand theft.
    A women who has as her main photo when Googled, brings up her booking photo…
    But say anything negative about Mary? Oh no, we'd better be cautious and play more of the ever sickening Alameda County politics.

    What wimps.

    Now watch, that idiot poster will come back and say that anyone with such concerns, is unusually fixated on Mary Hayashi.
    About time for lots of citizens to become fixated on Mary Hayashi, before she ends up sitting on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

    Citizens should be angry at the thought of her even thinking about running for office, while still on 3 years probation.

    Or perhaps you agree with Mary that her felony arrest for Grand theft is no different that driving a little too fast.

    To quote Mary again from her only statement about her crime.

    “Losing track of how fast you are driving is no excuse for speeding. And losing track of clothing I was purchasing is no excuse for walking out of a store without paying”

    Our assembly-member is a admitted thief.
    Now, do you want our next Supervisor to also be a thief? Wouldn't that be a grand replacement for Nadia Lockyer?


  9. I agree with all the comments above, this woman should just go away. However, I predict she'll win in November, because that's just the way it is around here. She'll buy the election just like Valle's predecessor, and there's enough voters that either won't care, won't remember (or won't even know) about what she did.


  10. Mr. Tavares, I want to sincerely thank you for keeping news of Mary Hayashi at the forefront of everyone's minds.

    Hayashi has been going around talking to insiders about her polling numbers, bragging about the fact that most haven't heard about her “alleged” issues with the law, or they don't remember it. She's banking on the fact that people weren't paying attention – or that they will forget.

    And to remind people, well that will take money. Valle will have to raise his own name ID first before he can even start to think about hitting Mary. That means that it is possible that she can swoop in with hundreds of thousands of dollars and steal the show. Valle may stumble trying to keep up.

    It's important to re-elect Richard V. But that means reminding voters why Mary Hayashi is a toxic woman who is unfit to serve, that may fall onto the shoulders of local activists and hopefully an engaged media presence.

    For now, I want to thank you for having the courage to continue to keep relevant news in the headlines.


  11. The November Alameda County supervisorial race for District 2 is winner takes all. If Hayashi gets enough of her friends to run, she can win 18% and take her seat between Haggerty and Miley on the Board of Supervisors.


  12. A few nice quotes from early January 2012.

    #1), (the day of sentencing, leaving the court room, Mary's lawyer speaking to the reporters about the purported “brain tumor” he had just, for the first time, revealed to the public)

    “the medical condition contributed to her actions,
    There is NO OTHER REASON she would have taken the merchandise”

    #2). Later that afternoon, Mary's hired-gun crisis public relations pro, Sam Singer, sends ABC7 the following email.

    The brain tumor “did NOT PLAY A ROLE in her forgetfullness and distraction in accidently walking out”

    #3), 3 days later, Mary issues her only press release. (before or since arrest)

    “There were a number of personal factors that led to the situation where I made this absentminded error. My medical condition MAY HAVE CONTRIBUTED to the situation”

    So, take your choice. She'll be very happy to have the gullible believe the least offensive version of the story.
    BTW, neither the prosecutor, the judge, the court, the press, or the public, has ever seen one single piece of documentation to suggest Mary Hayashi has a brain tumor, or that such a brain tumor is of the type it would affect her judgement or actions.
    We have ONLY the brief words of her lawyer and PR man. I'm sure they wouldn't lie or mislead.

    In answer to the post that asked about a runoff.
    This is a special election, NO runoff.
    You only need a purality of the votes.

    Depending on who runs, you could win with 25% to 35% of the vote. You don't need to fool 50.1% of the voters.


  13. she must think us voters are very stupid and dont remeber what she did. dont even think about mailing some stupid potholder to my house too. are her propaganda election mailers that say vote for mary going to be using her mugshot as her headshot. i would rather handwrite my vote dark lord of the sith palpatine before i ever vote for her


  14. Is the November election a winner takes all? Or is there a runoff after the top two are selected?


  15. Mary has many little lambs, little lambs, Mary has many little lambs, and where she goes they will follow. Any local elected official that supports her should have his/her ethics questioned as well.


  16. How does she think she's going to run without facing her constituents? If she comes knocking on my door, I'm hiding the good silverware.


  17. This lady is crazy but the EBCitizen lives with crazy shit like this and why not, we need to get entertained for this November election. I predict that she will loose big time.


  18. 9:14 – no matter what she tries to hit them with ——-nothing will be as damaging has her MUGSHOT.
    Case closed.


  19. Get ready for the dirtiest campaign ever to hit Alameda County! Mary is gonna hit back hard! Be prepared Valle and Green! She is gonna bring up any and all dirt on them. And sounds like Valle will fire back.


  20. 8:35 pm – can't do that. There is a connection. Jennifer is Mary's horse in the race in the 20th District. And if you follow the money, you will see that the same special interests support them both. That says a lot, and that's a problem, whether you see it as one or not. Saying “NO” to one, means saying “NO” to both.


  21. If you start mixing your NO regarding Mary Hayashi with other candidates you don't like, you will destroy your moral position. Leave all other candidates, for other offices, out of this issue.
    Have a little self control or you'll shoot yourself in the foot, thereby allowing Mary to portray herself as being politically attacked.


  22. DON'T FORGET – the same special interests that support Mary Hayashi, are the same special interests that support Jennifer Ong. Say NO to both!


  23. This woman is unfit for public office.
    Neiman Marcus has a RESTRAINING ORDER against this wacko! It's time for our local residents to stand together and say, “NO WAY! WE WILL NOT SUPPORT MARY HAYASHI!!”
    There has to be a coordinated and consistent message from our residents. This woman has no morals, no standards, and no respect.
    Mr. Tavares, thank you for keeping this issue on the forefront of people's minds.
    She is banking on the fact that people have short term memory in politics.
    We cannot forget: Mary Hayashi is a LIAR. Mary Hayashi is a THIEF. Mary Hayashi is a DISGRACE.


  24. It is official, the woman is out of her mind! I want to see the full diagnostic workup done by a licensed neurologist but since one does not exist (hey, that “diagnosis” was never entered into the court record, having only been brought up on the steps of the courthouse AFTER her plea deal, follow the immutable point) that won't be possible. I intend to dog this woman's every move until she shuts the gates at her house, sits down and shuts the fuck up!


  25. Oh…this will be quite a spectacle.

    Should be fun to watch those Castro Valley Journalism students pull out their notebooks at Mary's first public meeting and start asking questions.

    “Ms. Hayashi…how's that brain tumor doing?” “Any potential for a relapse?”

    “Ms. Hayashi…any thoughts on staffing your campaign with convicts from Santa Rita…ALCO would greatly appreciate your help in reducing their inmate population?”


  26. By MW:

    She should formally apply for the position in the exact same way ordinary people apply for regular jobs. In other words, she should submit a resume and attach to it a letter of recommendation and character reference, and in her case from those who know her best, specifically the loss prevention personnel at Neiman Marcus.


  27. 6:40 PM, and as we speak, at her very own home in a gated Hayward enclave, Mary is hosting the local political establishment to fund raise. Supposedly for Speaker Perez and assembly member Paul Fong.

    $1,000 each for those that attend.
    Obviously this is the side of politics that leaves out the common citizen.

    Later, when Mary files for supervisor, the favor will be returned as Speaker Perez puts the hand on his sources to fund Mary.

    Meanwhile the typical district resident, who thought there was no need to chase Mary from office since she was termed out, is in for a rude shock when they see Mary file for office in a few weeks. She's BACK… In fact she never left, but only went underground.

    On the small chance that anyone reading here attended that affair at Mary's, how about a report.
    Who was there etc etc.


  28. I think she will make a great supervisor. I think Miley and Carson needs to understand that she will not be bullied like Chan and Valle.


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