ELECTION ’12//ALAMEDA COUNTY | Last Friday, just days before the first day for potential candidates to officially declare their intent to run for elections this November, resurgent Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi filed a statement of organization with the Alameda County registrar signalling the clearly evidence yet that she intends to run for county supervisor.

The “Hayashi for Supervisor 2012” campaign committee was filed July 13 and lists an Angeleno David Gould as its treasurer. Potential candidates are required by state law to file a “Statement of Organization Recipient Committee” once the campaign begins receiving contributions greater than $1,000.

Although the existence of the statement of organization does not prove the embattled Hayashi, who plead no contest to misdemeanor grand theft last February, will running for District 2 seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, the filing adds more credence to its likelihood. As reported in The Citizen in June, Hayashi has been making the rounds among her local and Sacramento contacts in search of support from local politicians.

Hayashi and other politicians seeking office in Alameda County this November can make their interests official starting today, July 16.

Union City Mark Green is another possible candidate for county supervisor who has not been shy about telling residents in District 2 that, he too, will run for the seat currently held by the recently-appointed Richard Valle. Green filed a statement of organization earlier this month, according to the Alameda County Registrar.