Report: Bill Lockyer To Divorce Troubled Ex-Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer

ALAMEDA COUNTY | California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer filed for divorce from his wife, former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer last week, reported the San Francisco Chronicle. In the wake of a highly-publicized drug and sex scandal which led to the the resignation of Nadia Lockyer in April, the 71-year-old Bill Lockyer cited “irreconcilable difference” as the reason for the divorce and is seeking joint custody of their young son, the paper reported Monday afternoon.

Separately, KCBS is reporting the impetus for the divorce papers may have stemmed from Nadia allegedly crashing her car near the families home in Hayward. “CA Treasurer Lockyer filed for divorce Fri after wife Nadia crashed her car outside their home,” tweeted KCBS’ Doug Sovern Monday afternoon. The radio station then offered a clarification later in the day. “Now we’re told divorce papers may have been filed earlier in the day Fri, before she crashed her car,” tweeted Sovern.


The mental health of Nadia Lockyer in the months after she resigned from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors has been the subject of rumor and innuendo around political circles in the Hayward area. Some cite a particularly troubling message Nadia Lockyer posted on Facebook last June 26 as reason for concern. The posting offered congratulations to her newly-appointed successor, Richard Valle, but continued with a lengthy and somewhat paranoid plea for help in pinpointing the source of alleged “hackers” into her various media accounts. Lockyer previously alleged in Superior Court that her ex-boyfriend Steve Chikhani was harrassing her. She filed a temporary restraining order against Chikhani, but never acted upon it.

Today, at the same time, I was reminded all too clearly about one of the reasons I resigned as Supervisor. I believed it would put an end to the harassment and online slander that Steve Chikhani was putting me through. Unfortunately, today he struck again.

I need your help to put an end to these emotional and psychological assaults. He and his friends (Sean, Grace, DJ, Lacey and others) 1) wrongfully accessed my Yahoo email (the same one my Facebook account is linked to), 2) fraudulently created a IM and impersonated me (Gracie pretends to be online and on the phone), 3) sent out personal information about me; 4) sent hurtful emails to a friend, again fraudulently impersonating me, and most recently just today, 5) locked Bill and I out of our home computer, 6) wrongfully accessed a very old AOL account I had connected to Bill’s AOL, 7) did the same thing he did on Yahoo to this old AOL account of mine – wrongfully and fraudulently created an IM and is now impersonating me, along with his friend.

The horrifying reality is we discovered he has been doing this since last October. I have changed my Yahoo password and/or account over 10 times since January, having received various notices from Yahoo that there was “suspicious activity” on my account, including last Thursday, and we were locked out of our home computer earlier today.

He obviously believes that if his criminal slander is sent out from one of my devices it can’t be traced back to him, or them. You and I know they are wrong. We have professionals working on this stuff. Yahoo, AOL, Verizon, and AT&T are on it – but it just takes time. And time can bring anxiety, nightmares, and emotional pain when another is impersonating you in a horrible way.

I realize that this may be a lot of information to give all of you. And I realize that everyone is probably tired of hearing about this, but I couldn’t carry the pain and horror of what this harassment does to me all alone another second tonight. I have learned in recovery that my greatest weapon is to reach out to others when this happens. So here I am.

In a recent conversation with The Citizen, Chikhani denies ever hacking into Lockyer’s phone and alleges the Lockyer’s are, instead, harrassing him.

UPDATE-3:30pm: KCBS reports Nadia Lockyer’s Mini Cooper was badly damaged last Friday, according to the Hayward PD, after making an unsafe turn while talking on her cellphone and crashing into a light pole. Police say she was not under the influence of alcohol and was not tested.

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48 replies

  1. Somebody finally came to their senses. I wonder if this is too little too late for both of their political careers.

    Good riddens to both Lockyers. Please go back and hide under a rock and take Mary Hayashi along with Greg Jones and Anna May with you.


  2. I wonder if Nadia and Bill could cite the same defense like Hayashi and claim a brain tumor or maybe all this time when they had troubles in their family lives they were talking on the cell phone.

    You know, maybe that is it..they were always on the cell phone. Let us all forgive all politicians for their misgivings as they were all on the cell phone at the time.


  3. Very funny

    Bill Lockyer makes history. Becomes the first 71-year-old man to ever divorce a 41-year-old woman.


  4. By MW:

    If an ordinary Tom, Dick, or Harry – and rather than a bigshot and/or someone connected to a bigshot – had been in a similar car accident, most likely law enforcement would have tested the driver for drugs and alcohol.

    However since she is a bigshot and connected, she was not tested for drugs and alcohol, and just as Carole Midgden wasn't, and even though Migden put on one of the worst demonstrations of erratic and insane driving of all time.

    And still furthermore considering Nadia's past history of alcoholism, drug abuse, and non-stop and continuous lying, that was all the more reason to test her for drugs and alcohol immediately after this car accident.


  5. To MW:

    Though she may not have been tested for drugs and alcohol…you must admit…Karma struck hard on Friday.

    Though I was not at the scene of the accident…I can easily picture the cops laughing at how far this “former connect bigshot” has fallen from grace!!

    Nadia will need years…and I mean many years of professional help before she will ever be considered a stable individual again.

    MW, Let her go in peace now and face her demons. That unto itself is more punishment then any words can express.


  6. I hear Kaiser's drug rehab programs are filling up dudes looking to meet Nadia now that's she's single again.


  7. I guess Bill Lockyer just proved beyond a reasonable doubt that marriages are never good investments…in this case, to the tune of $1.7 million!!

    Adding insult to injury…the $1.7 million was not Bill's…it was from Bill's friends and associates who trusted him to invest it wisely…

    Damn…I wonder how Bill's been investing Taxpayer Funds while serving as Treasurer??


  8. By MW:

    If it was really handled properly, the “child” custody battle could get extremely interesting.

    Since Bill is in his second childhood. And Nadia – and with her non-stop lies, everchanging stories, overactive imagination, and hallucinations and delusions – acts even far sillier than most five year old children.

    So it's very likely that eight year old Diego is the most mature and sensible person in that family of three.

    So perhaps Diego could be given custody, and therefore placed in charge of monitoring and supervising Bill and Nadia.


  9. Let's have some compassion here. Addiction is not a character flaw, it is a complex disease that is resistant to treatment and subject to relapse. Addiction is not a way to feel better, it is a way to numb pain, a way to escape. I realize that is a fine line distinction but it is an important one. I've been through divorce. It is hell on steroids – life crumbles to it's very base and then rebuilding begins. No matter how it happened Bill and Nadia deserve support, encouragement and friends as they start life all over again. Nadia especially needs that support not just as she deals with divorce but as she walks her steps in recovery. Cindy Corrello Hilke


  10. when Nadia first ran for Supervisor, I remember thinking “what exactly are her qualifications?” She had none. She had connections. She had the right friends. She was good looking. Wake up folks. Is this the kind of governance you really want?


  11. BY MW:

    To Kalifornia Kafir,

    This is California, in other words the world's capital for worshipping surface charm and not giving even half a hoot about real and actual substance. And still furthermore, the Bay area is the most extreme section in all of California when it comes to worshipping surface charm and not caring even in the slightest about actual substance.

    That is the real and actual reason why Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, picked the Bay araa, and out of all of the areas in the entire US, to create a large organization based on lies, fraud, con man games, and surface charm. In other words in places primarily populated by people “less intelligent,” “less sophisticated,” and less “educated” than the type of people who predominate in the Bay area, Jim Jones would have been instantly recognized for the con man, demagogue, and charlatan he was.

    So Nadia Lockyer was merely the latest phony and empty suit for Bay area people to make a hero out of.


  12. Excuses and compassion…no accountability and only enabling. The real addiction that hasn't been talked about relative to this mess is the addiction to POWER that politics and our political process breeds. When anyone spends over a million dollars to win a local election the motivation needs to be questioned. Follow the money.


  13. So I take it you agree that the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision was terrible for our Nation's political culture?


  14. By MW:

    Law enforcement is probably waiting until Nadia Lockyer, and while drunk and/or drugs, kills someone in a future car accient before testing her for drugs and alcohol.

    Also, and since she is almost certainly still on drugs, she was probably over the last few months stopped repeatedly for erratic driving, but not given a ticket since she is a bigshot and Bill Lockyer is an extreme bigshot.

    However since there was significant property damage when she hit both a tree and a pole and also did considerable damage to her car, agues law enforcement assumed this one was too big to try to cover up and not make out a report on.

    And as far as her statement that she has now been sober for two hundred days, while it might be technically true, that still does not mean that the statement was not crafted by some sleazy lawyer so as to mislead and deceive.

    For example, has she been sober for two hundred consecutive days, or on the other hand merely sober for two hundred days out of the last twenty years, in other words out of approx 7,300 days!!!

    And maybe she normally consumes her illegal drugs only between 5PM and 3AM, so that she only considers herself to be under the effects of illegal drugs in the evening but not during the day.


  15. MW,

    The women is a freak'n mess…you can speculate all you want…is it truly going to change her?

    Now that she is no longer a public servant, shouldn't we focus on her husband (oops former husband) who is still a public official!!

    Bill has a closet full of unanswered questions…I personally am very interested in what might be in that closet…supplying drugs, abuse of power (ie…O'Malley or his security detail), etc…


  16. So, is Nadia Lockyer available to date? I like easy women. I believe she is 420 friendly. Anyone know if she is in eHarmony or Match?


  17. By MW:

    Back in the early 1970's Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich, and who were both pitchers on the New York Yankees, traded wives.

    I would hate to think that those stupid, unsophisticated, and backward people from the East coast could outdo us sophisticated and trendsetting Bay area people when it comes to goofiness and running a three ring circus. So therefore I would like to propose that Ross Mirkarimi marry Nadia Lockyer and Bill Lockyer marry Mirkarimi's wife.

    And maybe to complete the circus, Mary Hayashi could marry some guy who owns a company that specializes in providing security guards to luxury department stores.

    In fact, I cannot figure out why anybody in the Bay area spends the money to have cable TV, since our local politicians provide much better comedy and entertainment than anything Hollywood could ever produce.


  18. It's amazing how free people are with opinions when they can hide behind the title “Anonymous”. I hope and pray non of you fall from grace and have your fall published for your friends, children, mothers, fathers, and the rest of the world to see. Yes, this story is interesting however, one half of this story is no longer a public officer. One half of this story is a mother who quit her job to focus on her sobriety, her child, and her future. She is a person who made a mistake and lied about it. We've all lied at one time or another.

    The pictures published on this website are very grainy and appear suspiciously altered. It's in poor taste and probably illegal to post them under the guise they are Nadia. This girl has been victimized enough by addicts, her husband, and the press. I truly feel it's commendable for a person to admit her faults, quit her job willingly, and focus on her health and her child. I know a lot of people like Mirkarimi who are found guilty of a crime yet refuse to do the right thing. He would rather admit to his crime, then deny it, then force tax payers to pay for his court costs.

    Yeah, Nadia may have lied about things which embarrassed her, but she never lied when she said she would do whats right for Alameda County and her child.

    I praise Nadia for standing up and admitting she needed help. I bet she would have stood up a long time ago had her Bill Lockyer allowed it.

    BTW- How does a multi-millionair politician have the stones to request SUPPORT from his unemployed wife who is in treatment??? Maybe he is the one who really needs a 12 step program.

    Good luck Nadia. If I were you I'd hire someone to sue this crappy WordPress excuse for news!


  19. to 3:51. I would like to have the experience to fall from grace with a few million dollars in my pocket.

    Also, I would smile on command for dollars too while being video taped.

    So she was not political material. Oh well…
    The culprit is always the victim. Funny.

    The real victim here is her son and the community that voted her.


  20. The above post is interesting in its many contradictions and positions. I personally agree with the idea it is time to let Nadia fade away. She is no longer a public figure and has been hammered by Karma.

    I however completely disagree with the idea Nadia has been a victim of anybody but herself! Not a shred of evidence has been provided that the physical harm she blamed others for, was not staged or self-inflicted to deflect responsibility for her own stupidity.

    Further, she only admitted responsibility AFTER lying and misleading the public for over two years(her problems pre-existed her election to BOS)…and perhaps many more years if her allegations about drugs from her husband is proven true. And by no means did she stand-up and accept responsibility and resign…it took the force of multiple media investigations, sex-tapes and a clear failure to do her job (missed BOS meeting while visiting BF in Jail) to lead to resignation.

    It is shocking that you attack Mr. Taveres, as he appeared to be the ONLY “news” source that detected a problem with Nadia well before she was elected. Perhaps if more free lance “news sources” were as aggressive as Mr. Taveres, people like Nadia and her low life husband would never get into a position of officially representing anybody.

    Nadia should have NEVER been elected to the BOS…it was her husband's $1.7million that duped the public into voting for her. Face it…she was unfit for the job before she was elected!

    P.S. I doubt mother's in the Bay Area would support Nadia taking her 8 year son to a motel in the middle of the night to meet with your boyfriend/drug supplier. Nothing can be said to explain that away!!


  21. fyi…6:16 is addressing the posting by 3:51, NOT the posting by 5:58.


  22. Clearly 3:51 is one of the local Dems who supported Nadia thru thick and thin

    maybe you were the one who drove her while she was a Supervisor in 2011 to Milpitas ON COUNTY TIME WHILE THE COUNTY BUDGET WAS BEING DISCUSSED to go bang her boyfriend in the Santa Clara County Jail.

    Nadia is no saint. She clearly made choices. in the aforementinoned case, she decided to shun her business as a county elected official to disguise herself as her bf's lawyer so they could have some conjugal visits.


  23. Tavares is a brave man for giving us the only political news of the east bay. The Chronicle and the Argus type papers (Daily Review, Oakland TRibune, etc,.) are afraid to give us the insider news in our area. Those so called newspapers are a joke compared to what the ebcitizen is doing. Keep up the good work Tavares.


  24. 7:33, I agree, the East Bay needs more discussion and there is a need for more exposure of what political office holders are doing. Err on the side of going over the line, rather than being so polite that everyone pulls their punches.

    We cannot count on any form of self correction or self policing from the insider political crowd who are more concerned about staying on the good side of the elected princes and princesses than in exposing wrong doing.

    We have good examples.
    Nadia Lockyer was forced out of office, only when the pressure got extreme. Had everyone just dismissed the antics, she'd still be serving and everyone would be obeying the rules, saying nothing bad.

    On the other hand, we see what happens if you let up the pressure. Someone like Mary Hayashi takes that as a opening to run with ball as though nothing was amiss.

    Where are those in the East Bay political circles who have said word one, that Mary did anything bad?


  25. Tavares is a bald puggy viagra poster boy who sleeps with a tubesock and picture of Nadia next to his bed. He was rejected by all major newspapers and now manages this site which is two steps up from Steve, you have skeletons too….

    If Nadia is a “empty suit”, as you say- Then you must be pretty desperate writing about her. Focus your audience of 10 on the facts..We have Perez Hilton for this crap.


  26. 10:13 is half right. Tavares is bisexual so he probably has a picture of Nadia and Gavin!


  27. Funny so many folks attack Tavares but he raised the flags about Nadia along time ago.

    Imagine what Big Bill could have done with that 1.7 million in campaign funds he spent on Nadia's campaign. he could have donated that sum into District 2's community based organizations. Instead we got Nadia. and now possibly Mary as the eventual Supervisor.

    reap what you sow i suppose


  28. Speaking of Mary as Supervisor, a question about Mary as Assembly-member.

    Has anyone gotten a mailer about her Senior Health Fair to be held this Friday the 27th in Hayward.

    Back to the issue of where she is sending mailers, now that she has filed her intention to run for the District 2 seat.

    If you've received a mailer, let us know.

    Thus far, as of Saturday, I've not gotten one in the north of her assembly district.

    How about you. When did you get one and where?
    Or if you are in her assembly district, but didn't get one, where do you live?

    Here is the text—-

    Senior Health Fair
    Assemblymember Mary Hayashi is hosting her 3rd Annual Senior Health Fair on Friday, July 27, from 10:00 a.m. to
    12:00 p.m. at the Weekes Park Community Center in Hayward. This free fair provides an opportunity to access important
    health screenings and information about senior healthcare services available in the community.
    What: Senior Health Fair
    When: Friday, July 27, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
    Where: Weekes Park Community Center, 27182 Patrick Avenue, Hayward
    Advance reservations are required—please contact the district office at (510) 583-8818.
    Public Transportation Available: From South Hayward BART station, transfer to AC Transit Bus 37.


  29. I agree with the general population here. Bill Lockyer is the real idiot.. its time for Nadia to fade away… Pictures, videos, and emails too. Her child deserves that..


  30. Tavares is the man. If it was not because of him there would have been little to no media coverage on all of our idiot politicians.

    I am glad he provided more info on:

    Mary Hayashi-shoplifting arrest and her misuse of power and her rental property to other political friends. Her bid to run for county sup. ha ha ha..let's not forget her mug shot.

    Nadia Lockyer – drug addict, incompetent, bought election with lots of money from her hubby Bill Lockyer. Two very mentally sick people.

    Jennifer Ong- very disappointing dumb wanna be politician and lots of money from Hayashi donors and other alike special interest groups. She is very incompetent. So sad her access to lots of money reminds me of Nadia's money.

    Greg Jones and Anna May – These two need therapy. They persist with at the time and maybe now with conflict of interest, immorality, dishonest people, incompetent, wimpy, negligent. How many times were there any complaints at city hall at the time Jones was city manager?

    Young – his violence spats, idiot liar, and complete incompetence.

    Hooray for Tavares!! keep on doing what you are doing. I read your stuff before I even open the new york times or the chronicle.

    We need Tavares for our local politics.


  31. Hey 2:40, I mean Steve-

    Way to suck your own Robert. Slightly pathetic.. Post your BS resume that got you turned down by reputable publications. If anything you're a good target at the games . Yeah, we are the ones who threw stuff at you, and watched you drink the ants that crawled into your drink.

    You're a little man, but a big joke. True, not as big as those listed in your post above, but a joke indeed.

    See you at the next game buddy.


  32. oh oh sounds like Tavares has enemies. For me I agree with 2:40. Keep it up Tavares I like your work too.


  33. I enjoy this site but it has become tabloid like. Steve, don't throw stones in a glass house. Be a true reporter and stay impartial. Don't use this forum for personal gain. Be nice or someone might post naked pictures of that ugly thing you sleep with. Your wife too.


  34. 9:09 confuses proactive journalism with impartiality. So the thought is to not report if it will make those politicians that somebody likes look bad. Hmmm bad idea.

    I say Tavares, I'm with 7:36 keep reporting no matter what. Even if you have enemies. One thing for sure, you have balls to do what you are doing to report the ugly truth.

    I think Tavares has been very proactive on reporting what should have been reporting and some people just don't like the truth.

    Keep writing Tavares we will read it. Ignore the trolls from Lockeyrs, Hayashi, Jones and May, Ong and any others which the truth has not paint them well when the story is out.

    Keep going Tavares.


  35. To 9:09,

    You are a sick/twisted person…to threaten a reporter to “be nice or” else you will go after his family…is a mofia type form of extortion.

    9:09's post reflects the lengths to which politicians and their supporters will go to silence the truth and depths of corruption in ALCO.

    Steve, I suggest you send the “IP” address from 9:09's posting to the SF Office of the FBI. You have the legal right to Free Speech without fear of retaliation or harm to friends or family.


  36. We Love Tavers work…more truth on the corrupt sleaze bags on in politics.


  37. Hey Tavares – First, I am sorry you have the same first name as the psychotic con-artist who violently assaulted Nadia (the damn police report and kaiser concussion are proof she is the victim of a kamala harris political and unjust decision). Second, do your f__king research dude…how the hell do you sleep at night? “she never acted upon it” you say – court documents show “no show” wimpy ass chikhani had been evading service for months even disgustingly posting on his facebook page he was hiding in his “man cave.” 2 private investigators and more months of living hell later, he was served last thursday and how? it took a fricken judge to issue a warrant for his arrest. what the hell happened to alameda county being the godmother of victims rights? oh yeah, nadia no longer leads to family justice center – a HUGE loss to this county. Third, PREPARE YOURSELF – the hearing on the TRO is next Thursday. You and the other shameful press are gonna look like fools in the ice poll…conned by the psychotic! Nadia is not a victim of addiction, she is the victim of a violent assault, her dedication to victims rights, a political decision not to prosecute, and the idiots like you who care more about crucifying brains when they meet beauty rather than violence, evil, and the sick tortured pain she's been put through.


  38. Above posting of trying to kill the messenger. Tavares just keep writing buddy and we will keep on reading.


  39. To 8:46pm

    We are looking forward to the TRO hearing…I suspect Chikhani is going to have some surprises for the public and press to bit into.

    Who's the “con-artist” here? I would say the facts point to Nadia!!

    Nadia's a fool if she follows through with it. She continues to point blame for her problems on others and is blind to her own (serious) instability.

    BTW, can you (8:46pm) show us (the public) Nadia's (and for the fact Mary Hayashi) medical records. You state you've seen them!


  40. P.S.,

    8:46pm…do you really believe Ms. Lockyer “brains” have been crucified by the press?

    If so, you may need your brain checked! The fact is her actions, judgement and decision making were crucified…which leads to the question…what if any part of her brain was or is she using?

    Clearly her (ex) husband no longer has faith in her ability to right her sinking ship.

    From a P.R. perspective…the best thing for Nadia would be to stay out of the public eye and find a place close to her family (Socal) to recover from her addictions and get mentally healthy.


  41. July 28, 2012 8:46 PM Reply

    “oh yeah, nadia no longer leads to family justice center – a HUGE loss to this county”

    Hold on there. The reason Nadia is no longer leading the family justice center is because she ran for Supervisor, a job she was entirely unfit for.

    So tell me, WHO is to blame for her quiting that job to run for supervior? Well? She made that choice, or are you gonna blame that on Tarvares as well.


  42. 9:25- You're stupid.


  43. I don't think Nadia will look as dumb as you think. There are pictures circulating of Chikhani sniffing a pair of panties, naked playing the guitar, looking like a retard taking pictures of himself in the mirror, and smoking drugs. He will look like a fool. It also looks bad taking pictures of women who appear to be passed out and unable to give consent.

    Just sayin….


  44. Sorry… Also a bunch of pathetic notes.. Interesting reading.. Yeah, I'll be shocked if his rehab facility allows him out for court. Maybe he'll fake another wrist slit or eye injury. What a loser. Be glad you had Nadia for the time you did! The closest you'll get to someone who looks like her are the pictures your cellmate put on the wall.


  45. This is Steve Chikhani

    I heard about her posting from many people. I did not read it because I just want to get this past me and get on with my life. The four people Nadia mentions are people that are not in my life. In fact, DJ and Gracie? I don't know even know who they are. Sean and Lacy are my old room mates. But with them I rarely talk to them and I never see them.

    Nadia has gone off the deep end again!!! She is so messed up from the amount of meth she is smoking and could be injecting it with needles based on the type of people she chooses to associate with in San Jose. I had to be in court on Thursday re her restraining order. When I walked in, I took one look at her and could not believe what I saw. This person used to have such striking beauty that radiated from her. The person I saw on Thursday was a junkie. She was so thin, She probably weighed 90 lbs and she is almost 5'9″. Her hair was thinning on the top, her cheeks protruded because her face was sucked in and she tried to wear a sexy but professional dress with heels, but her legs were like 2 long pencils with bruises all over them. She was nasty looking. Thats putting it lightly. I could not believe how gross she became. Who ever is in her life supplying her with drugs, you need to wake up and see what you caused. Yes I take responsibility for what my part is in her life, but I never would have let her get to the condition she is in today. Who ever you are, you are a piece of shit. Her son is so innocent and yet his mom is slowly killing herself. Burt it seems like she is picking up the pace and you're helping her reach that end as fast as possible.


  46. This is Steve Chikhanbi again

    I just read the comments. I pick out easily which posts are Nadia herself. The one about “wimpy ass Chikhani” is Nadia. She is so careless with her emotional outbursts. A judge can not issue an arrest warrant for not finding someone to serve them papers. Stupid is the only word I can think of. I went into court and asked for a 4 week continuance. I explained the reasons why I needed 4 weeks. Nadia let her crazy accusations fly around the court room. Everything she said about me were lies and she still cant realize how easily they can be proven to be false. Is it a crime to file a restraining order and submit it filled with statements that are knowingly false? Can she be brought up on charges if she is under oath and makes the statements and I prove that she is lying?

    Oh BTW – those pics are Nadias panties and I sent those pics to her when she was in Hawaii last summer telling her how much I missed her. She liked them. Naked playing guitar? Shirtless but thats it. And who cares? Don't most people have private cheesy pics they send to the person that they are in love with at that moment. Is that all she can get on me? WOW thats really going to make me feel ashamed of myself? Yeah Right


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