Report: Bill Lockyer To Divorce Troubled Ex-Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer

ALAMEDA COUNTY | California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer filed for divorce from his wife, former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer last week, reported the San Francisco Chronicle. In the wake of a highly-publicized drug and sex scandal which led to the the resignation of Nadia Lockyer in April, the 71-year-old Bill Lockyer cited “irreconcilable difference” as the reason for the divorce and is seeking joint custody of their young son, the paper reported Monday afternoon.

Separately, KCBS is reporting the impetus for the divorce papers may have stemmed from Nadia allegedly crashing her car near the families home in Hayward. “CA Treasurer Lockyer filed for divorce Fri after wife Nadia crashed her car outside their home,” tweeted KCBS’ Doug Sovern Monday afternoon. The radio station then offered a clarification later in the day. “Now we’re told divorce papers may have been filed earlier in the day Fri, before she crashed her car,” tweeted Sovern.


The mental health of Nadia Lockyer in the months after she resigned from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors has been the subject of rumor and innuendo around political circles in the Hayward area. Some cite a particularly troubling message Nadia Lockyer posted on Facebook last June 26 as reason for concern. The posting offered congratulations to her newly-appointed successor, Richard Valle, but continued with a lengthy and somewhat paranoid plea for help in pinpointing the source of alleged “hackers” into her various media accounts. Lockyer previously alleged in Superior Court that her ex-boyfriend Steve Chikhani was harrassing her. She filed a temporary restraining order against Chikhani, but never acted upon it.

Today, at the same time, I was reminded all too clearly about one of the reasons I resigned as Supervisor. I believed it would put an end to the harassment and online slander that Steve Chikhani was putting me through. Unfortunately, today he struck again.

I need your help to put an end to these emotional and psychological assaults. He and his friends (Sean, Grace, DJ, Lacey and others) 1) wrongfully accessed my Yahoo email (the same one my Facebook account is linked to), 2) fraudulently created a IM and impersonated me (Gracie pretends to be online and on the phone), 3) sent out personal information about me; 4) sent hurtful emails to a friend, again fraudulently impersonating me, and most recently just today, 5) locked Bill and I out of our home computer, 6) wrongfully accessed a very old AOL account I had connected to Bill’s AOL, 7) did the same thing he did on Yahoo to this old AOL account of mine – wrongfully and fraudulently created an IM and is now impersonating me, along with his friend.

The horrifying reality is we discovered he has been doing this since last October. I have changed my Yahoo password and/or account over 10 times since January, having received various notices from Yahoo that there was “suspicious activity” on my account, including last Thursday, and we were locked out of our home computer earlier today.

He obviously believes that if his criminal slander is sent out from one of my devices it can’t be traced back to him, or them. You and I know they are wrong. We have professionals working on this stuff. Yahoo, AOL, Verizon, and AT&T are on it – but it just takes time. And time can bring anxiety, nightmares, and emotional pain when another is impersonating you in a horrible way.

I realize that this may be a lot of information to give all of you. And I realize that everyone is probably tired of hearing about this, but I couldn’t carry the pain and horror of what this harassment does to me all alone another second tonight. I have learned in recovery that my greatest weapon is to reach out to others when this happens. So here I am.

In a recent conversation with The Citizen, Chikhani denies ever hacking into Lockyer’s phone and alleges the Lockyer’s are, instead, harrassing him.

UPDATE-3:30pm: KCBS reports Nadia Lockyer’s Mini Cooper was badly damaged last Friday, according to the Hayward PD, after making an unsafe turn while talking on her cellphone and crashing into a light pole. Police say she was not under the influence of alcohol and was not tested.