ELECTION ‘12//ASSEMBLY | Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi’s reign of terror in Sacramento is nearly its climax, but not without the convicted shoplifter going out in a blaze of glory.

According to sources in the Capitol, Hayashi went ballistic following a blistering rebuke meted out against her two weeks ago by the Tri-Cities Democratic Forum. The group centered in Fremont, Newark and Union City handed down a vote of no-confidence against Hayashi and her candidacy for the District 2 seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

Hayashi’s notorious vindictiveness spilled out on the floor of the Assembly Aug. 22 when she confronted Fremont Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski and accused him of engineering the stunning condemnation by the Tri-Cities Democrats. According to the witness, Hayashi followed the accusations with a string of disparaging comments directed toward Wieckowski and his staff.

Wieckowski responded by alleging Hayashi has called over a dozen lobbyists and previous donors and ordered them not to contribute to Wieckowski’s senate campaign or risk her wrath, including the striking threat of purposefully killing any legislation that passes through her committee. However, such a threat is quickly losing its potency. Hayashi’s career in the Assembly, because of term limits, will end this Friday when the Legislature closes shop for the year.

Most local observers once believed Wieckowski, who is in his first term in the Assembly, Hayashi were on a similar trajectory towards running in 2014 for the redistricted State Senate seat currently held by state Sen. Ellen Corbett. After Hayashi’s conviction last January for shoplifting at a San Francisco Neiman Marcus those political calculation may reside only in Hayashi’s mind.

Hayashi’s ire apparently was not only reserved for Wieckowski. She reportedly retaliated against Meriam Reynosa, a district aide for Corbett and well-liked Democratic worker bee, who Hayashi reportedly fingered as responsible for a similar vote of no-confidence against her by the Southern Alameda County Young Democrats Club earlier this month.