Residents Sent City 1,000 Emails Protesting Wind Turbine On San Leandro Shoreline

ELECTION ‘12//SAN LEANDRO//ENVIRONMENT | Stephanie L’Archuleta, a member of the Heron Bay Homeowners Association board, went to Rio Vista last month to view one of the wind turbines proposed to be erected on the San Leandro shoreline within sight of the bayside community.

Unfortunately, the sleek, white monopole featuring an audible whirring was exactly what she expected. “It really didn’t change my perspective,” L’Archuleta said of the wind turbine she described located in a rural area of the town and near a temporary trailer park.

In July, Louis Rigaud, the owner of Halus Power Systems, located on five-acres of shoreline near the vast swath of homes at Heron Bay, applied for an height variance with the city of San Leandro to construct a single used wind turbine for his firm’s use. Rigaud, during a heavily-attended community meeting earlier this summer, fought back a host of furious homeowners, many of them upset at the city’s lack of outreach, persistent safety concerns and apprehension over the possibility of the windmill becoming an eyesore that ultimately threatens the value of their homes.

In the months since, after mere six homeowners located within a 300-foot radius of the proposed wind turbine received notice of the variance hearing, the views a vast majority of homeowners at Heron Bay appear entrenched in their opposition to the Halus wind turbine in their backyards.

“This is not green, this is filth,” said L’Archuleta. “It does not benefit the environment, it only benefits Halus.” Last week, Heron Bay residents sent the city over 1,000 emails protesting the windmill. Within hours of sending the correspondences, L’Archuleta said, the city abruptly cancelled the next Board of Zoning Adjustments hearing set for September and rescheduled it for Oct. 4. A previous hearing set for July was also cancelled.

The city’s spotlight on Halus, a 10-year-old green technology firm, specializing in refurbishing parts for older or discontinued wind turbines, came on the heels of trumpeting its own downtown fiber-optics network, which was funded by San Leandro’s OSIsoft. The city is now in the process of attempting to rebrand itself as a future hub for green tech. Halus’ intentions, however, to be anything more than a glorified foundry are unclear. During the June meeting with residents, Rigaud appeared more intent with using the wind turbine to greatly defray high energy costs and said his company had little previous experience in research and development.

Nonetheless, L’Archuleta is not sure Heron Bay residents will be able to thwart the lone wind turbine from one day spinning in the distance near wetlands purposely set aside for preservation. “I’m not confident,” said L’Archuleta. “I know Mayor Cassidy is pushing his weight around for it—for whatever reason.”

CROW’S BRIBE? Someone needs to take Chris Crow’s Facebook password away from him. The District 4 city council candidate in San Leandro, who earlier this month continued to show his lack of political acumen when he seemingly questioned the integrity of billions of Chinese with an ill-advised posting on Facebook, is back with another rookie error.

Forget the important fact that Crow purposely moved from District 2 to the neighborhood around Washington Manor and Heron Bay to avoid running against and incumbent and then proceeded to piss off its sizable Asian American population. But, now Crow is taking an opposing position against the wishes of his adopted district and not being very political about it.

Last weekend, Crow made the highly irregular move of publicly thanking Halus Power Systems owner Louis Rigaud for a contribution to his council campaign. The public announcement is uncommon for a candidate and typically uncomfortable for the donor who may not appreciate the unwanted publicity. Nevermind, that it gives off the whiff of a potential councilman appearing to take a bribe to change or form his opinion on a specific issue.

“Thank you to Louis Rigaud and Halus Energy systems for your contribution to my campaign,” wrote Crow. “I support Halus Energy and their endeavor to build wind turbine testing platform on their property that will produce clean energy, and allow them to expand their production base with new products.”

UPDATE: Crow announced Wednesday he is enlisting his Korean grandmother to help his campaign in District 4.

CANDIDATES TO REPLACE STAROSCIAK When the San Leandro City Council returns from its August recess on Sept. 3, it will reconvene for the first time in over seven years without former Councilwoman Joyce Starosciak, who resigned last month before the end of her term to relocate to Roseville.

Eight applicants have expressed interest in filling out the remainder of Starosciak’s term, including three of the four candidates on the November ballot, Benny Lee, Chris Crow and Darlene Daevu. Former San Leandro Mayor John Faria also showed interest in the short appointment, as did Dana Chohlis, Thomas Dlugosh, David Erlich and Charles Kane.

Since the nomination period for running in District 4 has passed and the November ballot is finalized there isn’t the worries typically associated with applicants pledging not to run for the seat, if appointed, and then breaking the promise as Faria did in 1993 when he was elevated to mayor following the death of Dave Karp. Faria lost his re-election bid and unwittingly ushered in the rise of Ellen Corbett in San Leandro and to the State Legislature.

However, if previous statements made by the council last July 16 are any indication, the chances Lee, Crow or Daevu are appointed is unlikely.

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  1. If Chris can get it up and keep it up and keep going while Marga is doing her thing, then the two of them should stand strong.

    On the other hand, Chris has all the skills of a quadraplegic juggler with ALS while doing his act with running chain saws. All talk and no action.


  2. Hey this here is Chris Crow. Being that I live no where near Heron Bay you can put whatever you want in their backyard, no enviromental study needed.

    I will be over here in district 2..cough..I mean 4…cough… green technology… wink…support or trooops.

    Oh they brought up, that whole unemployed thing…uh oh refer to notes..yeah i am uh self employed or something…


  3. Update! Update! Chris Chow mugshots will be available soon. Stay tune.


  4. This could get interesting! A city council candidate with a record?


  5. Per dictionary,

    Crow – a big bird with a harsh cry; to make repeated loud high sounds like cock/rooster crowing.


  6. Crow go get a job and stay out of troubles!!


  7. Marga Katz-Lacabe insituated, in campaign race, telling the truth is bad for Crow's opponents – sound like a threat!!

    Are you threating something bad will happened because telling the truth or knowing the truth?!

    Crow not required to take on any responsibilites of his own wrong doings – simply he's in campaign race. Oh, Marga aka San Leandro Talk think so.


  8. Somce bias articles from a PROFESSIONAL Campaign Race spokeperson stated “HER RULES” which her supporting candidate may allow to SAY & DO whatever he wishs with NO LIMITATION or RULES, on the other hands, the rest of opponents should SHUT UP, TELLING THE TRUTH or PROTECTING THE CITIZENS OF SAN LEANDRO will lose the election.

    This campaign race is about the truth, listening to the issues and concerns from our citizens, finding ways to make San Leandro a better place.

    Rule number one – no bribe money

    Rule number two – no offensive comment or sarcastic remarks

    Rule number three – stay out of troubles, especailly with the cops


  9. She is totally biased against Daevu,Hutchison and Lee! As a so-called Journalist she should be consistent!!!


  10. ooo didn't Daevu come out in favor of Halus in SL Times too. She probably got bribed too…

    2 bribes, racism, criminals – San Leandro politics is getting juicy


  11. Daevu is Cassidy's hand picked candidate and since he's for Halus I would be shocked if she was against it.
    Cassidy is the little rich kid that has to pay people to be his friend, in this case Ms Daevu


  12. 7:04 that would be a good twist except Daevu came out against pension reform, so cassidy is definitely not a fan…all he wants to do is pension reform

    nobody knows who Daevu is but if tavares and friends keep Crow and Lee occupied fighting each other she'll probably end up winning.


  13. Daevu indeed stated on San Leandro Times in favor of Halus, wind turbine in San Leandro.

    Daevu made a decision without listening or knowing the issues!!

    On SL Times Daevu said: one of the most promissing environmentally friendly projects in San Leandro is happening right in her district – the proposed Halus wind turbine near Heron Bay. There has been some opposition to the turbine from people who said it might kill birds or be an eyesore. But Daevu is in favor of the turbine and says it is not only a “green” source of energy but it will help the business and create jobs.

    Pre-election campaign statement (financial report from all candidates)due on 10/6/2012


  14. as a Heron Bay resident myself, let me just tell you all how f***ing STUPID our HOA IS! Don't listen to them or any of their bullsh*t about this Wind thing being an eyesore or upsetting anything.

    We have nothing but giant ugly powerlines and junkyards over by this place anyways…and the stupid whining brat HOA hasn't done nothing about that. MORONS!!! all of them.


  15. **correction on 7:24pm post, not sure of due date for Pre-election campaign statement in SL***

    10/6/2012 is for CA state election.


  16. SL Pre-Election financial report due on Oct 5, 2012,


  17. 7:25pm

    Purchased our home with consent of existing powerlines and towers, but it doesn't mean we should allow turbines or unwanted structures to be built after that.

    Example: since you are already fat and ugly, you should add more weighs, wear uglier cloths because you are ugly anyway!! you MORON yourself!

    Think from your underarm, talk from your butt.


  18. The best candidate will have a proven track record of success working with individuals and communities


  19. No one is fighting with Crow, he created his own controversy and damages upon himself.


  20. Crow is inept, and has upset way too many people off to even be considered a viable candidate.

    Fired by Reed
    Moved to District4 to run
    Facebook Controversy
    basically stated its time for a new generation in his times article which ailienates seniors.
    Takes money from Halus, despite Heron Bay HOA not wanting Turbines.

    I like Lee in this one, Daevu hasnt even been a blip on the screen, maybe Hutchison except he didnt submit a candidate statement.


  21. i'd rather have a f***ing windmill than a junk yard and powerlines you MORON…the HOA is good for nothing except getting the rest of the city to hate us. and the connection to this story is clear as Lee is our HOA president and running for council. i'll choose between daevu and crow thank you


  22. At 7:25pm, you're a phony and a moron yourself. If you hate your neighborhood so much you should move out so you can stop your personal suffering. Why are you still there, so you can be an angry jerk? The powerlines were already there before the homes but I bet no new ones will ever be put in. Your neighbors are protecting your neighborhood and you never speak up at the meetings so you're a coward.


  23. 725pm is clearly a phony!! Nice Try Jerkoff!! Probably Crow typing it from Marga's computer


  24. 8:27pm
    Vote whoever you wish, if you are man enough, you should run for Heron Bay HOA board to voice for the neighbors, and run for city council to support the wind thing that you like to sleep with, crying coward!


  25. probably both are eating donuts on the right hands, left hand holding milkshakes, typing with toes at the sametimes.


  26. They both go to curves for women


  27. I'm rubber your glue what you say bounces off me and sticks to you…nana nana nana. I bet their all “progressives”. Great entertainment EBC.


  28. That would make Crow and Dillman with criminal records. Guess its part of the qualifications to run. What smucks!


  29. Here are the facts. Wind turbines are known to:

    1) Cause illness in nearby residents such has migraines, nausea, insomnia, and stress related disorders (strokes, etc.)
    2) Fail from the blades (length of rail road cars, spinning at 90-95 mph at blade tips) or turbine shattering or exploding sending shrapnel debris flying in all directions
    3) Drop property values by 10 to 30%
    4) Kill predatory birds (hawks and eagles) that help keep control of the rodent population.

    The City of San Leandro has tried to rubber stamp this project through the approval process; the City of San Leandro has not even required an environmental impact report to assess the negative impacts of this wind turbine project on the community.

    If this project was proposed in a more affluent area such as Danville or Blackhawk, do you think their City officials would try to force this down the communities' throat? Would their City officials NOT require an environmental impact report from the owner of the proposed Wind Turbine? The answer is NO. Show the San Leandro City officials that we care about our community and are intelligent enough to know you must fully assess the impacts of a project of this magnitude and consequence on the community. All San Leandro Residents should demand that the City of San Leandro require an Environmental Impact Report on the proposed Halus Wind Turbine Project.

    Regarding the City Council Candidates Chris Crow and Darlene Daevu, why have they not reached out to the residents they hope to represent and listen to their concerns? They have shown no interest in listening to the residents, and Chris Crow in particular, has only shown interest in accepting campaign contributions from a project (Halus Wind Turbine) that threatens the health, safety, and environment of San Leandro.


  30. “Thank you to Heron Bay neighbors for cotribution to my campaign,” wrote C*OW. “another new ideas, Im so smart I'll be your human windmill long airwind bag 24/7”


  31. someone knocking my door want bribe to his campaign, took alook, it's YOU, size 13 shoe right into his mouth. here the contribution SHUT YOU UP!


  32. SL Patch has articles of Chris Crow's over half dozen of his big ideas, controversy statement, point fingering, big time hero etc.

    One topic he has not covered so far, contribution from Halus to his campaign, requesting Chris Crow make a statement on this topic.

    We are the voters have the rights to understanding the reasons you pro Halus and being spokeman of such, waiting for your debate and article on this issue.


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