Are You Ready For Your Close-Up, Swalwell?

ELECTION ’12//CONGRESS 15 | Former Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson was once a regular on Law & Order and former Sen. Patrick Leahy made cameos in three Batman movies. Of course, there’s “Gopher” and “Cooter,” who made the jump from campy television shows to the House of Representatives.

But how many have launched insurgent campaigns for Congress after appearing in a low-budget horror film?

Dublin Democrat Eric Swalwell is apparently trying to be the first.

Here’s the trailer for the film co-created by one of his volunteers, referred to here last week as the “Dreadlocked, bearded information guy,” and titled, The Banshee and the Big Man.

In it, Swalwell gets special consideration near the end and partly utters the line “Irish immigration…?”

On the campaign side, Swalwell’s use of in-house produced YouTube videos has not been the campaign’s most professional look. The creator of the film Swalwell appears in is also credited with producing the oftentimes poorly lit and audio-deficient clips formerly featured on the campaign’s Web site.

In a 30-second spot posted on YouTube last week, another campaign volunteer describes why he is supporting Swalwell. However, from the 20-second mark on, it appears the volunteer’s exuberance coupled with the gripped, downward motion of his hand hilariously looks less laudatory and more masturbatory.