Hutchison Tries To Prove All Politics Is Local In San Leandro Council Race

ELECTION ‘12//SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL//DIST 4 | Justin Hutchison saw an empty crushed cereal box on his street. Its cardboard pitted from repeated steps and rolling tire wheels. As his wife and children continued their walk to Clancy’s, the venerable San Leandro ice cream parlor on Manor Boulevard, he saw beer bottles strewn next to the curb here and cigarette boxes thrown there. “Where do I live?” Hutchison recalled. “This is ridiculous.” And the list of “whys” that typically leads almost every budding politician to the grand epiphany to run for public office, hit Hutchison hard.

Why would anybody buy a house in this neighborhood?
Why don’t we care for our surroundings?
Why isn’t the city cleaning up this mess?

“I hit my boiling point,” said Hutchison. “If I can get on the ballot and win, maybe I can take care of some of those things.”

If all politics is local, then Hutchison, 34, married, three young children and still living in the house he grew up in the quiet Washington Manor neighborhood of San Leandro, is its poster boy. In fact, he’s really just a normal guy trying to do good by his hometown. After having his first child at 19, Hutchison said he lived in different parts of the city before taking over his father’s mortgage near Manor middle school. “My son is in my room and I’m in my dad’s room,” he added. His mother, grandmother, aunt and sister also still live in the area.

“I’m just a family man raising a family here in San Leandro and I’m not going anywhere soon,” he says. “My kids are going to school here. I’m going to be coaching at these fields for years. I have a long-term vested interest in making it a safe, vibrant place.” He even has a little hypoallergenic dog, a Bichon Frise, he sheepishly added, before the thought crept across his face such a disclosure might seem less than manly. “I don’t know,” he added with a wide grin and a slight shrug. “It’s my wife’s dog. She wanted it.”

Hutchison’s connection to the community in District 4 where he is attempting to grab the open seat on the San Leandro City Council against Benny Lee, Chris Crow and Darlene Daevu, is definitely not overstated. On the afternoon we spoke, the owner of the neighborhood coffee shop, Mon Café, offered her place as a campaign headquarters and said she would vote for him, but, unfortunately, she was not yet a U.S. citizen. Down the street at Clancy’s Ice Cream, the long-time owner, who only goes by the name, Mr. Clancy, instructed Hutchison to give him a campaign sign to affix to the front of the ice cream case. “I don’t have any yet,” Hutchison told him, “But, when I do, I’ll bring you one.”

If I’m a big coward, then nothing is ever going to get accomplished because I’ll only be fulfilling someone else’s agenda all day and just be a yes man.

“When I was a kid, there was this time when I kept dropping my ice cream on the floor,” Hutchison recalls, “and Mr. Clancy kept giving me more. He remembers it and always brings it up.” Rings of paper attached in a chain hang on the wall of Clancy’s contains another link united his him to the area. It’s the scribbled name of Hutchison’s daughter, who went to the ice cream shop for a school field trip last year. Apparently, it’s not the only business in the neighborhood adorned with Hutchison memorabilia. Hutchison played baseball at Arroyo High School as a teenager, but his greatest sports triumph occurred as a 16-year-old on the Little League fields just around the corner. A team photo of the 1994 Washington Manor Little League champions containing Hutchison is memorialized on the wall of Porky’s, the neighborhood’s long-time pizza joint. “I had a really good curve,” he reminisces. “Kind of Zito-style–a 12-to-6 curve—but, I threw in the low 80s.”

Hutchison at Porky’s on Manor Blvd.

With Hutchison’s connection to sports in the area’s past and his work with many of the Manor’s newest crop of sluggers, it’s understandable that improving the city’s sports fields and parks is a priority, even with the reconstruction of Burrell Field near Interstate 800. “It’s long overdue–about 15 years late—but, Burrell Field should have been done a long time ago, but thank you for doing that,” he says. It’s also indicative of the city, he believes, that continues a struggle to keep up with surrounding cities in terms of economic growth. “We’re playing catch-up all over the city,” he says, “We have parents saying they’re going to go school shopping in Pleasanton because it’s safe and they spend $500. That’s $50 we just loss on taxes right there because we also don’t attract certain stores people want.”  

“I think we need to keep San Leandro money in San Leandro. Due to various perception problems, whether real or not, a lot of people don’t patronize San Leandro business and it’s pretty disappointing. Which is why were at Mon Café,” Hutchison pointed out. “You’ve got a great, local coffee shop right here. People should be coming here.” (Editor’s note: I first suggested meeting at Starbucks.)

While Washington Manor is typically San Leandro’s quiet little neighborhood tucked into the arm pit of the Highway 238 interchange at Washington Avenue, the perception of safety has been pierced recently with a string of audacious, if not lethal, incidents of crime. Hutchison repeatedly brought up the case of a Manor resident being held up in front of his home in broad daylight. “That would have never happened when I was growing up,” says Hutchison. To help alleviate the perception of crime rising, Hutchison, like a long string of San Leandro public officials and candidates, wants to increase the police force back to 100 officers. He admits he doesn’t have the answers for how to appropriate additional money for more cops, but says he is currently pouring over the city’s last three budgets to exploit government waste.

As a certified interrogator for 16 years in loss prevention, Hutchison plans to use those same skills to find the funds. “There is shortages occurring at the city and shortage is just waste,” he opines. “As an asset protection supervisor you look at the loss, for instance, $1 million on $60 million in profit. You have to investigate that and minimize it to achieve your goals. Cities have shortages and as a city council member I will use my skills to go in there and everything that is posed to me, I will analyze it and look for where we might be leaking shortages.”

Hutchison is not only a family man with deep ties to his hometown, but he’s also a riotously funny and brutal shit talker, who has already tangled with some of the city’s noted loudmouths and portly politicos. Hutchison’s Facebook posts regarding the race and one of his opponents, in particular, are quite refreshing and a bit unorthodox for San Leandro’s typically uninspiring crop of public officials. In one message, he boasted of running a “gangsta” campaign. But, he just wants to be himself, he says. Sometimes joking, sometimes mocking, but always focused on helping the community.

When a supporter of his opponent, Chris Crow, attempted to probe and poke into Hutchison’s early candidacy on one of her many blogs, he lashed out at her. “Everybody is a better quarterback on Monday, I told her. It’s real easy to sit at your computer and type stuff. I want to see you get in there and do something,” he said. “Do you want to be great or do great things is how I look at it.” Then afterwards, you can walk around and say I did my part to make this a better place.”

He also foresees no problems, if elected, in dealing with San Leandro’s notoriously uncompromising mayor, Stephen Cassidy. “People can try to bully,” he says, “that’s fine, but I will stick to my guns. The city isn’t going to grow unless we have those types of conversations. If I’m a big coward, then nothing is ever going to get accomplished because I’ll only be fulfilling someone else’s agenda all day and just be a yes man.” But, the harshest criticisms were saved for Crow.

Many San Leandro observers believe the similar backgrounds of Hutchison and Crow may cancel out each others and greatly benefit Lee. In more than a few ways, however, Hutchison’s bio, compiled over three decades is the one Crow is fastidiously trying to create over the past few months. Crow moved to the Manor earlier this year expressly to run for the open seat in District 4 and despite growing up in the opposite side of the city in District 2, where Councilwoman Ursula Reed is running for re-election. Hutchison said Crow offered him to join a coalition against Lee, but he declined. “I don’t agree with his values so I elected not to do that because I have an actual moral background. I just don’t hop on a bunch of committees so I can run for political office. I actually volunteer in the community because I love them.” Instead, Hutchison said he will ask voter this fall for their support, while urging a second choice for Lee.

During a break in the interview, Hutchison checked his phone and repeated a voice mail he received during our conversation from his son. “Someone just left a message,” said Hutchison. “It said, ‘Chris Crow is not the golden child.’ What does that mean?” he chuckled quizzically.

Although “carpet bagging,” the phrase for moving to an area for the sole purpose of manipulating a better chance for election is a loaded word, Hutchison says it fits Crow. “That is exactly what he did. I’m going to call a spade a spade,” he said. “It’s all about political maneuvering. He moved to this district because he didn’t want to run against an incumbent. That’s easy.”

What will not be easy is winning a seat on the city council. Without campaign funds to pay for a candidate’s statement and limited cash for lawn signs and mailers, Hutchison said he is hoping various social media techniques and tapping into the contacts he has made over a lifetime in the community will get the ball moving forward to November. And if he falls short, he says, he’ll just go back to doing what he’s always done. Instructing kids to stay down when fielding hard ground balls and keeping his streets clean and safe. His list of “whys” for running in the first place, however, won’t include, why didn’t I win?

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  1. Justin is a genuine candidate, as genuine as a person can get. Yes, he's young, but that doesn't mean he doesn't get what it will take to get the Manor back to the idealic place it used to be. The place where I grew up with unlocked front doors, where the street lights were my curfew time and where my mom never, EVER worried about what I was doing. My sister lives in the house we grew up in and can't let her 11 and 7 year old play out in the front yard; a place I spent a good amount of my childhood and that is SAD and WRONG. I used to babysit Justin when he was just a toddler and I have known most of his family from the time I was the same age. This is a person you can TRUST to take care of your district and be REAL about the issues of San Leandro. I so wished I lived there still so I could support and vote for him. This is the least I can do to show my support. Please vote for Justin to help save the Manor!


  2. Great Article! It's about time someone is running for the actual city and its people! This city needs a change and he's the perfect candidate for this postion!


  3. “he saw beer bottles strewn next to the curb here and cigarette boxes thrown there. “Where do I live?” Hutchison recalled.”

    “Why isn’t the city cleaning up this mess?”

    Why isn't Justin and a few neighbors, or 100 neighbors picking up the mess. No, NOT all at once on one of the the idiot “show” days like Jean Quan has in Oakland, but rather individual citizens each picking up one item a day or even one item a week, and “viola” the litter problem in the Manor would be fully under control.
    Why ask the city to use a employee that costs $100,000 a year for his salary and benefit package?

    He may be a excellent candidate for the council, but on that particular issue, he should be looking at what a fully invested group of citizens could do with only a minimal amount of community involvement.
    You don't need every citizen, even one participant per dozen houses would solve the problem easily.

    Of course if you consider it “beneath you” to pick up a can or bottle or pack of cigarettes, then I guess you'll always have a messy Manor area, because even if the city uses a $100,000 employee to clean those cans and bottles, they'll only be doing it ever other week. So a bottle is dropped and you'll be waiting 7 or 10 days for that $100,000 city employee to come by and pick up that bottle that you could bend over and pick up in 10 seconds.

    Who lives in the neighborhood and drives and walks by this bottle every single day? You do.
    Pick it up yourself and get over the debate about whose responsibility it is.
    How simple is that? How inexpensive a solution is that?
    Done regularly, its not like a truck load is dumped every day.
    Get with it.

    I'd be much more impressed if someone had organized a group of citizens to easily handle the problem.
    Elect THAT guy…if he or she exists.


  4. Awesome article! My brother believes in what he stands for and is true to his word. He is an amazing father, husband and of course brother and i couldn't be prouder of him for wanting to improve San Leandro. He is fiercely passionate about what he wants and aims to achieve with that there would be no stopping him to reach that goal. He may have came into the game late but he is a strong candidate that people should take notice of. I still live in the Manor and see how things have changed over the years and look forward to seeing what can be done. If you all want change and someone all about the community who is an all around great guy then Vote for Justin.


  5. If ranked choice voting really works then either Justin will win or Benny Lee will. Whether they know it or not, they've been reading the Jean Quan/Rebbeca Kaplan playbook for victory.


  6. 11:35, lets just hope that either of them are a better public official than the disaster we got with the election of that useless mayor, Jean Quan.
    She has turned out to be a hopeless idiot.


  7. Steven, can you please take out the language about the business owner and citizenship status? Call me paranoid, but peoples legal status should not be outted in a public manner where anyone has access to the information. It's a risk for the person. I come from a family of migrants and trust me we don't go around sharing information on the Internet like that.



  8. 1:23, the article only said “she was not yet a U.S. citizen”

    There are millions of legal residents who are NOT citizens.
    She is hardly being “outted” by revealing she is NOT a citizen.

    I think you are indeed being paranoid. Can't have everyone dancing around on eggshells on the slightest chance that someone here illegally might be exposed. That risk comes with the territory of living here without documents.
    It is not our duty to be concerned about her legal status.
    That is entirely her problem.
    Free press, free flow of information. He can't be always worried about printing anything other than the truth.


  9. Thanks for showing your immense privilege. Free press doesn't mean no responsibility.

    Those citizens aren't having their business' name in a public forum. Those citizens aren't supporting a political candidate openly. Those citizens that are are voluntarily putting themselves at risk.

    Not only that but the author could have easily said she was not eligible to vote, without outting her status.

    “everyone dancing around on eggshells”? Are you joking? Of course there is no risk for you if you have the privilege of being born here. Puhleeze. “It's not our duty to be concerned with her legal status”. Since when did reporters loose sense of decency? I'm all for exposing and talking about public political figures but that line is not okay. There's other ways of reporting without putti g people in danger and of course those of us who are privileged enough not to see or experience it are the ones not concerned when it happens.


  10. Maybe you can't digest the message. The message is why don't people care enough not to do it? You think a community trash team solves the problem, then you are are short-sided as you CLAIM he is. Solve the respect issue, there is no Sunday morning trash team in San Ramon so why suggest there should be one in SL.
    Justin wants what everyone wants, people to be proud of where they live and who they live with. To make SL attractive again, not just the city next to Oakland. Tale your crotchity attitude elsewhere…


  11. Since when was citizenship an issue? Other yhan the right to vote, the busines owner can have residency and an intelligent person can understand that. Its a simple fact, not derragatorry. The owner didnt state that she was illegal, that is your own insecurity…let it go. And that comes from me, a man with immigrant grandparents on both sides of my family….your making an issue of a non-issue and detracting from the issues in the article.


  12. Justin,
    Is a great candidate …
    Please let's not let him slip away …
    Let's vote for change


  13. 2:08 What is all this talk about 95% of us citizens being “privileged”? You use that term 3 times, as though we were born with some silver spoon in our mouth.
    Look, I and most of my fellow citizens were born here.
    We are not “privileged”…
    You talk like we have some unearned bonus that we should be embarassed by, and that we should bend over backwards to never ever ever say or do anything that has even a 1 in 1,000 chance of offending someone who may or may not be here legally, or who may be here legally but not yet be a citizen.
    Getting a little tired of “walking on egg shells” so as to not dare offend the status or cultural norms of folks from as many as 150 other nations.
    When I've lived in other nations I didn't expect everyone and every law to bend over backwards to accomodate my cultural and legal differences.

    We welcome new arrivals, especially if they come legally. That is enough. If accomodations are needed for them to fit in, they can do the changing instead of you telling us to dance around and be ever so careful how we talk about them in the press.

    Imagine taking that attitude with you to any other country.
    The article and the sentence saying she couldn't vote because she wasn't a citizen was just fine.
    How crazy and politically correct have we become if we even seriously take notice of your objection.


  14. 942 great post, I am pretty sure their primary goal was detracting from the actual topic of the article to make into something else. Hutchison is a great candidate and it's about time we get one of us in the decision making process!


  15. 2:41 AM “there is no Sunday morning trash team in San Ramon so why suggest there should be one in SL”

    Huh, because there is trash in the Manor and not the same degree of problem found in San Ramon.

    The concept of “trash patrol” on Sunday morning is the problem. Unless you have local citizens picking up a item here and there WHEN they first see it, then you have a mounting problem.

    Neither monthly “clean-up” days, nor bi-weekly city employee rounds, will ever keep your community clean.
    What it will do is keep your streets messy 13 out of 14 days, or 29 out of 30 days.

    That is why in Oakland, Jean Quan's once a year clean up, like on Bancroft Avenue, is such a joke.
    Clean for about 4 days, followed by 361 days of trash.

    I suspect that most of the problem such as it is in San Ramon is solved by people in the community, and also business owners. That in addition to the residents not throwing so much trash around.

    The solution as offered “Why isn’t the city cleaning up this mess?” is a prescription for dirty littered Manor streets well into the future.
    How about a little imagination from a future leader.

    It is a very solveable problem, with a minimum amount of regular resident imput.
    How about you, when is the last time you saw a bottle or paper in the Manor and made a point to pick it up? Or do you go by it for weeks and weeks, declaring how messy the streets are, when simply bending over would take you about 5 seconds out of your busy day?
    Some problems are really just that simple in the Manor.
    You see, the Manor is not yet International Blvd and 88th Ave. where picking up a piece of paper might seem like a truly hopeless task.
    But it will get there if you keep waiting for a city worker to do the job that you could easily solve.

    How about you and few others giving it a try for a few months. A experiment. Blocks or small areas for various people.

    I know people who do this for a given area. I myself do it for area in a much more difficult community.
    There is a man in Hayward who has organized his small area. We aren't waiting for the city to hire a $100,000 employee to come by every couple weeks and pick up that bottle or can.


  16. I understand the worry about the business owner in this article. I thought about it and left it in the story for these reasons. The owner knew I was there to write a story about Justin and not being a U.S. citizen is not illegal. There's a variety of reasons for it. Most likely she just never got around to taking the citizenship test. I know quite a few people like that. Frankly, this is uninformed Tea Party talk and should be ignored. Lay off immigrants.


  17. Also, if you believe city workers with masters degrees better serve the community by picking up garbage, then I would hate to see the business you run. It's was likely bankrupt before you ever opened the doors.


  18. Who said anything about current “city workers with masters degrees” picking up garbage?
    Or hiring such a person for that job?


  19. city addressing the problem: code enforcement and police citing people for littering/dumping?


  20. How many littering citations have been given out in the Manor in the past year? 5, 10, 15?
    Yeah, that will solve the problem.
    Or code enforcment. Exactly what is the code for a plastic bottle in a gutter? And who do you enforce it upon? What is the cost to do the paper work to get that bottle picked up via code enforcment?


  21. who wrote: employee that costs $100,000 a year for his salary and benefit package?

    Master degrees or not


  22. 12:32… Perhaps you don't mean to question that figure? Or perhaps you think city employees cost less than $100,000 per year? How much less?

    Take a city worker “Maintenance I” or “Park Maintenance I” about the low end of the scale.

    Do you have any idea what the TCOE is for such a worker? TCOE is total cost of employment, not just the listed base salary.

    To the $55k to $60k salary you need to add on DMV, dental medical vision, for the worker and his family.
    Running from $7,000 to over $20,000 per year.
    Then you need to add on about $10,000 for the city pension costs. Then ad on “other” which always appears and also some city matching of employee savings plans.
    Add it all up and the lowest level city employees are seldom coming in under $80,000 per year. More often in the $90K to $100k TCOE. Not even counting, should you need to hire a new person, a extra vehicle and equipment to use.

    If you think you can send out a city worker to pick up litter and that the real cost to do so is gonna be much less than $100,000 per year, then you need to look into city finance.
    Like I said, perhaps a very cheap lean employee and you might get by for only $80,000 TCOE
    Most city workers cost from 55% to 80% or even more on top of their base salary.


  23. Hey Steven,

    Thanks for the consideration at least. I'm the original anon who brought up the sentence.

    Not sure I understand what you mean by bringing up the tea-party.

    As for 9:42… I have no words for you. I'm ending this conversation now because I don't see the point in continuing it. Do me a favor and look up “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”.



  24. 1229 that's funny nice try, the point is that if you have the necessary number of police officers required per population then it will free them up to do things such as cite people who litter. Once the word begins to get out then people will be less likely to litter and code enforcement applies to lots of things not bottles on the ground; could be overgrowth in a yard, abandoned vehicles etc.. It's about building a culture, you said it yourself how many littering tickets have been issued? That's probably part of the problem.

    But at the end of the day all you were really trying to do is sidetrack the article:-)


  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  26. “Tea party talk”, really Steven. What exactly is tea party talk. Does one have to be a liberal extremest to participate equally on this forum? If so please let me know so I don't waste your or my time.


  27. What is Crow's employment status? Clear it up for us.


  28. Unemployed BUT has lots of really good ideas


  29. Hutch, the candidate may be the very best choice.

    I did pick out that particular statement he made but my intention was not to sidetrack the article about his qualities as a candidate.
    To the extent that happened it was a side note.

    I was only saying that to expect city hall to keep the streets clean in your neighborhood is a prescription for your street being littered most of the time between city patrols.
    Its a extremely expensive way to keep a neighborhood clean.

    The guy seems like a excellent candidate and far less into the normal Crow / Benny wrestling match antics.
    On that point alone he stands out as favorable.
    Sounds like a nice guy.


  30. 122pm. its all good, maybe it just needed clarifcation, or I should have clarified what I meant when I was saying it.



  31. Tea Party talk is someone advocating for small government, but without any facts. You really want workers making $100k to pick up garbage? Do you really think parsing out a person not being a U.S. citizen from a profile about a candidate is anything but trying to bring your own extremists views here?

    It's called East Bay Citizen, not the Eastern Alabama Citizen.


  32. Justin is a great person with high character who will do what's in the best interest of those who live and care for the city of San Leandro. I have known Justin for over 20 years and during those 20 years Justin has always been someone I can count on and someone who is honest. He will not lie to you in order to get ahead he will be honest and help in whichever way he can. Some people may be turned off about his harsh words towards Crow, but it's better to know who you are voting for than someone who hides. Justin is just plain an honest person trying to make a real difference. San Leandro will be a better place with an out spoken young outlook getting involved in San Leandro politics. You want to get a clean up San Leandro group going, who better than Justin, he already knows many adults and all the youth he can tap into from baseball and other sports is awesome. He is already leading and will do a great job being a leader in San Leandro. God Bless


  33. Justin, District 4's got your back. Your integrity differentiates you from these jerks who twists words and truths without meaning and conscience.


  34. I have worked with Justin in San Leandro for 6 years. He is a Family man: his wife and children come first. Period. He raises his children here in San Leandro for one simple reason: he wants to give them the same childhood experience that he had. One where every kid on the block was outside playing until dusk, mom and dad where there to tuck the kids in a night; and in the morning, your house and car where still there, unharmed. But that dream is slowy being chipped away at, and this is why Justin is the perfect man for change. Because he wants it for a city that he has lived in his whole life and loves.
    I can recall many Thanksigivngs where Justin missed out on family celebrations because making Bayfair Mall a safe place to shop on Black Friday was what he wanted and needed to do. He never wanted his community to be on the news for a random violence on this day.
    Justin strategies his plans carefully. He doesn't just to do something because somebody else wants him to. He makes sure that all projects that have his signature on them are value added and have attainable goals.
    I watched him forged partnerships with San Leandro and Oakland Police Departments….not an easy thing to do. And that is Justin. He doesn't take the easy road. If he did, he wouldn't be in this race to change the city he loves. He is able to take on the challenges that residents will give him and do his best to ensure that this city goes in a positive direction. What a breath of political fresh air.
    Does he makes statements on FB that make seasoned politicians cringe? Yes, he does. And it is not for shock value, it is because Justin will always be who he is: a good guy who speaks his mind, acts for change and loves his family.
    And he does all of this while admitting he that he can't get thru the day without a girly coffee drink.


  35. Really? A $100k a year employee in San Leandro? Come on. What Justin is trying to do is to give some PRIDE back to the people of the Manor to WANT to be proud of where they live again. If no one cares, then NO ONE cares. He is trying to ignite a passion that once existed in the Manor, a place I called home for the first 21 years of my life. A place where it was safe to play out on the streets till it was dark. A place where there was NO trash to pick up on the street, because no one would THINK of trashing their own neighborhood. He's not asking to pay a staff or even one person $100k a year to do that. He's asking for the tools the Manor desperately needs to make it a desirable place to raise a family once again. Give me and him and the voters a break and look at what he has to offer. A young and fresh look at what needs to be done.


  36. OK, 9:52, spell out what the tools that are that are needed.
    All I was saying is that having a employee pick up the trash every week or so, is essentially hiring a $85k to $100K employee to do a task that can only be done effectively by the community.
    The city employee isn't going to pick up that bottle or box in the curb more than once every couple of weeks..
    If you see it, pick it up, and instantly it is gone.
    The community solution is always going to be the best solution, not just the cheapest solution.
    The community solution also brings about the mindset that resolves the initial problem, the trashing of the neighborhood thoughtlessly.


  37. I don't anybody was saying that we need to hire someone to pick up minute pieces of trash on a daily basis. I am pretty sure everyone gets that. If you an empty Starbucks cup on the street pick it up and throw it away.

    It is a broader cultural breakdown when you have excessive trash around, houses with overgrown lawns, abdoned autos, etc.. Tools would consist of things such as organizing community pick up days, code enforcement and law enforcement citing for littering etc.. After time a new culture is built, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will be San Leandro. On top of that, the city has not paved several streets in well over 20 years. Do you think people would be less likely to litter if they were on a newly paved street with nice lawns and landscaping or if they were on an potholed broken pavement street with broken sidewalk and overgrown lawns. Use common sense:-)


  38. What Mr. Hutchison is stating and basing his campaign on, is let's get back to basics in Washington Manor. The values Mr. Hutchison exhibits is the change this city and community needs. I'm in favor of letting Mr. Hutchison who has lived in this city and same community his entire life have an opportunity at this position. Mr. Hutchison is looking out for Washington Manor and will also support San Leandro with his ideas. This candidate is a breath of fresh air that San Leandro needs. I'm voting for him.


  39. Who would you vote for?

    Employed Executive for a Fortune 500 company
    Life Long Resident of District 4
    Has not taken money from unions or private corporate donors such as Halus.
    College Degree

    Not employed
    Received money from Halus for his campaign.
    Recently moved to District 4 to run for the open seat.
    Thrown off Cities Planning Commission by Councilwoman Reed.
    No Degree


  40. Its about time someone stepped up to try and run for council from the manor! Its a little dissapointing that Joyce left like she did, just because she didnt win the mayor race


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