Dlugosh Appointed To San Leandro City Council; Replaces Starosciak Until End Of Year

SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL | The San Leandro City Council is whole once again following the appointment of city planning commissioner Tom Dlugosh to the seat vacated last month by former Councilwoman Joyce Starosciak.

Dlugosh, an 18-year veteran of the planning commissioner and former San Leandro police officer, received four of the six votes on the council during a special meeting Thursday night. Dlugosh was the expected front runner for the seat after being the only applicant to receives all six votes last week during the winnowing process.

After receiving the support of Mayor Stephen Cassidy and Councilmembers Michael Gregory and Pauline Cutter, Dlugosh clinched the appointment in the second round of voting when Jim Prola switched his vote from former Mayor John Faria in the first round to Dlugosh. Diana Souza and Ursula Reed maintained their votes for Charles Kane in the subsequent round.

The selection of Dlugosh ends the council’s month-long search to replace Starosciak, who abruptly resigned during a meeting in late July, citing residual sadness following her loss two-years ago during the 2010 mayoral race. Starosciak has since re-located to the Sacramento area, however, she never officially resigned until the middle of the last month. Starosciak, though, had only months remaining on her second and final term, leaving the council to search for a replacement to effectively become a placeholder until voter elect a new council member in November.

“It’s a temporary position, so it’s not going to be a difficult transition,” Dlugosh said Thursday night. He also describes himself as politically independent. “I don’t have any leanings. I’m non-committed as far as party’s are concerned. I vote for who I think is the right person.”

Despite his short stay, Dlugosh and the council may have some difficult decisions before the end of his term on Dec. 31. They may include a discussion of approving the installation of a private 120-foot wind turbine near the shoreline, contentious contract negotiations with public employees and possibly the future of medical cannabis dispensaries and grow sites in the industrial zones. He will make his council debut next Monday, Sept. 17.

On the Halus wind turbine potentially set to rise in Dlugosh’s District 4, he said, “I don’t have any position at this point in time, but I’m aware of the issue.”

Citing his background as a police officer in the 1970s as a factor in his opinion of marijuana, he said, “I’m dead-set against it.”

When it comes to labor, Dlugosh may make some public employee groups nervous, especially when it comes to pensions. “I think some changes have to be made, but I’m not quite certain what those changes need to be,” he said. “Obviously, we can’t continue the way we are. We need to fulfill our contracts, but I’ve been on the other side and I probably have a little different opinion than some.”

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21 replies

  1. I hope San Leandro does not get marijuana dispenseries. That will only increase the crime and I would like to see San Leandro remain as a nice place to live.


  2. No marijuana dispeseries and no wind turbines!

    How many jobs can Halus creates jobs for us vs. potential decreasing Heron Bay home values – lower property taxes – less revenue to the city… of course, cut, cut, cut.

    Easy math!


  3. I think all public officials should have three month terms. How much damage can Dlugosh do?


  4. Wind Turbines? are you kidding me…I can't believe two people actually wrote the SL times to bash Lee for being anti-business because he is opposed to turbines. Halus employs all of about 10 people. Its not like were talking about them bringing 100 jobs to the city.

    and really how “green” are they? They are using refurbished out dated wind turbines. and they are attempting to put them up without an enviromental report and against the wishes of Heron Bay homeowners.

    This one is very easy for me. I will vote Lee and Hutchison knowing they are both opposed to Halus's plans.


  5. Mayor Cassidy wants this “green thing” careless of our community, damage our home values. No votes to re-elect Cassidy!

    Keep our shoreline as natural as possible.


  6. Our mayor has a full time job in a law firm, mayor role is secondary, reform his paycheck.

    We heard our mayor is a bully towards city staffs, city councils, or anyone have an opinions that against his way.

    Egos taking over… dangerous.


  7. What a laugh all these idiots from Heron Bay are against the wind turbines and want to “protect the shoreline”. This was the same argument that people used against building Heron Bay 20 years ago. LOSERS!


  8. Dlughosh is a putz.


  9. The Idiots living in Heron Bay love San Leandro.

    The Idiots generate generous portions of property taxes for the city of San Leandro, and assessment taxes for the trail from the Marina all the way down to the Hayward shoreline – here are the Losers.

    We support school taxes; $39/yr is immaterial. All children deserve an opportunity to have an education.

    Who are you calling Losers: the working class families who pay tax dues and support schools?

    If so, we are Losers.


  10. The Losers are the idiots at Heron Bay who are against the Wind Turbines. It's a classic example of “reverse not in my backyard”. Many people didn't want Heron Bay to be built and they used the same stupid “save the shoreline” argument that the opponents of the turbine are using. $39 is immaterial? Good, the Government employees should not give a hoot about paying $39 toward their pensions and health insurance. Plus, you idiots in Heron Bay are getting soaked by the City of San Leandro for $1000s in unneeded assessments.


  11. In other news Chris Crow still remains unemployed but has lots of great ideas..


  12. 7:00pm, 9:05pm commented by Loser Crow.


  13. About Chris Crow

    Betrayal: runs against “Reed” the person appointed you, make fun of English as second language, take bribe against residents.

    Stupidity: switch from D2 to D4 think might score, made offensive comment while running for a seat, no proven records of any executed business projects (all big talks)Crow still remains unemployed.

    Immaturity: Patch articles are evidence, increasing taxes are his big “new” ideas; Crow was insurance sales person most of his life (three generations he said), How much Crow know about HI-TECH industries? Sit behind computer do some research make you an expert?


  14. Ask Halus how many jobs will be created (10 jobs the most)? Wind turbines big potential impacting home values, property taxes decrease.

    Huge possibility Heron Bay homeowners will be moving out from SL before Wind Turbines in. Empty homes with wind turbines, rock bottom property taxes revenue and almost -0- assessment taxes to maintain trail/shoreline.

    Ask Halus to take care trail and shoreline!!
    Perhaps ballot measure assessment taxes for maintaining trail and shoreline by every SL residents.

    Currently Heron Bay residents carrying generous portions of the trail assessment taxes.


  15. Crow doesn't have a kid and wife, he is single and ready to mingle..


  16. Crow abandons his kid, family, jobless and move from D2 to D4 to mingle. Great charactor and role model. Mayor Cassidy officially endorsing this Loser.


  17. Chris Crow and his people commented on Sept. 16 @9:05pm.

    Heron Bay residents are stupidly being soaked by city of San Leandro $1000s/yr in unneeded assessment, but most part of Crow's great ideas are increasing taxes. So stupids you called.

    Crow claims he is SO SMART, CEO material, any offers from big firm yet?


  18. Those two comments calling Heron Bay residents are Idiots and Losers from Crow; Chris Crow remains hostile using Losers in his offensive statements.


  19. Crow is in line to explain why he qualifies for unemployment insurance; he was fired.


  20. How do you know he was fired?


  21. Advice to all candidates, quit your job. It's good for your campaign. You'll even have a better chance of being elected.


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