To No Avail, Reynoso Pushes For Investigation; Heredia’s Absence Is Excused

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD SCANDAL | Another school board meeting in Hayward, another chance lost to confront serious allegations of potential violations of the state’s sunshine laws.

Since allegations surfaced July 25 of an undisclosed romance between Hayward school board President Jesus Armas and fellow member Maribel Heredia, the pall of obfuscations has hovered over the fractured board and seemingly unmotivated school district staff.

For a third consecutive meeting, a viable plan was not offered by school district staff to either conduct an investigation into the affair or author language to be added to its bylaws. The school district’s legal counsel have also yet to have advised the board of the ramifications of the allegation and how to proceed forward.

Despite the school administration’s inaction, two current members of the school board, William McGee and Dr. Luis Reynoso have both questioned, at least one instance of suspected collusion between Armas and Heredia, occurring earlier this summer regarding a vote to reinstate the employment of the principal at Hayward High School.

On Wednesday night, Reynoso again broached the subject. “It about a collusion of votes,” he said. “We initiate action through a majority.” Reynoso says time is of the essence and estimates the board will cast over 100 votes from now to November. “We need to do this as quickly as possible, we need to get this going.”

He also sought to apologize to the community for what he believes was an improper abuse of power on Aug. 22 by Armas when he asked district employees in the audience that night to raise their hands. “It’s the reason why we need a vote of no-confidence,” he said.

HEREDIA’S EXCUSED ABSENCE Earlier in last Wednesday’s school board meeting embattled Hayward school board member Maribel Heredia publicly apologized for missing the Aug. 22 meeting. During that meeting, school superintendent Dr. Donald Evans reported Heredia was in Southern California for a “family emergency.”

Heredia reiterated Wednesday she traveled to be with her children’s great-grandmother, who had fallen ill. While stifling tears, Heredia revealed the loved one, related to her estranged ex-fiance, had passed away last week.

A story in The Citizen last month, citing Heredia’s Facebook postings, revealed what appeared to be a late summer vacation in Newport Beach.

Her excuse, though, seemed to have emboldened Heredia, who became far more assertive and lively following the disclosure. The board ultimately approved paying Heredia for the missed meeting.

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  1. They are not running for election so what is the point to investigate?


  2. Are you assuming since a public official is no longer wants to run for re-election, they have more desire to conduct themselves to a higher degree of honor?

    This logic suggests you think Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia somehow plead guilty to a lesser charge by not running for re-lection and should be absolved of any investigation.


  3. The point to investigate are the numerous potential conflicts in voting, by standing up last night and blatantly lying, she is just making an even bolder statement that she doesn't care what people think, basically, she just doesn't care!


  4. Armas, Heredia, the HUSD staff and legal counsel are all just playing the waiting game. They plan to out-wait the public and the controversy. They plan on just ignoring the pleas for ethics, justice and integrity. They plan on staying quiet and just keep getting paid since no one can force them out. Time is on their side unless the public stands up with Reynoso and McGee and force the issue to come to a head. Nothing will change otherwise.

    What a sham HUSD is right now. I feel really sad for the kids.


  5. Amen to the 2,3,4 comments. We need to investigate HUSd on Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia, and Lisa Bruner. Expose the bums for what they are.


  6. the terrible three of armas heredia and brunner are ruining education for many students. those three are clueless.


  7. The real issue is Lisa Bruner's position as the tie breaker in all votes. Since she is clearly on the side of Armas and Heredia all votes will be controversal. That alone should be enough for the local media and all elected officials in the local area to be concerned. The school district is not an island. Every decision by the school board has significant impact on the local community. Why doesn't the broader community care? This is truly amazing.


  8. By AT
    At Wednesday night’s board of education trustee meeting…Heredia said she was absent from the August 22 board meeting because she went to SoCal to be with her children’s paternal grandmother. She informed the audience that the grandmother died last week. As I read the EBCitizen live tweets of the board meeting, I learned that “Heredia traveled to SoCal to be with her ex-fiance's family. The guy who alleges she cheated on him with Armas.” WOW! I checked out her Facebook page Tuesday night and found lots of great photos of her activities while in SoCal. Nowhere did she mention that the children’s grandmother was ill and needed our prayers and good thoughts. But there were lots of photos showing where Heredia was drinking her morning latte, a map of the Chino Hills in Los Angeles, a photo of the sunset near Huntington Beach, and a summer memories collage near Newport Beach. Never any mention of visiting with grandmother at home or in a hospital. Very very suspicious. I am suspicious because she can tell the worst lies with a straight face. She is great at bringing on a few tears for compassion and to make her stories believable. I don’t buy it!

    Once again the school district staff defied the board. While Reynoso was telling the staff to do their jobs, the assistant superintendent of HR rolled his eyes. After the meeting, I informed the assistant superintendent of HR that the audience witnessed his unprofessional behavior and suggested that he refrain from such blatant disrespect for our elected officials.

    As I waited and waited to speak regarding the consultant contracts, I moved to the front of the room so that Armas would not forget my comment card. (Usually, the community makes their comments before the board deliberates.) Armas was about to make a demeaning comment about me when another audience member yelled, “Don't even say it!” He shared his smug smile at her and me and the audience. Get out of town, Armas.

    Another member of the audience commented to me that Heredia voted “yes” to adopt the minutes of the August 22 meeting. I verified this at the end of the meeting and asked that she change her vote to an “abstention” but she refused. She definitely needs to resign. Her presence is detrimental to the children of Hayward schools and to the people who work in our schools. Be gone, Heredia!


  9. Many highly competent administrators lost their jobs due to the board members. When will all this nonense stop? The children are not receiving an excellent education due to the problems in Hayward. When the children leave Hayward to go to other districts, many can't even read. So sad.


  10. Every vote by Armas, Brunner and Heredia with direct input from Chien Wu Fernandez has caused the expulsion of numerous students!!!! This coupled with administrator to administrator collusion prior to the expulsion hearing (I've been there). How many lives have been screwed by this board. Get rid of Chien along with her buddy Mari who votes based on Chiens posted note recommendation as seen in Heredia's deposition.


  11. Let me get this straight… Heredia misses a meeting board meeting and before the next board meeting a resolution is drafted and placed on the agenda to pay her. But Reynoso and McGee ask for a no confidence vote and legal recommendation and it has not been done yet?


  12. Nothing will change when NOBODY, except the same few people go to board meetings and express their outrage and disgust. Nothing will change if the public in general, and the HUSD community in particular, continue to stay home. The administration will continue to spend money for services that could and should be done “in house”; continue to misuse the precious dollars HUSD does have to employ more highly paid administrators; continue to ignore certain members of the board because they know they can! In the end apathy will only hurt the children who have no voice!


  13. There is too much dirty money being played around with in HUSD from old dirt families in Hayward. I would never vote for any recommendations from Zaballo, Piexoto, Oakes, or any of the old families in Hayward as they are silent partners padding their pockets with their puppets in politics.

    Hayward needs change to get rid of these leeches and support the “Blue Collar Workers” who really pay the taxes that need to put back into the workering class.


  14. Hayward citizens need to get rid of the scum on the school board and I will not support any reccomendations from the old families of Hayward such as Piexoto, Zabbalos, and the others that are nothing but leeches and silent partners, who have ties in big contracts and are controlling puppets that they recommend so thay can pad their pocket books. Wake up citizens of Hayward.


  15. How much money has Pacheco Bros. landscaping and Sueito concrete raked in also off of HUSD?


  16. By MW:

    If the anlysis by 12:03AM (Sept 15) is correct, then the named parties are playing the same game that Alameda County's DA's office and County Counsel's office play whenever they go thru thier choreographed charades of pretending to “investigate” wrongdoing involving one of the big boys.

    In other words whenever there is a demand that the DA's office and/or County Counsel's office investigate criminal activity involving one of the higher ranking officials in local government, and such as for instance bribery, those offices then go thru their scripted and choreographed charades of pretending to “investigate,” but then always, and after enough time has passed that most members of the general public has mostly forgotten about the particular criminal activity, invent an excuse to end and close the investigation, in other words to the big boys get away with it.


  17. By MW:

    The last phrase of my previous post should read: in other words to LET the big boys get away with it.

    (NOTE: In other words, I am a horrible typist and also need to get a pair of reading glasses so as to proofread better.)


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