Hayashi Repeatedly Places Blame For ACAP’s Demise On Valle, Miley

ELECTION ‘12//ALAMEDA COUNY SUPERVISOR DIST 2 | In one of the first contentious forums thus far between Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle and Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, the challenger, repeatedly used a grand jury report that came down hard on the county’s mishandling of contracts to non-profits to paint Valle in a negative light.

Hayashi repeatedly referenced a scathing Alameda County grand jury report issued earlier this year that detailed county mismanagement, including the fall and dismantling of the Association Community Action Program (ACAP). The county program for the poor ultimately cost taxpayers nearly $2 million to wind down. The demise of the joint powers authority was hastened, in part, by a countywide lack of oversight and riddled by numerous representatives simply failing to show up for meetings.

As a councilman, Valle served as Union City’s representative at ACAP in 2010, the year mismanagement by an executive director for the program allegedly began. ACAP’s financial troubles became public knowledge in February 2011 when its 30 employees protested over bounced pay checks.

At Monday’s night’s forum in Union City dealing primarily with the challenges facing community-based organizations and social services, Hayashi rammed the theme of accountability against Valle, but also against the current Board of Supervisors. “The county grand jury report basically stated that lack of accountability manifested itself at every level of oversight by various boards, including the Board of Supervisors,” Hayashi said. “So, when we’re not talking about not having enough money, I think the conversation should be how do we eliminate fraud and waste? We need to make sure the money is going to the seniors, to child and the people who need it.”

Later, Hayashi twice used attacks against Valle’s credibility, by attempting to obliquely reference Supervisor Nate Miley’s connection to the ACAP fiasco and the steering of county funding to other social services organizations affiliated with his long-time partner. “I would work hard to make sure that we’re not just giving contracts to people who have certain relationships with certain elected officials and we’re responsible to taxpayers and making sure the programs are implemented and services are provided to those who need it.”

Union City Mayor Mark Green acknowledged Hayashi repeated line of attack and also called for greater scrutiny of the Board of Supervisor’s funding arrangements with county CBOs. “There shouldn’t be an automatic renewal or a kick down the road–here’s your contract and we don’t care what you’ve done,” said Green, who also called for additional transparency inside county departments. “What are you getting for the amount of dollars you’re spending?”

Hayashi’s linking of Valle to the fall of ACAP represents a third front against the supervisor, appointed only last June to replace Nadia Lockyer. In previous forums, Hayashi has gone to great lengths to question Valle’s role in the management at St. Rose Hospital in Hayward and, to a lesser extent thus far, his work at Tri-CED, the Union City-based community recycling firm he helped found. Valle, however, has yet to come close to taking an aggressive stance against Hayashi, despite growing concerns he is allowing Hayashi off the hook without addressing her own political vulnerabilities.

Despite being on the receiving end of Hayashi’s attack lines, Valle did not directly address the grand jury report other than to curiously point out the pitfalls between contracting county services to for-profit CBOs and non-profits. Valle said the report “threw a broad net” over the county’s handling of contracts and services, but said reforms are coming. “That process has begun,” he said.

On the question of state realignment of prison and social services, however, Valle made a veiled reference to Hayashi’s vote in the Assembly this year to support the plan widely derided at the local government level. “It was not complimentary,” Valle said. “It was not well-thought out and it was sort of a haphazard way of getting off the state’s back–that had for many, many years been their responsibility–and dumping it on us.”

“I just have to disagree with Richard Valle,” Hayashi, responded later. “You’re alluding to the fact the state is dumping its problems on the county. I don’t see it that way, at all. The county, the state and the federal government—we work together.”

Valle and Hayashi will meet for the fifth time since Sept. 15 at a forum this Wednesday night at Hayward City Hall at 7 p.m. The forum moderated by the League of Women Voters also include District 2 candidates Green and former Alameda County deputy sheriff Mark Turnquist.

21 thoughts on “Hayashi Repeatedly Places Blame For ACAP’s Demise On Valle, Miley

  1. he is not the only one who did not attend board meetings for ACAP. there is a whole article on this site about almost all of the members (all reps from local cites and counties) did not attend meetings. a couple of them are re running for the offices the hold now. do a little research the attendance was very lax and i think most of these people were only on the board so they can put it on their resume.


  2. The question about Valle and ACAP- did Richard go to meetings? Board did not meet due to quorum problems.


  3. Whoever come up with Saint Rich was sure right. St. Rose don't get screwed up by others it was Saint Rich that did it. I know I worked there for years and years. He never helped the workers even though he says he for labor. Why he use money for special bags. Thats not right. I here that he give jobs to his freinds. Mahoney go from lots of money in St. Rose to TRiced. Hes not for regular person only rich guys.


  4. 8:32, you stated “Everyone seems to have long ago made up their minds. “

    I can't speak for others, but I made up my mind about Mary Hayashi back on January 6th, when she admitted her full guilt in shoplifting $2,450 worth of merchandise.

    You see, I have a 100% problem with electing a person serving a 30 month probation sentence, being elected to a new office and getting a $50,000 raise in salary as the outcome of being arrested for felony grand theft shoplifting.

    Call me old fashion, but that disqualifies a candidate from consideration atleast until they finish their sentence.
    So yes, regarding Hayashi, I long ago made up my mind. Not unlike so many others who called for her resignation from the assembly, back in January.
    We would hardly support her for new office if we called for her resignation from the post she now holds.


  5. As a newcomer to this site, I must say that the viciousness and nastiness between posters is disgusting. Everyone seems to have long ago made up their minds. What ensues is a disturbing banter that changes no minds, often makes little sense, and definitely offers no substance.

    I've been keeping track myself of 'facts on the ground,' between both Hayashi and Valle. It seems to me that they both have done bad things, though I am not saying of an equal nature. For me, it's not a question of who has done greater damage, but who indeed has committed ANY damage. I certainly won't be voting for either of them. My dilemma is whether to support Mr. Green or simply pass on this particular contest.


  6. Oh, for anyone who missed Mary's January 9th statement, here is the link


    Read it carefully and just imagine Mary and her team spending hour after hour that Saturday and Sunday following her sentencing, deciding exactly how each line was to be written.
    Its really a hoot, when you look at the carefully constructed sentences.
    One of my favorites

    “Of course, I intended to purchase what I had, but I didn’t”

    Yes Mary, happens to us all the time. We understand.


  7. 3:36 Your effort to conflate and compare the two issues is to be applauded for its great leap.

    I'm sure ALL readers will agree that Mary's mug shot during her felony grand theft shoplifting arrest are on equal footing with a photo with someone having a bag that happens to have a county seal on it.

    Yes, everyone can see those two issues are equal.
    I'm sure Mary Hayashi commends your efforts.

    In fact, it reminds me of the famous analogy she used in her January 9th–Statement from Assemblymember Hayashi onConclusion of Legal Proceedings—
    Where she made the following comparison,

    ” Losingtrack of how fast you are driving is no excuse for speeding. And losing track of clothing I was purchasing is no excuse for walking out of a store without paying”

    Yes, yes, driving 45 in a 35 zone, roughly comparable to going into a store and stealing $2,500 worth of merchandise.

    Right, we buy your version as well as Mary's.
    Sure we do.


  8. 7:50-

    If you're interested, I have several incriminating pictures of Valle with his county seal swag bags being misappropriated for the campaign. Including the notorious one which has since been removed from his web site. Just let me know where to send them.

    We can display them alongside of Mary's mug shot. The Alameda County Rogues Hall of Shame! Continuing to take nominations!!


  9. So Valle, is Hayashi starting to go negative enough for you to strike back yet? Can you see the “white of her eyes” enough to attack or is this just a preview of promises you won't keep if elected. You're giving nothing for anyone that even has a hint of supporting you over Hayashi if you don't show some bxxxs!


  10. Where's the moral outrage and upset over Valle misappropriating county funds for his swag bags AND misuse of the county seal? This, too, is a BIG-TIME issue!

    Prediction for preference in the election: shoplifter, neophyte novice swag bag, developer shill, Republican. Let's get going on an organized write-in campaign, people.

    This is the end of the world!


  11. By MW:

    Yes, it is fairly standard procedure for Alameda County government to award contracts, and also often for outrageously high sums of money, to those who are connected, and often no matter horrible their past performance on previous jobs and projects they handled for the County.

    And then after those politically connected crooks and incompetents receive the contract, then a short time later they are often given huge sweeteners and bonuses for agreeing to be on call twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, and often they continue to receive that monthly bonus money for years even if they never ever respond even once, in other words totally and completely ignore, to any and all requests for after hours service.

    However considering the way that Mark Green for years was the stooge, puppet on a string, and primary arranger and facilitator for attorney Bruce Train (after many years of shenanigans, Train finally lost his law license, and probably since the normally virtually useless California State Bar and various other agencies were finally forced to do something due to all of the newspaper articles in regard to the Pacific States Steel fiasco), therefore it is therefore truly comical and absurd Mark Green of all people insulting anybody or any agency's performance.


  12. “Valle and Hayashi will meet for the fifth time since Sept. 15 at a forum this Wednesday night at Hayward City Hall at 7 p.m. The forum moderated by the League of Women Voters also include District 2 candidates Green and former Alameda County deputy sheriff Mark Turnquist.”

    The same night, the same time, as the presidential debates.
    It would seem that aside from a few dedicated supporters of each candidate, the rest of the “uncommitted crowd” will total about a 10 to 15 at most.
    That combined with the inability of a citizen to ask a question about Mary Hayashi's legal problem says to me that nothing of note will happen.
    Who will be there to listen to anything that transpires? Will it be in the newspaper?
    Will video be available in the days that follow?

    How can you have a forum where the moral qualification of a candidate who is on 30 months probation cannot be questioned by the public?
    The forum system is broken in this case.

    For God's sake, she walks into a store, steals $2,450 worth of goods, is booked, months later admits her guilt, and now walks around telling the public it was all a unintentional mistake. A absentminded error.
    Did you know, legally, in California, the charge of both felony grand theft and petty theft both require the prosecutor to prove intent. “Intent” is one of the “elements” of the crime that Mary plead “no contest” to. If the elements of the crime include the proof of intent, and if you plead no contest to that charge, you ARE admitting intent.

    Yet Mary now dances around telling everyone, including the Oakland Tribune July 21st, that “Of course, I intended to pay for them,”
    Denying she intended to steal the merchandise.

    But will the League of Women Voters allow that clear issue to brought up in a question to Mary Hayashi?
    NO, that is not allowed under League rules.

    Madness, clear madness…that such a issue can't be raised and asked of Mary Hayashi in a event whose purpose is to allow the voters to learn about the candidates suitability.
    Don't worry Mary, we won't allow them to ask you any uncomfortable questions. You just go on telling everyone you were distracted on your cell phone when you walked out of that store with the $2,450 of loot in your bag.


  13. oh why are you always on the wrong side of truth and the way things are Tavares?

    Stop reporting, your embarassing yourself.


  14. You are spot on!

    Make no mistake, the only good thing that will happen when Madam Shoplifter takes the oath as that the newest member of the BOS for the Second District is that the entire Lockyer staff of holdovers will be out the door. I'm not saying that any or all of them are bad people, but they are tainted just by association and can't be measured as honest brokers. Too bad. They really need to move on and put these past two years behind them. Time for Chris Miley and present company to join the ranks of the unemployed and compete honestly for the few bones that are out there. Hear that, pop 'boss' Miley!


  15. ACAP what a debacle! Miley should have been raked over the coals for this. The only good he did was made sure the workers got paid. But then again his daughter worked there.

    Nate has a knack for making sure his kids get paid. You know he cut a deal with Valle to not only keep his son employed at the BOS, but got him a promotion!


  16. I'm not voting for Mickey or Anna. I'm voting for me. Can't do any worse than career politicians!


  17. Yeah, yeah, Apodaca who doesn't want anyone's vote will end up with 5 protest votes. Great, she'll run a close second to the 9 votes Micky Mouse gets.
    Everyone will see the protest and….(no wait, no one will see it, because its not even reported)
    But why discuss this all again…just go ahead and do it


  18. Saint Rich is in way over his head, and he's hella corrupt. Mary is a mega shoplifter. I have no use for either of them. Still gonna vote for Apodaca since that asshole union whore Saint Rich strong-armed his own appointment. He got Carson and Haggerty to support him, and now they walk down the other side of the hall just to avoid him. Won't even endorse his lame candidacy. They know they got it wrong and next month he'll be nothing more than a footnote of a caretaker. Another Bill Aragon. Remember him, kids? Gail Steele kicked his ass all the way out of state.


  19. Sherry, Can I please ask you what in the world you mean when you say “apparent wrongdoing” ?

    Please spell out any lack of certainty you may have about Mary Hayashi's crime? Anything at all you have doubts about.
    Perhaps you just chose the wrong words?


  20. In spite of her own history of apparent wrongdoing, Hayashi raises some interesting questions. Has anyone tried to verify her conclusions?

    Personally, I have seen lot of what appears to be favoritism in partnerships between local government entities and their friends and I might add a lot of hostility between those same entities and those who are not their friends. I don't think that is in the best interests of the public at all.

    I don't really see any way to begin to clear this up unless we have the full attention of the fourth estate.


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